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Pierrot | Member Since 3 Nov, 2020
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Interests & Hobbies

I like drawing

Favorite Movies

The How To Train Your Dragon trilogy: Really good movies with which I grew up. It's a really moving story about growing up and letting go

Favorite TV Series

Hunter x Hunter: Especially the 2011 version; the power system feels unique and special and the main characters are all very interesting and easy to love.
Dreamworks Dragons: Race to the Edge: Been watching this show since 2017. It's really nice to see these characters have a more independent life now that they're older, and the finale is all I could've asked for.
The Avatar franchise (yes, including The Legend of Korra): Avatar: The Last Airbender is truly a masterpiece, though that's common knowledge by now. I love the bending system and how beautifully crafted the world is. TLoK has its weak points, for sure (looking at you, Book 2), but I feel like Book 3 goes toe-to-toe with ATLA, with Book 4 being just a slight decrease in quality in my opinion.

Favorite Books

Tiempo de Dragones (1 and 2) (Liliana Bodoc): A book series that may never come to a conclusion due to the sudden passing of the author. However, the story is really interesting. It sets up a unique world and the narration is masterful and clear, leading you to perfectly imagine what the scene looks like and feel awe when something fantastic happens.
  UNFINISHED SERIES (that I plan to finish reading soon):
The How to train your Dragon books (Cressida Cowell): A story about a young Viking boy becoming a hero the hard way. Sorta already had the ending spoiled by the movies, but so far it's a really interesting series.
La Saga de los Confines (Liliana Bodoc): I started reading the first book this year (2021). I love the worldbuilding and the narration is masterful as always.

Favorite Writers

Cressida Cowell: The way she brings the HTTYD world to life is just wonderful. The characters are funny and easy to love. I can't wait to see them grow up as I continue reading the series.
Liliana Bodoc: I've never seen someone be as passionate in their narration as she is. The worldbuilding is flawless and I feel like I'm inside the world. The pages go by quickly and you never feel like you're being talked down to or going through tons of exposition.

Favorite Games

The LittleBigPlanet franchise: From 1 through 3 and even LBP Karting. Though I felt like LBP3 was a slight decrease in quality and overall LBP-ish energy, I could never say I hate a thing about any of these games. Cheerful, creative and unique, LBP is a franchise that will always give you something to do, whether it be collecting every prize bubble in story mode, or just creating more levels.
Dreamworks Dragons: Wild Skies: In my opinion, the best HTTYD game. It's from 2012, but the graphics are still a sight to behold (even if the animation could use some work). I love how they built the world; it's fun to just fly around the map even if I'm not completing any challenges whatsoever. Recently, hictooth released the game on github for everyone to download and enjoy.


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