Guide to Secrets

Secrets are Guild Feature!
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There's a great many things you do not yet know, traveler, secrets which will make your skin crawl and your teeth chatter. You'll come to learn them in time, and you will come to damn the fact.
— The Innkeeper

Creating Secrets

Anyone can create secrets, but only those with a Guild Membership can share them with others or embed them into the text of an article, otherwise they're there for your own internal tracking only.   If you wish to share your secrets, your first step is to get Guild Membership.   The second step is to add some Subscribers to some User Groups. Do this by creating a new Group with a descriptive name, such as Campaign Players. The visibility of secrets is granted on a per-Group, basis, so if you haven't created any groups then you won't be able to make Secrets visible to anyone.   The third step is to scroll to the bottom of your Article's editor and find the secret editor. Choose a fitting name for your secret, and place the text for the Secret within the Editor. Select which User Group you want to see your secret (if anyone, yet), and click Create New Secret   Important: Don't create your secret when the article has pending changes, and don't edit your article while you have an unsaved Secret. Clicking Save Changes with an unsaved Secret saves the article and so you'll lose the secret, and clicking Create New Secret with changes pending in the Article will save the Secret but lose the rest.   The fourth step is to scroll again to the bottom of the editor and find your secret. Copy the ID of the secret into your text where you want your secret hidden. This part is optional—you don't need to embed a secret into your text to be able to see it, you can also view your secrets from the bottom of the view-side of your page under the secrets tab. In this article, for example, if you scroll down you can see that there's 1 secret.  
  Once you've done that your secret will be in the article, visible only to you and those you wish to see it. Since I can't add every reader of this article to its subscriber groups, here's what I see to compare to what you see:  

Hiding Secrets

If you don't want a secret to be shown as a counter at the bottom of the article, you can create the secret on another, private article, and then link it in normally from there. That secret will count towards the article you create it on rather than the article you link it in, and you can link secrets from any article into any other article.  

Hiding a Secret's Name

If you don't want your secret to have a title there are two ways to do this.   If you are below Grandmaster in the guild you can put an empty bbcode tag as the title. This will satisfy the need for a title, but within the text the secret's name will just evaluate to an empty object and so take up no space. It won't be the prettiest solution but it works in a pinch.
—Credit to Oneriwien for discovering this one.
  If you are a Grandmaster and above you can hide the title by wrapping the injected secret in [section:secret-hidden-title][/section] and adding the following to your CSS:  
.user-css .secret-hidden-title .user-css-secret h5 {
    display: none;
  Any secrets wrapped in that section will no longer have visible headers.  

Using Secrets for RPG Writing

When you're writing your campaigns you can pre-plan intrigues, plot twists, and general unknown information about a character by adding it to that character as a secret to be revealed to a Group at a later time. Remember: Secrets don't have to be major revelations, they just need to be things that aren't yet common knowledge!  

Using Secrets for Story Writing

Whether you're using World Anvil as a supplemental to your writing or as your primary platform, you can use secrets to reward core readers with extra content that nobody else can see, or (if you share the secret with nobody) for personal note taking regarding the characters secrets, plot twists, and other such private info).  

Using Secrets with Patreon

This feature is still Work in Progress but you will be able to assign groups to Patreon members automatically, and so use secrets to monetize the publicity of information within your World.


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13 Jul, 2019 01:19

Thank you for explaining this, though I'm still a bit confused on one aspect. I'll copy my question from the Discord:   QUESTION: I am reading the Codex, about Secrets and I read this:   `Important: Don't create your secret when the article has pending changes, and don't edit your article while you have an unsaved Secret.`   ...and I don't understand the definition of 'pending changes'?   Does that mean if I'm going to ADD to my article I shouldn't create a secret??   Because my articles won't ever truly be "done", since it's based on my book series...   Does this mean I should have my articles saved, THEN create a secret (and save it also), THEN I can make other changes to my article?   Hope that makes sense...

13 Jul, 2019 04:37

Secrets and articles have different saving processes. If you save a secret, any edits to the article since its last save will be lost. If you save an article, same in reverse. Save your article changes, then make your secret.