Guide to BBCode Commands

Using BBCode to format your text and layout

This guide explains how you can use BBCode to format the articles within your world to make them look amazing. BBCode (Bulletin Board Code) is a type of formatting code that uses square brackets to apply visual styles to text.   These square brackets won't show up in your article. For example, this page uses BBCode to make things bold, italic and small but you will never see any of these [ ] [/ ] lying around!   The basics of BBCode involve choosing the desired text you want to change the appearance of and putting code at the beginning and end (so the code knows where to start the change and when to stop).   You can access BBCode by referring to the BBCode Reference Panel to the right-hand side of your edit screen, or by highlighting text and clicking buttons in the buttons above the text box:

BBCode buttons

Why has my article gone weird - the layout is completely broken!
— Frequently Asked Question

Check your article for unclosed tags! Make sure they start with [ ] and end with [/ ]

  Did you know that you can use BBCode pretty much anywhere in World Anvil? Try it in new places and see what fantastic layouts you can achieve!  

Example :

Hello! [b]This text is bold[/b] but this text is not.   Will display on your article as:

Hello! This text is bold but this text is not.

As you can see, the text that needs to be bold starts with the [b], and when the bold style needs to stop it ends with [/b].

In the next section we will look at examples of the different types of BBCode, what they do and how you can use them in WorldAnvil to spice up your world and keep your reader's interest.

Check out some examples of how the BBCode shows up in the sidebar to the right of this article! Below I will show some examples of how you can create layouts.

This is a header using [h1] [/h1]

Start a story or journal in your world with a [dc] [/dc] dropcap to make it look like it's been written in a book! This is a really good way to grab your reader's attention and tells them exactly where to start reading.

You could also use an [in] [/in] indent to make long articles of text easier to read. Indents aren't necessarily required on short sentences or paragraphs, but feel free to play around with it as you might find a way of using it for other things! (This applies to all of the BBCode tags, just because they're designed to be used a certain way, doesn't mean that they should be!)

See this line below?
That's a horizontal rule [hr]. You can use it to break up long blocks of text or to show where one section ends and another begins.

This is an h2 header using [h2][/h2]

Let's have a go with columns [row][col][/col][/row]! In order to create columns you must first create a row and put the columns within the row tags (see example in sidebar to the right). You can create some amazing layouts with this and it's really useful when it comes to images. I'll show you an example with some placeholder text:


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BBCode Examples

Here are some useful examples of BBCode that you can use in your articles! Don't forget to check the BBCode reference at the side of your article when writing if you forget how to do something.

Article Anchors and Custom Table of Contents

Creating Anchors

[h2|fonteffects]Font Effects[/h2]  
[h2|fontwrappers]Font Wrappers[/h2]  
[h2|alignment]Alignment and Formatting[/h2]  
[h2|guild]Guild Features[/h2]  
These anchors are set into all of the headers which follow this.  

Linking to Anchors

[u]Table of Contents[/u]

    [li][url:#fonteffects]Font Effects[/url][/li]
    [li][url:#fontwrappers]Font Wrappers[/url][/li]
    [li][url:#alignment]Alignment and Formatting[/url][/li]
    [li][url:#guild]Guild Features[/url][/li]
Table of Contents

Anchors on non-headers

You can embed anchors into your article without using headers, and link to those anchors at any time.   Code:
To create the anchor: [anchor|tableofcontents]
To link to the anchor: [url:#tableofcontents]Back to top[/url]
Example: Back to top   When you click on the url it will jump to the anchor.


Code: [h]H1 header example[/h]

H1 header example

Code:[h2]H2 header example[/h2]

H2 header example

Code: [h3]H3 header example[/h3]

H3 header example

Code:[h4]H4 header example[/h4]
H4 header example

Font Effects

  Code:[b]Text using bold[/b]
Example: Text using bold   Code:[i]Text using italics[/i]
Example: Text using italic   Code:[u]Text using underline[/u]
Example: Text using underline   Code:[s]Text using strikethrough[/s]
Example: Text using strikethrough   Code:Text using [redacted:5] redaction.
Example: Text using ████ redaction.

Code:[small]Text using small[/small]
Example: Text using small   Code:Text using [sup]superscript[/sup]
Example: Text using superscript   Code:Text using [sub]subscript[/sub]
Example: Text using subscript   Code: Text using [noparse]noparse [/noparse]
Example: Text using noparse.

Noparse is used to prevent tags from being read and turned into page styling.

Font Wrappers

Code: [quote] example of a quote|author[/quote]

example of a quote
— author

Code: [spoiler]omg a spoiler |Label[/spoiler]

omg a spoiler
  Code: [aloud]example[/aloud]
      Code: [tooltip:tooltip text]example hover over this text for tooltip[/tooltip]
example hover over this text for tooltip

Note: For spoilers and quotes you don't need to add the |Label or |Author. Spoiler's default label is "spoiler" and if you don't add an author credit one won't appear.

Alignment and Formatting


[justify]Here is an example of justified text. This visually works best with paragraphs of text and can look fantastic when formatted into columns as demonstrated further on in this guide. Putting justify BBCode around a body of text will automatically stretch the spacing out to fill a space rather than have the edges of a paragraph at different lengths.[/justify]
Here is an example of justified text. This visually works best with paragraphs of text and can look fantastic when formatted into columns as demonstrated further on in this guide. Putting justify BBCode around a body of text will automatically stretch the spacing out to fill a space rather than have the edges of a paragraph at different lengths.


[col] COLUMN-1-CONTENT [/col]
[col] COLUMN-2-CONTENT [/col]



[col3] COLUMN-1-CONTENT [/col3]
[col3] COLUMN-2-CONTENT [/col3]
[col3] COLUMN-3-CONTENT [/col3]





[/ul]     Note that you can replace "ul" for "ol" if you want a numbered list.   Example:

  • ITEM1
  • ITEM2

Alternatively, you can use hyphens as bullet points:
-ITEM2   Example:

    • ITEM1
    • ITEM2
Note that this system does not allow ordered nor nested lists (you'll need to use the tags for that).


Code for nested lists:


  • ITEM

Note that you can also use the [ol] [/ol] to create nested lists.


[th]Header 1[/th]
[th]Header 2[/th]
[th]Header 3[/th]
[td]Cell 1[/td]
[td]Cell 2[/td]
[td]Cell 3[/td]
[td]Cell 4[/td]
[td]Cell 5[/td]
[td]Cell 6[/td]


Header 1 Header 2 Header 3
Cell 1 Cell 2 Cell 3
Cell 4 Cell 5 Cell 6

Tip: we recommend using a BBCode table generator, such as this one, to simplify the process of creating a table.   BBCode tables are useful if you want more control over their design; for example, if you replace any tags with [th] [/th], they will be formatted as header cells, with a different background color and font style. However, World Anvil has another system to create simpler tables with the Sheets feature. More information in the Guide to Sheets.

World Table of Contents


List of Articles with a Tag

[tagged]allows you to display a list of articles with a specific tag.   Usage: [tagged:TAG|TYPE|TITLE]
tag Your tag name with a # in front. Example: #love
type "block" or "list"
title If left empty will equal the tag, if filled with a sentence that will become the header. Set to "none" for no title.
  Code: [tagged:#BBCode|block|Articles Tagged with #BBCode] - for a list of article blocks
Example:   Code: [tagged:#BBCode|list|Articles Tagged with #BBCode] - for a text list of the articles
Example:   Code: [tagged:#BBCode|list|none] - for a text list with no header
Example:   Code: [tagged:#BBCode|list] - for a list with the tag name as the title







More information in the Guide to embedding 360º images.
Note: you can get the number ID from the widget settings section of your server's settings.

Current date embeds

You can embed the current world date anywhere on your world using the following tags. The current date is set from the Create interface, where you can also copy the base tag:

copy current daye.png

Code: [currentdate:7c0fec4d-9436-4325-90f5-cdbfdd3932b6]


Code: [currentdate:7c0fec4d-9436-4325-90f5-cdbfdd3932b6|full]

Example: 2020-4-1

Code: [currentdate:7c0fec4d-9436-4325-90f5-cdbfdd3932b6|year]

Example: 2020

Creative Commons licences

There is a set of BBCode tags that generate the different Creative Commons licence icons:

Code: [licence:cc-by]


Code: [licence:cc-by-sa]


Code: [licence:cc-by-nd]


Code: [licence:cc-by-nc]


Code: [licence:cc-by-nc-sa]


Code: [licence:cc-by-nc-nd]


More information on what these license mean can be found in the Creative Commons Foundation web site.
  Tip: If you are a guild member and want to license your world with a CC licence, you can put it in the copyright footer (in the World Configuration). Whatever licence you put in this field, it will be displayed at the bottom of all pages in your world.


Going forward it will now be a mandatory requirement that you credit the artists whose images you use- even if you yourself are the artist who created the image; don't credit your artists? Your article can no longer be featured- and will no longer be eligible to win competitions!




To add an image, go to your world's image gallery and upload an image.   The BBCode and image number will show up for you to copy & paste after it has been uploaded!   For more help with images, and to see what other BBCode wizardry you can get up to with them, check out the Guide to Images.

Guild Features

These are Guild Member Features!
If you want to use them, please consider supporting World Anvil!


To create a comment/note in the article hidden from presentation.
BBCode - comment.png

(Note: nothing shows on the presentation. It only shows on the editing side.)

These are Grandmaster Guild Features!
If you want to use them, please consider supporting World Anvil!

Containers and sections

Containers and sections are custom CSS Blocks which you can define.

Container Box

Code: [container:box-green] Containers block out text. [/container]
Containers block out text.


Code: A [section:box-green]section[/section] can go within text.
Example: A section can go within text.

It's up to you to write the CSS for your world, but there are resources for you with the CSS guide and on the discord. Here is the code I used for the above.

.box-green {
 background: #7cfc0047;
 border: 1px solid #7cfc00;

Coloured text

Example   [color:red]This is red[/color]   [color:#0000FF]This is blue[/color]   [color:#0000FF90]This is blue with 90% opacity![/color]

  This is red
This is blue
This is blue with 90% opacity!

You can specify both HTML color names and hex codes (including transparency).


You can use the sections bbcode to make use of the icons that World Anvil uses on the site! These can be found via FontAwesome and RPGAwesome.   Use them along with the color BBCode for some amazing customisation in your articles!   For RPGAwesome, find an icon from the list and use the code format below:

[color:#f1f1f1][section:ra ra-3x ra-key] [/section][/color]
[color:#387a46][section:ra ra-3x ra-dinosaur] [/section][/color]
[color:#bd4d1b][section:ra ra-3x ra-wyvern] [/section][/color]

  For FontAwesome, find an icon from the list and use the code format below:

[color:#7d4cae][section:far fa-2x fa-compass] [/section][/color]
[color:#233d94][section:far fa-2x fa-book-dead] [/section][/color]
[color:#5b5c4a][section:far fa-2x fa-bone] [/section][/color]

These are great for use in tables, quotes, the sidebar, or even in spoilers and secrets!
  To change the size of the icon, replace 3x with 5x and experiment with the numbers to alter the size.

BBCode Reference Button


Table of Contents  


  • The BBCode Reference panel is available to the side of all articles for easy access and has a list of useful examples.
  • You can use BBCode in the sidebar panel content, footnotes and even in your own notes in worldanvil!
  • It's important to consider visual hierarchy in your articles, so try and make the things you want people to look at first bigger and bolder.
  • If you need further help with formatting, hop on the WorldAnvil discord and ask an in the help channel for assistance!


  Don't use url for linking your articles, use the mention system! Start by typing @ followed by the article name or grab the article bbcode from the clipboard icon on your articles list to insert a link.   If you use [url=][/url] to link your articles and you update the article name or change your world name, the link will break. Furthermore if changes to urls occur on future updates to the website, this could break them, too.   Finally, don't use the URL tags to link to another world's main page either —you can instead use the [world:ID] tag. To get it, go to the Create interface of the world you want to link to and click the clip-board icon next to its name:  


  Paste this code in any BBCode-enable text field of any world and a link to the world's main page will be created.  

Other Guides

Articles under Guide to BBCode Commands


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You can use rpg blocks! 1. Make a new rpg block, use the generic, table type. 2. Give the table a name 3. Put in the content > format like this: Heading1 | Heading2 | Heading1 | etc... Data 1 | Data 2 | Data 3 | ... Data 4 | Data 5 | Data 6 | ... 4. Save it. 5. Use it in articles with bbcode given on the block's page

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Sections, Color, and Icons are all listed under guild(grandmaster) features. That means anyone with a rank underneath that will be unable to use them.

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There is bb code listed here to make text small, but after exploring my options and trying various options, I can't find anything that works to make text large. Will I need to use custom css? I'm rusty, but capable. If there's simple bb code that works, I'd prefer that. I tried using header types as substitutes but I don't like them for the main text block.

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Hi, is it possible to anchor to a header on another article?

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