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Member Since: 21 Jan, 2018

I'm Alex. I am currently a masters student in electrical engineering and mathematics. At the moment I am simply enjoying worldbuilding and conlanging as hobbies. Sometime in the future, I would like to exploit these endeavors to tell stories.

An Immortal Journey

Interests & Hobbies

Hobby interests: worldbuilding, conlanging, linguistics, magic systems, JRPGs, ancient and medieval history, strength sports (powerlifting & olympic weightlifting), programming   Academic interests: robotics (SLAM, swarm robotics, human-robotic interfaces), control theory, machine learning & AI, digital design (geared towards VLSI), linear & nonlinear systems, set theory, STEM education, and lots more

Favorite Movies

LOTR, Ex Machina, John Wick, Serenity

Favorite TV Series

A:TLA, GoT, Altered Carbon, Continuum, Travelers, Spartacus, Heroes, Breaking Bad, Firefly

Favorite Books

Jurassic Park, Lost World, Prey, Cry of the Icemark, Toxin, ASoIaF

Favorite Writers

Micheal Crichton, Robin Cook, GRRM

Favorite Games

Fire Emblem, Dragon's Dogma, Halo (1-3, Reach), Pokemon (gen I-IV, XY), Bravely Default

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