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Guide to World Configuration


This feature is available to everyone.
  An overview over all of the settings available in the world configuration, which you can access from the button with the cog icon at the bottom of the left sidebar. These settings are used to fine-tune the homepage, some global options, social media and more. The sections are devided by the tabs in the configuration interface.



World Name

The name of the world. It can be changed at any time. Use something short and descriptive. The name is part of every URL to the world. As a sage it is possible to change this part of the URL to something else.  
Changing the world name changes all the URL's of the world. This means that any links which you shared outside of World Anvil need to be updated.


The introduction or basic description of the world. It is displayed on the homepage and in some cases as an excerpt for your world. BBCode can be used to layout this section.  

Privacy state

This feature is available to all guild members.
  The privacy state determines who can see the presentation of the world. A public world can be found and visited by anyone. A private world is only visible the creator, authors and subscribers.  

RPG Systems

The RPG Systems of a world determine the type of statblocks that can be created for it. A list of all RPG Systems available can be found here.   If this setting is not visible then the RPG Features are disabled on the account features menu.



This is where you can select the primary language you wish your world to be displayed in. As translations are being implemented this will alter the language of the headers appearing in your world's page and article templates.  


The genre of a world helps readers know what to expect from a world. The genre is used to classify the world on the Browse Worlds page.  


Tags can be used like genres but are not limited to a pre-configured list. The tags are currently only used for the search on the Browse Worlds page.  

Word Goal

This feature is available to all guild members.
  A word count goal for the world. The current vs. goal progress bar is located in the Articles & Categories statistics section. This counter is only updated once a day. Make sure to set the goal to a realistic number to ensure that you can reach it regularly!  

World's Profile Display Weight

This height is used to determine the position of the World in any place where the worlds are listed. The highest number is displayed first.  

Storage Status

An active world is visible on the sidebar quick access and on the primary list of worlds. Stored worlds are not deleted but also not in the list. Store worlds that you do not regularly use but you still want to keep.  

Article Forced Privacy State

Check this box if you want all new articles in this world to be created as private. This will work regardless of the world's privacy state.  


This feature is available to all guild members.
  Check the overview for homepage customization to get all the details on this menu.  
Guide to the World Homepage
Generic article | Jan 30, 2023

Explores the potential customization options for the homepage of the world. This is often the first page that users may see and should act as hub.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This feature is available to Grandmaster and Sage guild members.
  The Page Title is used as the name of the tab. It is currently not possible to change the icon, only the text. Rename this to make sure that the tab title is just the name of your world. This is used by browsers for the bookmark name as well.   The Page Description is used as the page metadata. It is a metafield that is not visible to the user directly, but some external services might use this to display a description of the linked homepage.

Date & Time

This section is useful to set a specific current date within your world. It does not cover many usecases and is not very flexible.  

Current Display Date

Determines how the current date of the world is displayed. By default the world date is displayed as YYYY-MM-DD. It appears by default on the world homepage below the subtitle and can be embedded anywhere with the Current Date BBCode.  

Current year, month, and day

The current year, month and day within the world canon. This is useful when there is one current date in the world that everything adhers to. The year value is used to determine the age of a character when a birth year is given and no year of death.  


The global eras can be set to determine the year short code behind the year. It is used when displaying the birth year or death year of a character.  


This feature is available to all guild members.
  Global options and content fields offer a few customizations options which make it easier to present some common content.

Global Options

World Anvil Community Social Features

This feature is available to Grandmaster and Sage guild members.
  These features include article likes, the following world button, the read later button, and article comments. They are enabled by default, but here you can disable them for your world.  

Display Article Tooltips

With this toggle the article previews can be disabled. The article excerpt is then displayed instead.  

Display Block Headers

An article block is an element that you can use anywhere to link to an article and display its cover image, title, and excerpt (you can see them in the featured articles or recent articles sections of the world homepage). If you uncheck this box, blocks will not display the cover image. More information about blocks in articleblocks. This setting determines if the header images are displayed in any context, not just when embedded within the world itself.  

Visibility Toggle

This feature is available to Grandmaster and Sage guild members.
Guide to Visibility Toggles
Generic article | Apr 1, 2023

Visibility toggles offer an easy way to temporarily hide and reveal information within an article.


Global Content

A collection of fields which are added to many if not all pages of the world.  

World Master Map

This feature is available to Grandmaster and Sage guild members.
  Select one of your world's maps in this drop-down. This map will then appear on every article and category of your world as a background above the cover image. Use this if you wish for readers to navigate your world primarily with the map of the world.  

Global Copyright Footer

You can use this section to establish the copyright for the entirety of your world. Anything you put here will appear at the bottom of most pages of the world. Use the Creative Commons License BBCodes here to add an open license to the content.  

World Navigation Sidebar Custom Content

Content within this field is added at the top the world navigation sidebar. Removing the existing content from it can only be done via CSS.  

Global Header Block

This feature is available to Master, Grandmaster and Sage guild members.
  This is added as a global bar at the top on every page of your world. By default, the bar will stick to the top and scroll with the viewer. Use CSS to change this behaviour. It can be used to create a custom navigation bar.  

Global Article Content Block

  Whatever you type here will appear at the top of all articles' sidebars, before the actual sidebar contents. If no sidebar is displayed in a given article, this will instead appear at the bottom.


This feature is available to all guild members.
  Manage the social media embeds and connections of the world.  
  • Social Media Sharing Widgets: This toggle determines if the widget is displayed at the bottom of the articles or not. Currently includes a button to share on Reddit and Twitter.
  • Follower Naming: A string used to determine what the followers of the world are called.
  • DIscord Webhook: The link to a discord webhook. Enables the Update Discord button in the articles.
  • Patreon: Add the profile name of your patreon profile page. It will add the patreon button into the world homepage.
  • Twitter: Add your twitter handle without the . Renders a stream of your latest tweets on the homepage.
  • Twitch Channel: Add your twitch channel handle. Embeds the twitch stream viewer directly on your worlds homepage.
  • Discord Server Invide: Add a discord server invite link. Embeds the discord server invite with discords logo and JOING DISCORD message.


This feature is available to Grandmaster and Sage guild members.
  Configurations related to the monetization of the world. @Discord  
  • Custom access denied page: Select a public article within the world to act as a replacement for the Multipass page when navigating to private or draft content.
  • Custom World URL Slug: Change the default worldname-username part of your world's URL to something else. Make sure to keep this simple and only use characters which can be used in URLs.
  • Secured links: this is unchecked by default. If you check it, your readers will be able to click links leading to private content. They won't be able to view the content itself, but it's a great way to redirect them to a call to action page using the custom access denied page.
  • Google Analytics Tracking Code: Add a Google Analytics Tracking Code to all the pages of the world. This enables the tracking of visitors with Google Analystics.
  • World community: This feature is still work in progress, and currently it allows you to enable self-assigning subscriber groups (more information). In the future, this will also toggle other community-related features.
  • World Domain Name: Fill out this form to replace the domain of the world with a custom domain. This process is manual and may take a few days to complete. Come to the Discord if you are not contacted.

Sidebar Options (World Management)

The options in the sidebar are used to manage the world.  
  • Transfer World: A world can be transfered to another user. This is not an automatic process. The request is reviewed and may take a few days until it takes place. Worlds can only be transfer to accounts with a subscription.
  • Export World: Creates an export of most of the worlds content. Use this to get an offline copy or if you wish to leave the platform.
  • World Widgets: Copy the three world widget BBCodes: World Homepage Link, World Follower Button and Current Date.
  • Open Data & RSS Feed: Get the links for these endpoint. Read more about the RSS Feed here.
  • Delete or Leave World:A world can be deleted here. This process CANNOT be reverted and it deletes all content within this world. Authors of a world can leave the world if they no longer wish to be a part of the project.


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Please Login in order to comment!
3 Jan, 2019 05:20

"Delete World If you really wish to delete your world, you can do so here. This process is irreversible."   Where?

3 Jan, 2019 10:01

In your world configuration, scroll all the way down and it's on the right hand side at the bottom.

Creator of the dark fantasy world of Melior
30 Jun, 2019 13:22


8 Aug, 2019 23:56

UPDATE: This was not at all straightforward for me, it may have been moved or not, but anyway, NOW: World > Configuration > "UTILITIES TAB" > Then the "Delete This World" button is there. :)

5 Dec, 2019 01:51

Thank you for this you really helped me.

22 Dec, 2019 17:59

Where might you go now to delete a world things have moved again?

17 Feb, 2020 02:30

World > Configuration > "UTILITIES" tab > Then the "Delete This World" button is there

~Confused Soup
23 Jul, 2019 05:57

I set a global article image that appears as a banner for every article and such and can't find the option to change it to a different image, help please lol!

17 Feb, 2020 02:35

you can set the global cover from the world config styling tab, and also page by page in the article/catagory display tab

~Confused Soup
18 Sep, 2019 21:23

where has the export world function gone?

17 Feb, 2020 02:34

export world is a higher level feature, its in the 'utilities' tab in world config if you have access to the feature

~Confused Soup
1 Oct, 2019 15:56

Looks like the export functionality has been removed.

17 Feb, 2020 02:34

its in the 'utilities' tab in world config if you have access to the feature

~Confused Soup
2 May, 2020 21:10

According to this article, the export should be available to all creators. How does one go about exporting if they don't have the option in the Utilities tab?

15 May, 2020 12:28

if you're a freemen you can still download your pages, but you have to do it per page. It will be in the 'additinal actions' section when editing an article.   i've been told that the reason whole world download at once isn't avalible is becasue the massive resources it takes up when used, plus that its not finished as a feature. the site is still in beta and usually they wait for a feature to be more complete before releasing it to everyone fully

~Confused Soup
11 Oct, 2020 03:10

Any plans to return this feature to free users? Call me paranoid, but I like having a local copy of all the time and effort I've put into writing...

15 Oct, 2020 20:59

free users can still download each page individually, this hasn't changed. and the never could do the whole world at once (and as resource intensive as it is i doubt they will get whole world at once)

here's were to find the per page one (screenshot taken from a freemen account)

~Confused Soup
7 Dec, 2019 02:11

Where do I upload the cover image?

17 Feb, 2020 02:36

a quick line explaining where to find each feature might not be a bad idea

~Confused Soup
8 Mar, 2020 07:22

For my world I can't get the current date to appear on the home page and it will only let me enter a number.

21 Apr, 2020 23:59

how do you rename your profile? I accidentally misspelled it

22 Apr, 2020 00:39

I worked out how to add co-authors to a world on my phone, then I tried it on my computer and couldn't find the option. So I went back to my phone and tried to find it again but now I'm unable to find it there. Was I hallucinating this option before?

Uht Ceara
17 Jun, 2020 12:17

Hi, How do you set your authors profile to display on the world homepage?

1 Jul, 2020 00:15

Where do I configure the world map? I want to attach a newly uploaded map to the world as a whole. Do I need to create an article?

21 Aug, 2020 03:16

how can I set a word count goal

21 Aug, 2020 08:25

You'll find the "Word goal" box in World configuration -> Settings -> Advanced. This guide is a bit outdated (but already in my to-do list to update).

[they/them] Creator of Black Light, a science-fantasy universe.
17 Feb, 2021 18:59

Small heads up that for Master+, there is also the global header as well. (Thanks for the article, I'm glad to know it's onhand to send users in the Help channels)

Lyraine, Consumer of Lore, She/Her, primary project: Corive
26 Feb, 2021 13:02

I've been trying to read to private comments people send me and I can't manage to find how to access them.   Help?

27 Feb, 2021 11:48

Hi! Comments to articles should appear in the article itself, regardless of their visibility. Are you sure you're going to the article they've left a comment in and looking at the comment box?

[they/them] Creator of Black Light, a science-fantasy universe.
12 Mar, 2021 16:22

The person left the comment on my profile, not on a specific article. (Sorry for the time it took me to answer)

13 Mar, 2021 12:26

Hi! I can see a comment on your profile, in the Guestbook tab. It's where you should see all comments left to your profile. If you can't see any comments there, that a bug and should be reported!

[they/them] Creator of Black Light, a science-fantasy universe.
18 Mar, 2021 16:25

I found it! Thank you!

26 Apr, 2021 16:55

How does one remove maps from the the coverpage? I don't want every map visible right away.

28 Apr, 2021 14:11

Hi! It looks like maps can only be set to appear in a different position. But you still have two options: edit the map, go to the "Map Settings" -> "Display & Privacy" tab and uncheck the first checkbox. Do this for all maps and they won't be displayed. Alternatively, if you know CSS, you can remove the section by setting it to "display: none;" (feel free to ask in the #guild-css-help channel on Discord if you need help with this!).   Hope this helps, let me know if you have more questions!

[they/them] Creator of Black Light, a science-fantasy universe.
12 Jul, 2021 19:48

How does one give access to a co-author to edit the meta data of a world? For some reason a person can have Subscriber and Author access to everything about articles and timelines and such but not the meta data.

12 Jul, 2021 20:29

Hi! Yes, the meta is currently editable by the original world creator only.

[they/them] Creator of Black Light, a science-fantasy universe.
13 Jul, 2021 18:47

Got it. Thank you for telling me.

16 Dec, 2021 15:02

I have a question about the genres setting. It says not to choose more than 5 but it seems to let you do it, so is it alright if you do? Will it break your world if you do?

20 Dec, 2021 11:44

You can do it, it won't break anything. It's just that the world index only looks at 5 genres, so people won't be able to find your worlds if they browse the other genres.

[they/them] Creator of Black Light, a science-fantasy universe.
20 Dec, 2021 11:44

You can do it, it won't break anything. It's just that the world index only looks at 5 genres, so people won't be able to find your worlds if they browse the other genres.

[they/them] Creator of Black Light, a science-fantasy universe.
11 Jan, 2022 09:41

I'm trying to find where to change my word count goal. However, it doesn't appear under Config>Settings>Advanced, despite all instructions saying it should. Has it been moved somewhere else, or is it just me?

13 Jan, 2022 15:21

Hi! You should still be able to see it under the Advanced settings. It's the "Word Goal" box, right under "Tags" (fourth section from the top). Hope this helps!

[they/them] Creator of Black Light, a science-fantasy universe.
13 Jan, 2022 23:15

Nope. It goes language, genres, tags, then worlds profile display weight and storage status. Looks like I've just got it weird or something???   Thanks for your help, anyway!

14 Jan, 2022 12:12

Sorry, I didn't see you were using a free account. I'm afraid the word goal is for Guild members only!

[they/them] Creator of Black Light, a science-fantasy universe.
14 Jan, 2022 22:58

Ahhh, that would explain it. Looks like I just didn't read the article carefully enough, sorry.   Thanks so much!

5 Feb, 2022 18:08

how do you add a picture to a world homepage? Is it available to freeman?

7 Feb, 2022 09:37

It is! The text box to edit the homepage content accepts all BBCode options, so just insert the image as you would in any other article.

[they/them] Creator of Black Light, a science-fantasy universe.
9 Feb, 2022 07:19

I mean where do you go to add an image to the top of the page

9 Feb, 2022 10:01

Oh, sorry, I misunderstood. Click the palette icon at the bottom of the left sidebar ("Styling") and use the "Global cover" drop-down!

[they/them] Creator of Black Light, a science-fantasy universe.
10 Feb, 2022 13:31

Thank you I managed to make it work

Master ScarletSpitfire
Scarlet Spitfire
2 Nov, 2022 03:18

Since the article doesn’t mention it, how do you reactivate a stored world? I can’t seem to figure it out.

2 Nov, 2022 09:05

If you click on the World Anvil logo on the top left, you'll access the global dashboard. There, click the "Your Worlds" tab at the top. Scroll down, click on "Stored worlds", and you'll find them there.

[they/them] Creator of Black Light, a science-fantasy universe.
Master ScarletSpitfire
Scarlet Spitfire
2 Nov, 2022 22:12

Thank you!

28 Nov, 2022 02:25

Hello, somehow my World Codex is showing up in the right sidebar in every article I have. How do I remove this? I have tried removing all CSS but it didn't help. I can't remember if there is a box I check or what. Thank you, Ryan

28 Nov, 2022 09:41

Hi! It's possible you added it to the global announcement block. Go to the world configuration page, go to Display -> Global Content and check if there's anything under "global article announcement block (sidebar top)" or "global article additional block (sidebar bottom)".

[they/them] Creator of Black Light, a science-fantasy universe.
29 Nov, 2022 04:07

Thank you Ondo, that was it.