Guide to World Configuration

This guide goes over all of the settings under the world configuration menu! Use this to finetune your world's settings such as cover image, date, co-authors, css and more!  

Basic Information


This is the name of your world. It can literally be the name of your world, or it could be the name of your setting! For example, The Elder Scrolls is the name of a setting, but Nirn is the name of a world.   You can change your world name at any point, so don't feel like you have to start a new one! Note that if you change your world name, it will have a new url for the world - so if you have shared links to your world on social media or other profiles it will need updating.


This is a place to provide a short introduction to your world so that people know what it's about. You can also use BBCode here to insert images, links, article blocks and more. This will display on the front page of your world, below the title.  

RPG Systems

Here you can select which RPG systems your world is using, if any. If this setting doesn't show, you need to enable RPG features in your account details.



Here you can select any relevant genres that apply to your world to help other people find it when browsing.


Word Count

If you are a guild member you can set a global word count goal for your world, and change it whenever you like! This goal tracker will appear in the form of a progress bar on your world's dashboard.


Date & Time

Current Date

This is where you can set the current date that your world is taking place in. With this filled in, if you create a character and set their birth date, the article will calculate how old that character is. The Current displayed date is for purely displaying purposes (which means that you can use non-numeric characters) and will appear in the world's home page.

Global Era Before and After Year 0

Here you can set an era name and abbreviation for events occuring before the year 0 (e.g. Before Cataclysm (BC) and After Reckoning (AR)). These will be used in timelines.




Privacy state

If you are a guild member you can set your world to Private so that it is only visible by you (or your Subscribers and Co-authors if you grant them access. See Guide to Subscribers and Guide to Authors).


This is where you can select the primary language you wish your world to be displayed in. As translations are being implemented this will alter the language of the headers appearing in your world's page and article templates.


Custom access denied page

If you are a Guild Member of Grandmaster rank or above, you are able to set a world article that will be displayed when readers try to access a private article. This replaces the regular "Multipass?" page.  



World URL Slug

If you are a Sage of the Guild (or above), you can set a custom url slug for your world. This replaces the "world-author" format of regular world URLs. You can see an example of how this looks in the URL of this very page!


Home page display options

If you are a Guild Member, you have three options to choose whether you want recent articles, the table of contents, and uncategorized articles to appear in the Home page of your world or not.


Global Copyright Footer

If you are a Guild Member, you can use this section to establish the copyright for the entirety of your world. Anything you put here will appear at the bottom of most pages of the world. You can easily use a Creative Commons licence for your world using one of the BBCode tags.   Expand to see all Creative Commons licence tags.  

Worlds Profile Display Weight

If you have more than one world, you can set the display weight to change which order your worlds are listed in on your author profile.  

Themes & Styling



If you are a guild member you can choose a premade theme to change the appearance of your world's articles. Check out Theme References for more info.


Cascade Stylesheets (CSS)

If you are a guild member and have knowledge of CSS, you can make your own unique theme! Check out the Guide to CSS Formatting for more info.




Discord Webhook

If you are a Grandmaster Guild member (or above) you can set up a webhook so that article updates will be sent to your personal Discord server. More information in the Guide to Setting up a Discord Webhook.

Social Media Profiles

You can set up Patreon, Twitter, Twitch and Discord accounts of your world. They will appear in your world's home page in rich format (i.e. a Twitter stream, a live Twitch stream, and Patreon and Discord buttons).

Upload Cover Image

This is where you upload the cover image that will show on the front page of your world.  

Transfer World

If you wish to transfer your world to another user, you can do so here. This is not an automatic process. The request will be reviewed and you will be informed when it takes place.  

Delete World

If you really wish to delete your world, you can do so here. This process is irreversible.   I you had any images in your world before deleting it, you might find that your storage space is still full, even though you can no longer access the images. This is because deleted worlds are actually temporarily archived. If you need your storage space to be freed, please send an e-mail to hello[at] (note that due to time constraints, Guild members are given priority in the permanent deletion queue).


Please Login in order to comment!
3 Jan, 2019 05:20

"Delete World If you really wish to delete your world, you can do so here. This process is irreversible."   Where?

3 Jan, 2019 10:01

In your world configuration, scroll all the way down and it's on the right hand side at the bottom.

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30 Jun, 2019 13:22


8 Aug, 2019 23:56

UPDATE: This was not at all straightforward for me, it may have been moved or not, but anyway, NOW: World > Configuration > "UTILITIES TAB" > Then the "Delete This World" button is there. :)

5 Dec, 2019 01:51

Thank you for this you really helped me.

22 Dec, 2019 17:59

Where might you go now to delete a world things have moved again?

17 Feb, 2020 02:30

World > Configuration > "UTILITIES" tab > Then the "Delete This World" button is there

23 Jul, 2019 05:57

I set a global article image that appears as a banner for every article and such and can't find the option to change it to a different image, help please lol!

17 Feb, 2020 02:35

you can set the global cover from the world config styling tab, and also page by page in the article/catagory display tab

18 Sep, 2019 21:23

where has the export world function gone?

17 Feb, 2020 02:34

export world is a higher level feature, its in the 'utilities' tab in world config if you have access to the feature

1 Oct, 2019 15:56

Looks like the export functionality has been removed.

17 Feb, 2020 02:34

its in the 'utilities' tab in world config if you have access to the feature

2 May, 2020 21:10

According to this article, the export should be available to all creators. How does one go about exporting if they don't have the option in the Utilities tab?

15 May, 2020 12:28

if you're a freemen you can still download your pages, but you have to do it per page. It will be in the 'additinal actions' section when editing an article.   i've been told that the reason whole world download at once isn't avalible is becasue the massive resources it takes up when used, plus that its not finished as a feature. the site is still in beta and usually they wait for a feature to be more complete before releasing it to everyone fully

7 Dec, 2019 02:11

Where do I upload the cover image?

17 Feb, 2020 02:36

a quick line explaining where to find each feature might not be a bad idea

8 Mar, 2020 07:22

For my world I can't get the current date to appear on the home page and it will only let me enter a number.

21 Apr, 2020 23:59

how do you rename your profile? I accidentally misspelled it

22 Apr, 2020 00:39

I worked out how to add co-authors to a world on my phone, then I tried it on my computer and couldn't find the option. So I went back to my phone and tried to find it again but now I'm unable to find it there. Was I hallucinating this option before?