RPG system sheets catalog

The Campaign Manager of World Anvil allows Grandmasters of the Guild (and above ranks) to design sheets for any RPG. This page lists all RPG systems that have a character sheet ready to use on World Anvil.  

Supported systems

  • Battletech RPG
  • Brightsword RPG
  • Burning Wheel System
  • Call of Cthulhu (7th edition)
  • Celenia D10 System
  • Chronicles of Darkness (New World of Darkness)
  • Conan
  • Coriolis
  • Cypher System
  • DC Heroes
  • Dishonored
  • Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 Edition
  • Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition
  • Earth Dawn
  • Ethnis Lite
  • Exalted 3rd Edition
  • FATE
  • FATE Accelerated
  • Gamma Haven
  • Genesys
  • Hummel Quest
  • Infinity: Corvus Belli
  • JauVon
  • Legend of the Five Rings 4th Edition
  • Lost Colonies LARP
  • Numenera
  • Pathfinder 1e
  • Pathfinder 2e
  • Quest
  • Savage Worlds
  • Star Trek Adventures (Modiphius Official)
  • Star Trek Adventures: Spaceship
  • Star Wars 5e
  • Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game (WEG/D6)
  • Stars without Number
  • Stars without Number Revised
  • Starfinder RPG
  • Storypath System
  • Tales from The Loop
  • The Expanse RPG
  • The Strange
  • Torchbearer
  • TORG
  • Traveller 2e
  • Unofficial Elder Scrolls RPG 3e
  • World of Darkness (White Wolf)
  • World of Darkness 5th Edition (Paradox)


How do I request a new sheet? First, make sure that the RPG system you want is not already supported. Then, use the comments section of this article to request it. We can't assure that the sheet will be designed soon, but we'll do our best.
Can I design my own sheet? Designing a sheet is a Grandmaster (and above) feature, consider upgrading your membership if you're interested in doing it. You will need knowledge of HTML, CSS, and TWIG. The Guide to Block Templates will help you get started.


Please Login in order to comment!
8 May, 2020 20:38

I would love to see a CoC Pulp character sheet.

15 May, 2020 17:48

A really simple Mind's Eye Theatre (Laws of the Night: Revised era) character sheet. It can be done very generally, without requiring any of the individual creature types' fields named... "Powers" instead of Arts or Gifts or Disciplines or Spheres, for instance.   What's important is that is has plenty of fields for each category, and that it lets you expand a category if you need to.

Serutonan The Wizard of Es-Ness
24 May, 2020 04:26

I'd like to see any sheet that serves as a parody of any of the others. I'm looking create a world that is a parody and full of satire and I need a character sheet suitable for this purpose.

Master GameKn1ght
Jim "GameKn1ght" Dickinson
29 May, 2020 03:04

Requesting Hero System / Champions sheets, please. :)

18 Jun, 2020 22:24

Character sheets for the Storypath sytem would be great, specifically Trinity Continuum - Aeon.

27 Jun, 2020 10:47

it might be a handful, but GURPS would be nice ^^

13 Jul, 2020 23:22

I second this. :)

13 Oct, 2020 21:04

And a Third!

Grandmaster LunariusH
Lunarius Haberdash
12 Jul, 2020 20:20

A Cyberpunk 2020 character sheet would be ideal before the Cyberpunk RED comes out and the old system gets forgotten!

28 Jul, 2020 03:28

I'd love a good Invisible Sun sheet!

27 Sep, 2020 18:18

I’m wanting to make a Palladium/ Rifts system. Any help would be appreciated. Currently creating the Palladium world.

tricky nick
15 Oct, 2020 12:20

I realize this is incredibly unlikely to happen, but throwing it out there as a long shot...Ryuutama.