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Uht Ceara

UhtCeara | Member Since 16 Sep, 2019
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I am a fledgling author with a love for fantasy research and tea. I draw inspiration from quotes and art, but most predominantly, dreams. I have an uncanny ability to remember my dreams which often play out as much more complex fantasy than I can think of in my waking hours. I, love to blend science with craft and love to share some research here on World Anvil.
Although I may be reticent about sharing my own work, I really enjoy reading all the articles on here and am happy to offer feedback and advice where it is wanted. My family refers to the time I spend on World Anvil as my attending Nerd Conferences, and I am overjoyed to have found a community of like minded individuals.

Interests & Hobbies

Tea. A lot of tea. Tea in any flavour.

Favorite Movies

Inception, Les Miserables, E.T, Gladiator

Favorite Books

Night Circus (Erin Morgenstern), The First Fifteen Lives of Harry Agust (Claire North), Way of Kings (Brandon Sanderson), Les Miserables (Victor Hugo)

Favorite Writers

Claire North, Brandon Sanderson, Erin Morgenstern