Guide to Blocks

A block (also known as statblock or sheet) is a piece of structured content that is created once and can be used multiple times in different places. Its main usage is to represent the statistics of an NPC, an item or a PC (in which case they are called character sheets). They can also be used for other non-RPG purposes, such as tables and embedded web sites.  

Creating RPG blocks

In order to make your first blocks, you'll need to select the RPG system for your world. Once this is done, go to the Blocks and sheets section of your world, accessible from the sidebar menu. On top of the page you will see a box with a drop-down from which you can select the kind of sheet you want to create. For example, if you want to create a character sheet of Dungeons and Dragons 5e, you will have to choose Character Sheet (Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition (DnD5e)). When you click the create button, a page with a form will appear. Fill in the fields you need to fill and click Svae changes. You're done!  

Creating non-RPG blocks

Whether you select and RPG system or not, the blocks & sheets section will have some blocks tagged as Generic. These are utility blocks that are not meant to be used as statblocks. Their name is Generic, [block type]  


In a table block you can add the table title, a description and then the table itself, in the Table Data field. This field uses the standard CSV syntax with the character | as a separator. What this means is that you can just write the content of each row in its own line, separating the cells with |. Take, for example, the following code:
1|0|Super Cuccumber
2|1200|Tomato Slicing Expertise
The result will look like this:


10Super Cuccumber
21200Tomato Slicing Expertise
  As you can see, the first row is automatically formatted as a header. You can also create tables directly with BBCode; more information on that in the Guide to BBCode Commands.


Text blocks are just plain-text content. The Content fiields accepts regular BBCode formatting. This can be used to create template text that you can easily re-use in multiple articles.


The Image block lets you add an image (that has been uploaded to your world, see Guide to Images) with a title, description and a table attached to it.



If you want to embed a full web page on a world anvil article, use this block. Just paste the URL of the page you want to embed and that's it! Keep in mind that some web sites don't allow embedding, so this system will not work with all web sites.

Random table

Random tables use the same formatting as regular tables. The difference is that when you view the table, you will be able to click a button to "roll on the table". Make sure that the first cell of every row contains a number or a number range like 18-20 (the rest of cells can have whatever content you want).


Using blocks

No matter the kind of block you created, they can be used in the same way. All blocks have an ID number that you can use to embed in any article, journal, Heroes post or generally any text fields that supports BBCode. The block contents will not actually be in the article, so editing the block itself will change how it is displayed in all places where it is embedded.   To get the ID, view the block you want to embed and go to the bottom, where you will see a footer similar to the following screenshot:  
screenshot (3).png
  If you copy the code highlighted in red, the block will be embedded. In this case, [block:123] will produce the following result:  



Ranged Weapon Finesse, Thrown Common

Type Damage Damage Range Properties
Simple 1d4 Piercing 20/60 ft Finesse, Thrown

Cost: 5 cp Weight: 1/4 lb

  If you copy the code highlighted in green, an in-line link to the block will be created. For example, [blocklink:123] will produce this link: Dart.

Why aren't there sheets for X system? Sheet creation is a community effort, so it all comes down to volunteers wanting to created them. In order for a system to have sheets or blocks, block templates need to be created. This is a Grandmaster (and above) feature; more information here: Guide to block templates.
Can I hide Sheets behind subscriber groups? The privacy feature of Sheets allows you to choose whether you want to share the block with the community or not. If you don't, no one will be able to view the block page directly. However, it will still be visible if you embed it in a public article. More information on subscribers in the Guide to Subscribers.

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12 Aug, 2019 20:37

Isn't this article mixed up with the Guide to block templates article? This one is titled Sheets, but concerns block templates and that one is called block templates, but concerns sheets.

13 Aug, 2019 16:33

It's a confusing terminology. Basically, a sheet, or a block, is what you use on article. A block template is what you use to make blocks.   I'l try to clear it up now, thanks!

12 Aug, 2019 21:53

Is it possible to display the table without the title?

13 Aug, 2019 16:34

You can always use a bbcode table (see the guide to bbcode commands), which give you more freedom. Alternatively, Guild members can also use some CSS trickery to remove the title from all table blocks. Hope this helps!

14 Aug, 2019 21:18

Not a member yet, so can't do CSS. Bbcode tables have fixed width, haven't they? I was looking for something with behaviour of the generic table block more, as it auto adjusts to content (or so it seems). Anyway thanks for the help, I managed to get a result I wanted with the generic table block after some experimentation.

15 Aug, 2019 11:13

Glad you found a solution! :)

20 Aug, 2019 23:31

There's a few spelling errors, but other then that, great doc!

3 Dec, 2019 13:59

Is there colspan functionality for the sheets? So that a cell can span multiple cols?

3 Dec, 2019 17:47

The table block uses CSV (comma-separated values) syntax, which is not flexible enough to allow colspans, unfortunately!

12 Jan, 2020 03:14

Let's say I make a character sheet as a statblock for player A. How do I make it visible to only play A and not player B, C, D. Same for the other characters.

12 Jan, 2020 22:54

Unfortunately, character sheets (blocks in general) do not have advanced privacy features, so you can only choose whether you want to share it with the community (i.e. public) or not (i.e. private), but this applies to the sheet page only. Regardless of this setting, the block will be visible in a public article and invisible in a private one.

13 Jan, 2020 01:55

That seems like a strange feature not to have in a virtual table top/ world management system. Any idea if this is something that is being worked on as a feature in the future?

13 Jan, 2020 15:11

Keep in mind that World Anvil is *not* a virtual table top! That's why it doesn't have like "virtual minis", fog of war, and stuff like that. Not sure if it's being worked on, but you can definitely request it using the "suggest a feature" link you'll find in the help page (linked in the site footer). You'll need to create a separate account to suggest a feature, as we use a third-party platform (Jira) as a bug tracker.

28 Feb, 2020 16:52

The last statblock I created has "2020" in parenthesis after it, and it is formated differently than my other statblocks. How do I change this so that I can create a normal statblock?

26 Mar, 2020 13:38

I have been building items using the generic table function. The results are great with one exception. In many cases there are odd breaks in words when they wrap in a cell to a new line. Is there a way to force column width or to prevent breaking words to increase readability?

27 Mar, 2020 19:52

Hi! There is a way to do that using CSS, but my knowledge on this field is very limited. I recommend you join our Discord server (link on the page header) and ask in the #guild-css-help channel!