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Testing - Category Board

Wed, May 25th 2022 08:18
Practice Posting or Creating Threads here! Open for All!
okay so this is one level down in the top level discussion board hierarchy, "Shops" is a category board. All the actual shop listings with posts n replies and shit are called thread boards and they'll be listed two levels down.
So if you're in the main discussion board page you only see the words here and the image, but not the images of the individual shops below - but if you're one level down because you clicked shops, you'll see all the shop thread boards with their top level pictures below. Theeeeen when you click one of those you'll see a list of threads with all of thooooose pics? or does the list of threads not show pics?

WELP let's see!!! (taking notes like this is wild.. if you go and check out Shop Pink and read thread 1 and thread 2, there's a point where I'm literally typing to myself about typing to you.. whoever you may be who actually fucking read this.. you're the weird one, not me.. this is called DOCUMENTATION! and i've been told by many an older engineer that I have a knack for it because I'm a girl, so.. yea.... gotcha.... i. win? what?ugh... )


Testing - Yall

Sat, Jul 16th 2022 10:48
This Board for Y'all to mess about in!

Testing - Twy

Wed, May 25th 2022 09:00
This Thread board is locked for only Twylark to ruin, you can see just not post. Please enjoy the "Y'all" Testing Center above.
headsup, shop pink falls out the page because i was testing some CSS code i had found. So I can make Boards (category or thread boards) in the dashboard view for discussion boards, but i need to go to the IN WORLD board page to actually make a new thread. Which we'll need to make sure the right accounts have the right access to do so. We have an Admin permission that's only admin in name, not actual internal function - maybe we need like a LoreKeeper permission or something - i guess moderator is literally that lol...

btw, internally it says

Permissions to View
If left empty, everyone will be able to view the contents of this board

Permissions to Write
If left empty, everyone will be able to write in this board

Permissions to Moderate
If left empty, only the owner of this world and its authors will be able to moderate.

ANYWAYS, here's shop #1! with a picture! shit works! hopefully