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Archive: Character Manifest - Season One


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Character Manifest & Coin Purse

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Engineering Department

Senior Officer L.E.T.O.


Officer Royce Vanderbilt

Submarine Systems

Utha [Arcadian Knight] - Vessel Repairs
Garret [Cerf] - Internal Vessel Repairs

Builds & Repairs

Albin Rakus [poprostupako] - Technician
Ali Stampfer [Selford Fog] - Repairs & Storage Maintenance
Delia Lephossia -


Lio L. Levonb[Lio Levon] - Tinkerer & Tool Maker
Rupert Firwood -?

Navigation Department

Senior Officer Skin/Ink [Alan]


Rift Stitching

Marcus Burnhardtb[ProfWinter] - The Tailor and Lead Rift Sealer

Rift Travel

Tilorn Cart'lori [Alton Rune] - Chief Navigator & Cartographer
Tlalli Sleekfeet [Trixxine] - Cartographer
Akhana Narib [Akhanasama] - Watch-to-Watch Navigation


Coraline "CC" Cellier - Sniper Specialist

Communication Department

Senior Officer Ceylon [Twylark]


Officer Joaquin Tsamoudakis


Katarina Haleb [Stoneghost] - Diplomat
Russell Delano [Nishikurag] - Diplomat


Patagon b [Septarius] - Switchboard Operator


Nobody [MysteryDarkone] - Information Gatherer
Raze [Ryvir] -
Nevi [AetosofValla] -

Science Department

Senior Officer Trashpanda


Officer Sauma Stein b


B +b [Artemiseus] - Doctor (Note: made of blood kinda gross)
Alabaster Glasgow [Wolfish_] b - Doctor
Thomas Ruben b [Tommy] - Special Ops Veterinary Researcher

Cultural Research

Gemini [TenguGemini] - Culinary Anthropologist
Lorelei b "Lore" [Esmie] - Archaeologist & Cultural Anthropologist
Miss. Tiduna [Zombi] - Folklore Conservator & Teller
Thelzgard [AmbiLati] - Cultural Artist

Officer Carica Busicon

Physical Research

Carica Busiconb [Caustic Lullaby] - Subaquatic Natural Scientist
Gamma Corvi / Elie Corvus - Exploratory Researcher
Isla b[Miss_Beau] - Botanist
Tora Yuèliang [FluffyTyphlosion] - Natural Geoscientist
Lord Gillian LeRolle [Lord Floor Walrus] - Paranormal Specialist
Giliana Gamishb
Retired Officer June Glowmint [Zezzifr]

Admin Department

Senior Officer MechaMarchus [Marcus]


Culinary Specialists

Snik Snak von Potts [Kuari] - Vessel Sous-chef
Seth Richardsb[Nyght] - Vessel Bartender
The Drink Boy [OrcinItUp/Monoeye Mafia] - Vessel Loungetender
Piper Tsun [itzskyelar/SkySky] - Vessel Custodian

Officer Krieg Vernix


Walter Poxsworthb[PoxMuffin] - Medical Records
Isaac Wicklaw [Warlord] - Record Keeper
Professor Baron Reginald Von Vunder XXVIIb [Tsubori] - Artifact Appraiser

Security Department

Officer Corzipa Gavonb

Offensive/Defensive Systems

Seril Vaskell [Endertome] - Scary Dragon Security
Zacna Midradb [MD5Ray01] - Second Scary Dragon Security/Scout
Rha Shajab [Ottertime] - Security    

Officer Chef Tobias Matthewsb


Clemente [VaNex] - Acid Connoisseur


Io b
Lina Hart b
Quintillion Primberry    

Departmental Organization

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Both only contain characters that have Character Articles in World Anvil.

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