Giliana Gamish

Researcher Giliana Gamish (a.k.a. Gil)

A researcher from far away, always seeking more creatures that she has yet to see. Their behaviors, their personalities, and their tastes.  

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Well toned muscles, with a modest bust. A large tail coming out behind her from the base of her spine.

Body Features

Arms and Legs are reptilian in skin, leathery in texture, and darkly tanned in color. Well defined muscles on all limbs. Spines extend from her upper back, and a tail from below.

Facial Features

Red hair and fiery eyes to match, with a face full of freckles. Her smile shows a set of rather sharp teeth, but not in a threatening way. Usually has a look of calm contentedness about her unless she finds something that piques her interest. She has a set of ribbed horns from beneath her hair by her ears that loop around the front, stopping just short of her face.

Identifying Characteristics

the nails on her hands are elongated and sharp as are those of her toes, which she only has three on each foot. A muscular tail comes out from the base of her spine, and some of her upper back has elongated spines protruding from it with the same leathery skin over them as her arms, legs, and tail.

Physical quirks

The smell of blood will get her adrenaline pumping, and once that starts she usually ends up in that state for a long time. A splash of cold water can interrupt this state.

Special abilities

Mend Sleep Calcify Feign Death Deathsense Commune with the dead Examine the dead Diagnose

Apparel & Accessories

Labcoat, and a purple turtleneck sweater dress. exposed toe shoes, and usually a belt with small pouches and a side pack of some sort.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Medical Broken leg and arm in Martial arts training Age 8 Appendix removed Age 13 Adrenaline boost test subject Age 18 Irises turned permanently red as side effect of testing Age 18 Countless broken bones from fighting among classmates in school, self mended in remarkable time. Age 18 Recommended for position for study, by doctors, after seeing her reactions to the tests.   Untrained genetic testing is not reccommended for her, Mental instability seems to result regardless of the manner of test. Cloning resets changes to mental state with minor memory loss.   Citalopram 15 unit dose pills are prescribed for spells of depression Methylphenidate 15 unit pills are prescribed for cases of mental instability   Considered capable of preforming any duties required of jobs offered her, if conditions persist after medication, increase dosages.   Has recently been transformed into a part Deathclaw by {Redacted}   Slime core removed along with all DnA thereof, and memories selectively wiped, core Replaced with mechanical heart of her own design.

Gender Identity

Female identifier, female body, has a concoction to temporarily endow her with male genitalia for fun.


Prefers females for romance, but will flirt with anything. Will also fuck anything if it is capable of giving consent and she finds it interesting.   Will not likely even attempt romance unless she is intrigued by an individual in one way or another.


Formal education to the point of a bachelors degree, Honorary Masters and Doctorate earned in the field due to research and experimentation results being recognized.


Has worked for a couple of research institutes, made her way to be Research director of one.   following her time there went to work int he field under her own employ to discover new lifeforms.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Successfully developed serum to combine features of one animal onto another. Tested it on herself with a great success.

Failures & Embarrassments

Had an experiment that went wrong involving slime creatures and her own body. Eventually managed to revert to a more solid physical form but her heart had to be replaced to survive.

Mental Trauma

Memories chemically erased for the time she spent as a slime due to trauma from both the physical state's effect on her mind, and due to some of what she did at the time. While the reasoning for it is not remembered, she still suffers depression and lingering anxiety. Occasionally she will have a mental breakdown and not even know the reasoning for it, that can be triggered by similar social circumstances.

Intellectual Characteristics

Brilliant researcher, but gets tunnel vision when something piques her curiosity. Can be slightly sadistic, but will go to absolutely absurd limits for someone she considers a friend, to protect them.

Morality & Philosophy

Protect what is yours, friends and family are yours.   If an outside force threatens what is yours, they are to be destroyed.   Anything not yours, can be on the menu.   Do not harm a child unless they threaten you or yours first.


Unless they threaten you or yours, do not harm a child.   Cruelty is only for those that have earned it.   If something is worth killing, it will not be allowed to escape.

Personality Characteristics


Curiosity is her primary motivator, followed immediately by instinctual needs.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Great with animals and research, not so great with social situations.

Likes & Dislikes

Loves meat of almost any kind, as well as fruits. Hates purposely ignorant individuals.

Virtues & Personality perks

Honest to a fault

Vices & Personality flaws

Drinks on occasion Does not shy away from eating almost anything made of meat People are meat

Personality Quirks

Depression can get her deep without any obvious causes. When this happens most of her energy is completely gone.


Prefers to keep herself as clean as possible when it comes to standard bathing. She will however wear whatever blood splatter may happen for as long as needed while hunting something.


Contacts & Relations

Several in the scientific community are known and know her. She has had several badly ending personal relationships over the years. Has a long term girlfriend and they have two kids together. Has a "child" she made while experimenting with slimes.

Family Ties

Longterm girlfriend two actual children one "Child" that is actually a slime that imprinted on her

Religious Views

"There are many gods, i worship none of them, but there are some I respect"   Has a respect for the goddesses Hecate and Ishtar.

Social Aptitude

Poor social aptitude, she has issues dealing with people on the low end of the IQ spectrum. With other intelligent individuals she can hold a conversation, but for her to really open up it takes something special.


Smiles a lot, it's a show of dominance in her mind. As long as you keep smiling, you are not losing.   Has a habit of scratching at arm rests of anything she sits in, which easily causes extreme damage with her claws.

Wealth & Financial state

Pay leftover from her RD job   owns a home in the country

Scientist with a penchant for Crypto Zoology and chemistry. Fiery redhead with a personality to match. Experimented on herself several times at this point.

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Chaotic Researcher
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Research Director of NT corp. Biting Bitch Gill the Claw
Approximately 26 years old
Earth, United States, Florida
Current Residence
Firey Red
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale face and torso, with freckles all over. Arms and Legs are darkly tanned.
Quotes & Catchphrases
For Science
Known Languages


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