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Carica Busicon

Officer Carica Busicon

Carica was training to be a biologist before the destruction of its home planet. Now that it is stationed on the HTML Wanderpus, it functions primarily as a marine biology lab technician, while also assisting with maintaining the ship's hull. Because of its incomplete training, in addition to the foreign nature of the work on the rift-travelling ship, Carica spent quite a while dealing with taking samples, measurements, and documenting observations either by text or sketch. More recently, Carica was promoted to the role of an Officer, and it has taken on more responsibilities. It is now in charge of the Physical Science Department.   Overall, Carica is concerned with finding a viable planet for its species to occupy, as well as continuing its race.  

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

While usually at an intimidating 7'6" tall, Carica's size is something it can change as it chooses by pulling more of its mass within its shell. In general, the body shape it mimics is that of an average human with an average amount of muscle and body weight. It has no defining sex characteristics.

Body Features

Carica's visible mass is made almost entirely of muscle. When compared to a whelk on Earth, it would be what is known as the "foot." Because of this, the solidity of its form can be tightened or loosened as needed.   Due to Carica mostly being made of muscle, it is very heavy, but because of its lack of muscles, its movements are oddly fluid.

Facial Features

Carica uses barnacles to immitate eyebrows, has hundreds of needle-like teeth, and a large teal shell on the side of its face, which it emerges from.

Identifying Characteristics

Carica can usually be seen with long spiraling yellowish tendrils drifting above its head. Unknown to anyone but itself, and perhaps any marine biologist, these tendrils are spiraling egg casings with hundreds of eggs gestating within.

Physical quirks

Its "nose" protrudes slightly from its face, and is actually gills. While it can breathe through its mouth on land, underwater on its home world, it would breathe through the gills.   The "eyes" on its face are nothing more than a mimicry using the purple flesh that makes up its interior. Its true eyes are camouflaged, and rove across its body unseen unless it telescopes them out.

Special abilities

Carica Abilities

Ability TreeAbility NameAP CostAbility description
StormcallerCloudcall1You swirl your hands in the air producing a thick fog centered on you. The fog rolls out rapidly, spilling around corners and down slopes. Within a few seconds, you blanket everything nearby in fog. Creatures inside the fog cannot see beyond their reach, preventing them from making ranged attacks. The fog disperses after you leave the area, or if the area is hit by strong winds.
StormcallerVortex2You create a howling vortex within a body of liquid that you can see. The vortex lasts until you leave the area. Any creatures touching the vortex are violently sucked in, submerged, and then spit out, each taking 2 damage.
StormcallerGale3You close your eyes and stir the air, shaping the winds around you. A gale forms that you can spread across an area of any size and shape in your scene, as long as you can see its area of effect. Inside the area of effect, wind blows at ferocious speeds, kicking up dust and sending small objects flying. Creatures inside can't see far away, only what's nearby. When you begin the spell, the gust knocks creatures to the ground and sends them tumbling backward until they leave the area of effect. Creatures outside of the gust cannot enter it unless they are larger than the area of effect.
StormcallerRiverfury4You whisper a magical incantation to a flowing river within range. The river gathers a surge of strength upstream. A torrent of water arrives at your location in the path of the river 15 seconds later. All creatures caught in the torrent are swept downstream and deposited on a shore far away, beyond where you can see.
StormcallerStormcall2+2 = You produce a circle of dark, electrically charged clouds somewhere you can see in the sky. The storm lasts until you leave the scene. While the storm is active, you may call upon it to produce these effects:
1 = You cause a downpour
1 = A deafening crack of thunder shakes the ground. All creatures under the storm cannot hear anything beyond their reach until the end of the scene.
3 = If you have learned the Shock ability, you may use it for 3 AP
!! = A bolt of chain lightning rips through NPCs you can see, hitting them each for 4 HP. Spend 1 AP per target.
EcologistCommand Nature0-10 = You whisper a rhyming couplet to the living plants around you. Your brief poem entreats the plants to produce a harmless effect by moving or growing slightly. The things you want to manipulate must be within range. You may make trees rustle, cause leaves to fall, get plants to bloom, vines to expand, and seeds to sprout
1 = If you can explain how, you can have the effect deal 2 HP of damage to a nearby target. (Ex: Vines can grow thorns and lash a creature, or a tree could drop acorns on their head)
Purple muscle mimics the shape of eyes, while its real eyes are camouflaged and can telescope from its body
Purple muscle shaped like cornrows with two puffy looking pigtails
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Greyish-purple tinted brown
7ft 6in

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