Rha Shaja

MP Rha Shaja

I am Rha Shaja. I have promised to guard the ship. In return, they let me watch the people so I can understand how they survive, giving away their secrets so freely.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Moderately muscular, focused on being toned and flexible.

Body Features

Some scars on his back and arms, light orange scales with black stripes, a sweeping tail. Has meaty clawed hands. Has a dorsal spine ridge down his back from head to tail and pronounced ear fins.

Facial Features

Bright red eyes, many sharp teeth, and fang markings under his eyes.

Physical quirks

Tough scaled body, heavy snake-like movement, moves well in water.

Special abilities

Can breathe underwater and swims extremely well.

Apparel & Accessories

Bronze chestplate and gemmed leather bracers.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Comes from a largely oceanic world, filled with dangerous sea-beasts and many small but separate islands. Competition for land was common and fierce, and a matron was usually picked as an honorary position of leadership. Rha is a fighter and hunter from his clutch, making him competitive and thrill seeking, wondering what sort of creatures he can catch in this new world. Life has gotten interesting since he chased that monster into a whirlpool...


Rha can catch you fish? Maybe you want whale?


Currently part of the crew of the HTML Wander as a member of security.

Morality & Philosophy

He doesn't particularly care about the "laws" so much as protecting his territory. He considers the submarine to be his home at this point.


Promise breaking. Stealing a kill.

Personality Characteristics


Exploration, a need to understand, and a strong desire to fulfill what he views as promises.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Completely inept with money, naive from lack of exposure to the world's customs.

Likes & Dislikes

Likes people who keep their word, severely dislikes promise breakers and liars.


Polishes his scales and armor regularly

I'm a large, predatory Tiger Naga with bestial clawed hands. I have Orange skin, black stripes, and many sharp teeth. I prowl the halls for trouble constantly and love hunting.

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Solid Red
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Orange with black stripes
7 Feet 6 inches long
300 pounds

Rha's first Fetch Quest

The wrestling was today. Captain assigned me to fetch items, everyone always seems to get into fights when that happens. Today, a good fight. Still angry about the ship, and for the first time, Rha was thrown through a ceiling. The finishing strike was satisfying, but I hope to fight the bird man again. Then, on even terms. Maybe he will come fight rha on the ship some day?  


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