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Poker Face

Played: January 22, 2023
Game System: Brindlewood Bay

Elizabuff (Kiera), Dollythea (Nika), Uncle Jimes (Warlord),
Billiam (Kole), & Bobert (Rob)
A Murder at Bobert’s Casino and Spa!? This calls for a detective with a… Certain Set of Skills. Kiera’s Birthday game!
Quick Takeaways
  • Under the shield surrounding Silver Thimble, an incredibly entitled flamingo family resides within Bobert’s Casino & Spa. As the citizens of the city grow desperately hungry, the flamingos of status have grown even more snobbish than before, treating their servants like crap, hoarding fresh and real shrimp, and other opulence offenses.
  • While Uncle Jimes proves himself too trusting of relatives, Bobert increasingly improves his fine clothing and wealthy presence and Billiam puts his skills to use tending to his daughters and a garden.
  • During a fairly routine day, while chowing down on a late breakfast of variously styled shrimp, the family of flamingos taunt and bully outsider Rudyolf, complain about the excessive amount of lemons present, and unceasingly trash talk the married couple NickOlas and Jennyfer for their new-wealth crass style.

  • BANG!
    A gunshot pierces through the semblance of affluent safety.  
  • Notably, the flamingos hardly batted an eye when they found NickOlas in his room dead with his wife, Jennyfer, dramatically grieving beside his body; nor did they blink upon solving the murder and swiftly dealing flamingo justice - group curb stomping Jennyfer for murdering her husband for a magical item (as well as being a harlot and an ibis.)
  • Previously, Bobert noticed the trajectory of NickOlas’s wealth while the shield has been up would eventually challenge his own financial rankings. Turns out, through a crystal statue, NicklOlas struck a deal with The Dream Worm for infinite lemons (to sell.) But now that the crystal is in Elizabuff’s hands, will she become a new Matron figure within Silver Thimble?!
  • Hating the taste, sight and smell of these dream lemons, the flamingos proposition HTML Officer Krieg and begin to supply the Wandercrew and citizens of Silver Thimble with the nourishment-hollow lemons.

    Where We Belong

    Played: January 27, 2023
    Game System: Dialect

    Zacna Midrad (Ray), Pim (Keri),
    Lorelei (Esmie), & Melinoë (Sparkly)
    Trapped under the shield bubble as the world changes around them, the crew solidifies their own lingo!
    Quick Takeaways
    List of words, terms and phrases collectively formed during the Age of the Shield:   Roots: one’s history or past, in the figurative and literal sense. It’s been two weeks since the shields protecting Silver Thimble from the worlds colliding outside have gone up. Not sure how powerful the shields are exactly, Pim walks the city’s shield perimeter, witnessing various groups of refugees settling in (some otters, some owls, etc.) There’s nowhere enough space for these people. Through the weeks, pseudo-districts begin to form. “They have to stick to their roots.”   Plots: A resource, deriving from communal plots of farmland. Note: Pasturans make pastures.   The Dig: Work, as in “off to the dig,” regardless of occupation.   Favors: Nomenclature for currency in a time of financial shift.   Good luck sayings: “Captain Shrimp,” “May the captain have eaten her shrimp,” “ah, the captain ate her shrimp today”   The Daily Rind: A worker’s ritual of chewing on a lemon rind. A group of workers is relatively called Rinders, kind of like a union.   By the Captain!: A hyperbolic saying for when a shocking event occurs.   Scramp!: Fuck yea!   Rotten Shrimp: A term referring to a bad omen being acknowledged.   “Shrimp Winds:” A phrase referring to the winds shifting as a bad omen, like something is fishy in the air. Scenario: Tattoo standing out doing his best to look through the shield, “Can’t see a thing, this must be “this is rotten shrimp.” Captain appears with “Shrimp winds..”   Rust: An expletive, originally referring to rust forming on unused mechanics. “May your tools rust,” “Go Rust.”   “There’s a mouse in the manifold.” A phrase to mean something is wrong or malfunctioning. “There must be a mouse (stuck) in the manifold.”   “The pages will turn:” A saying of unity expressing hope for a better future.   Copilot: Friend, used by the citizens of Silver Thimble.   Crew: group of friends, used by the citizens of Silver Thimble.   Wandercrew: best friend, used by the citizens of Silver Thimble.   A Budding Branch: A symbol of hope harkening the roots of the past, and the potential growth of the future.   Coffee Break: a moment for group mediation “to reset our sails.”   Lippish: a hated person, the opposite of a co-pilot or friend.   Words that will most likely live on amongst the citizens of Silver Thimble beyond the shield dropping: The Dig as work, Rinders as workers, and Favors as currency.

    Hayloft I

    Played: January 28, 2023
    Game System: Apocalypse World

    Ol (ProfWinter), Ella (Akhana), Mama Parse (Keri), & Gus (Corey)
    Wolpertingers: Where are they now?
    Answer: On an apocalyptic planet fighting to return to Liminal!
    Quick Takeaways
  • Last we knew of the Wolpertingers their entire settlement, previously tucked within Yoke’s mountainous forest, was hurtling through the In-between protected by their own ancestral shield. Since then, they’ve landed onto a seemingly post-apocalyptic world and acclimated QUITE quickly.
  • Today, Ol, Ella, Mama Parse and Gus loudly traverse the highway in hot pursuit of information regarding the location of a recently stolen generator, one hopefully capable of powering a strong communications signal back to the Wandercrew.
  • Amidst grandiose displays of marital affection, sibling rivalry, and daring feats, the hardened bunny family shotgun blast the tires and heads of any foe that cross their path and successfully retrieve the generator with only minor limb damage! Hopefully, Bech knows what they're doing with such a high-voltage device!

  • Prophecy's Recap:
  • The mission is to take the driver of a truck in a post apocalyptic world to find his boss who has a generator powerful enough to make the communication device Bech is making to talk to the Wandercrew.
  • A minion with a grenade launcher attempted to shoot at them but got killed, causing him to fall and shoot the semi they were chasing. The semi, falls over and Ol rushes over to get the driver. The driver attempted to shoot Ol but Gus sexily shot off the man's finger. Ol beats the man half to death.
  • Gus flexes his butt in the road as parse shoots out the tires of the car, causing it to flip over. Ol and Ella wish to vomit after all the love talk between Ella and Gus. Ella tries to get the info out of the driver. They have to go through the stricken lands.
  • Ella has to travel in the car instead of on her motorcycle due to the acid. Some grim reaper looking ass mother fucker comes up from said acid. He asks for Ella's motorcycle as a toll. They attempt to run him over but an oily hand grabs the car and shakes it. Ol saves them, causing the car to fall and hurt Parse and Gus. They gun it out of there.
  • A car blocks the road, the guys are very hard to understand. A creature is tunneling making it hard to go around the men. Ol fixed the car while Ella did doughnuts around tremors on the side of the road, causing one of her crew to get taken by one of the worms.
  • They find the camp, with the captain shooting electricity everywhere. They rush the camp. Gus is a hot distraction as everyone focuses on him. Parse takes off 4 of their heads, Ella commands her goons to attack the leader while offing the last minion, leaving the leader. Ol redirects the electricity, unfortunately starting to overload the generator. Gus drop kicks the leader away as he shoots electricity everywhere. Ol attempts to stop the generator from going critical as Ella gets shocked from the generator. Gus takes out the leader and Ol manages to save the generator, but in return Ol is shocked heavily, damaging her arm.

    Hayloft II

    Played: January 29, 2023
    Game System: Apocalypse World

    Ive (Lio), Amel (Lurid), Bech (Kole), & Mozza (Toast)
    Oh! It's a two-parter!
    Quick Takeaways
  • Far flung from the Liminal Plane, the Wolpertinger settlement, Seligkeit, and its people make the most of their new post-apocalyptic habitation. Mozz, Bech, Amel, and Ive, previously HTML apprentices, now each have a role in operating and securing Mozz and Bech’s bar & attached repair garage, The Golden Bullet.
  • Knowing Bech requires a strong amplifier (powerful enough to send a communication to the Wandercrew straight through the In-Between) a local tradesman arrives with the ware in hand, as does the part’s original owners, a gang called The Murder. After a blitz of bullets and booze, the ear-perked siblings befriend a large robot named Q-B, leave no qualms per the part’s ownership, and make their parents (towing a powerful generator) quite proud.
  • Later in their garage, Bech uses the collected parts to blast the Wolpertinger’s location into the void. Days later, The HTML Shuttlefish (the away team currently “lost in space”) and The Bismarquis (HTML’s whale foes) answer the call.

  • Prophecy's Recap:
  • It starts in Seligkeit, in the Golden Bullet bar. They have to talk to someone called "The Leader" to gets parts to get the communication device working to the level they want. The Leader has an amplifier that Bech needs to finish the communications device. The Leader will give Bech the amplifier if they do a job for them. They need to bust out one of their crew. They are currently being held by The Murder. They appear to be crow people. Some of the Murder crew come in after the robot the Leader.
  • Bech and Mozz shoot at them after they threaten to snipe Ive. The Leader and his henchmen turns on them during the fight, attempting to get the money they were originally after. Ive takes care of quite a few outside before joining the others in the bar. Amel turns a machine against the Leader after bashing a crows head in. Bech lights a fire, taking out most of the Murder crew in the bar. The survivors from Ive are outside the bar. Ive and Amel take care of the two outside. Amel gets the machine Q-B as a familiar. Bech finishes off the last Crow inside the bar.
  • Bech gets the communications device up and running, its signal being caught by The Shuttlefish (Away Team) and The Bismarquis (The Whales).

    Sleep is for the Weak

    Played: February 4, 2023
    Game System: Quest

    Happy Season Premiere!
    An exhausted crew steps out of the shield for the first time in weeks, heading to the Secret Recipe for emergency food rations.
    Quick Takeaways
    Akhana's Quick Notes
  • Squishy keeping a journal of supplies on ferry ship [missed if it was named] -Krieg has perishable and non-perishables aboard plus some questionable boxes - Catori nearly falls in flowing ocean waters; Royce saves her - Communicator check [Squishy loans his to Royce] - Tobias forgot to bring his bag (most of his ability items - death hand cannon, dossier, cloak) while preparing to leave ST on the ship - Away team bunks the ship on a sandy beach and bump into a pink fairy-type creature - previously Squishy???/ now Squishy Vernix, Esq. proprietor of the Silken Recipe - Catori doesn't have her communicator and enlarged to 5'9" ish(? Krieg tried to give her his and his HP started draining so he took it back - The closer to Catori Royce gets, his eyes glow bluer and Catori's blue eye glows bluer - Royce uses 'sense magic' but only learns that in Catori, he is sensing more magic than he wanted to - Entire island shakes and Royce flashes to see the island collided and parts of the island remained the same and some changed; no idea what is happening to Catori or Squishy - Royce has a feeling that in Catori's mind she now has an idea of who and what Royce is from reading his 'book' and who and what Catori is - Royce is stricken with a headache and Catori gives him Scottish gummies, and he really likes them - Squishy Esq. doesn't recognize the forest that sprung up on the island, leads the away team through the forest to the Silken Recipe _ Royce warns them there are pockets of unstable magic throughout the island and why Catori grew; Squishy Esq. doesn't 'trust magic'
  • Tobias gets a tough choice [get hurt/learn something]; he notices a small object that lashes out, claws him with a wild tentacle possibly ripped off of a creature but is growing; Tobias smashes it with a cast iron pan; the group studies it - 5 feet long, width of Tobia's arm, lobster-type claw and barbed; Squishy pokes it with a stick - never seen it before; Royce rings it 'like a towel' with great success and weirdly very bloody (ick..) and paler in color; Tobias found out the scratch felt like being hit by a redcap ( o.O keeping it in a cooler box as food - Krieg and Squishy talking business and Krieg explains the team belongs with a large contingent of people on an island; Krieg said they were traveling the way where a giant hotel and plaza and Squishy Esq said, "yeah that's my hotel" - as soon as they walk in the forest, Squishy gets pulled away from something creepy lurking in the trees; Krieg reaches out but he's already gone - a low-level Anomaly begins to occur in the forest/general direction Squishy was taken
  • Away team decides to split up - Krieg and Tobias look for Squishy; Royce and Catori continue on towards the restaurant; Krieg hands Royce a gold coin/tracker; Tobias has a menagerie box with him and gives Krieg a small dog for tracking Squishy's scent
  • Catori and Royce find pink moth sheep
  • Moth sheep offer a favor to show Royce and Catori to the restaurant, they want shoes and have 'adorable feet' (according to Alan lol) curly feet like elf sandals (edited)
  • Royce asks Catori if she can make shoes because it looks like she is more magical than before; Catori cross-stitches some fluffy cloud shoes
  • Tobias and Krieg find Squishy tied up in a tree offering money to who/whatever took him; Krieg sees a hideous monster - giant jellyfish-redcap combination (wild animal type)
  • Squishy offers Catori to feed the monster (the NERVE of this guy!! Krieg incapacitates the monster by pushing pressure point with gold flare to his touches; Tobias provides needful hilt to break Squishy's binds and then Squishy takes out a golden fife/pan flute and says 'my people are up to something' - Tobias applies black poison to the monster, "The Red King", while it's unconscious; it gets darker in color and it bleeds out into a pool of water and shrivels up into a mass of black jelly (ick again... Tobias tells Sebastian 'go big' and he turns into a 20ft horse and carries the jelly mass with them - insects appear to look like jellyfish - the away teams gathers again at the Pink Moth Sheep's town
  • Squishy orders the moth sheep 'back to work' and he points out the restaurant right near them - Royce looks over and sees a mansion-style hotel that 'wasn't there through the trees a second a go' and Squishy says it's not his, Krieg yells, "THAT'S MINE!"
  • it now appears that Squishy's 'business card' was always Krieg's business card and suddenly remembers ST, the crew, everything that happened before and CAN NOW TALK! O.O 0.0
  • Squishy said he knew this would happen and 'heard that the lizard would turn him into a humanoid moth creature' ...
  • the crew decides to work with the civilians of the Silver Thimble diplomatically
  • LESSON LEARNED TODAY: The further the crew is from Akhana's tree in ST or their communicator, magic will affect them adversely, same as what happened to Squishy and Catori.
  • from Captain: "Worth noting: Catori could keep her memories because of Royce's book, and her wizard power, y'all would not have that same luxury"
  • crew meets a 'new group of people' to help with restoring and recovery operations [being decided in chat during this game]
  • Krieg looks through offices of the hotel; Tobias goes into the kitchen, well-stocked; some draws open and slams away from him - they are opening and closing on their own, seemingly; strange voice shouts 'get out'
  • just a 'spooky ghost' and Catori chases them out; ghost recognizes crew said a tv crew was brought in and then it was a cocoon just previously; apparently haunted by A LOT of ghosts (edited)
  • Krieg gets paperwork and goes to secret basement; Catori, Royce and Tobias send ghost to go talk to Krieg and they dig through the kitchen to grab food they can find
  • Krieg is greeted by 4 ghosts in the office, grabs the paperwork and a tracker - it beeps and points a long distance from him to the north - where his old friend Tom Honks (Quackers) is - note: not on this island; Krieg pockets the locator - ghosts tells Krieg the basement is gone and the hotel was a cocoon - Squishy is mayor of the pink moth sheep town and they both head out of the office towards what used to be the basement opening/door - stock room is STONKED - moth sheep load up goods and boxes to bring to ST; what would have been the basement door is now a stairway to the jungle ['welcome to the jungle' plays in my head ] (edited)
  • Krieg's communicator vibrates as he gets close to a pond and he calls out 'Hello?' and dodges a tentacle that shoots up out of the water; another hideous jellyfish redcap monster and attacks Krieg; he shields up but takes some damage
  • Away team starts fighting monster after Krieg smashes through a window all swaddled up and shielded
  • Catori has a 'kaber?' - giant log with etchings on it
  • Tobias slams monster with a pan; Krieg tells ghosts to clean up and he'll pay them - 'ghost janitors'; Tobias finds the fully intact claw tentacle arm that 'smells' like lobster and it's not exactly like a redcap - he takes it back to the kitchen and cooks it; also noting: SnikSnak still an npc in ST
  • Tobias makes food of the claw tentacle from the defeated monster in the hotel; makes lobster gumbo/blood soup (but gross) (edited)
  • Squishy stays to run hotel and is mayor of Silver Towers; jelly moth following Catori around while holding a log over his shoulder, good with swearing; joins WanderCrew; goes by "Jiggles"
  • Royce hands Squishy communicator and he starts glowing blue and there's a sort of force field around him but then is fine; he feels native to the world like he is from there and vaguely feels like he was raised there - Royce is different; the silver makes him different - he can feel something to the southwest long distance is there 'for him' (edited)
  • crew befriends construction crew [what they are building will be revealed]; Krieg finds a map in his pocket and some of the world is revealed to all of us on stream
  • water flows to the south and is fresh water not salt water anymore; crew decides to have map revealed to the North direction; Tsoki adds "new MMA Arena" to the world
  • map reveals a beast-like creature, red eyes, hair on ends on its back; city gets to eat gumbo; science team analyzes lobster claw and husk of the poisoned claw; Royce briefs everyone about communicator being away from us does to us
  • vehicles from ST also keep crew members from transforming; AP hits 0 and your communicator will stop working; AP feeds communicator
  • If AP hits 0, a transformation could result in being ripped apart, killed, changed in a very noticeable way; not sure if red caps only got combined with jellyfish; ghosts now work as hotel's crew; jelly moths are delightful and one swears - named Jiggles; previously A-based names
  • crew found a team of construction workers from Diggy site helping rebuild ST; Squishy Vernix, Esq. can now speak, fly with moth wings, and gives hugs ( <3 something pulling Krieg North and Royce to the southwest



    Played: February 5, 2023
    Game System: Quest

    Seth Richards (Seth)
    Vatna Stein+ (Lurid)
    Quet (Caustic)
    Clemente (VaNex)

    Episode Teaser!
    The crew feels a calling to push out further and explore the new world formed around them. What new people, places, and things might they find?
    Quick Takeaways
    GM Recap!

    The Quittin' Kind

    S03E03 - Away Team Episode!
    Played: February 6, 2023
    Game System: Quest

    Officer Gemini (Zach)
    Pollux & Castor (Valla)
    Osiria Summersong (Shy)
    Renic (ImperialPhantom)

    The Away Team
    The away team travels through unknown space, yet can't help but feel eyes upon them...
    Quick Takeaways
  • Just a quick adventure in the In-between aboard the Shuttlefish!
  • Originally tricked by The Harbingers, the Away Team now traverses the space between worlds and planes in search of their home, The Liminal Plane. Doing so however has become far more difficult, as Renic’s interplanar maps are now skewed somehow (by the events of Liminal’s planar collapse.)
  • As the shuttle runs low on fuel, an SOS signal from a nearby planet is received; however, before a course can be set, the team are met with a surprise visit from a whale of a spaceship titled The Bismarquis and its captain lackadaisically requests the team surrender their ship and valuables. Ever the leader, Officer Gemini responds to the stick up with a pointed, “ No, You.” and so the deeply unthreatened Whales carry on to more important matters (responding to the beaming Wolpertinger signal,) with a chuckle.
  • Following the SOS, the team find themselves at a weevil rancher’s homestead upon a lowly-inhabited sunny planet. Tart, a retired Starlight Detective, asks for assistance dealing with large, newly-arrived birds harming his livestock - to which Officer Gemini immediately transforms into a large bird to survey the area (thus scaring the weevil flock,) finds the MUUCH larger birb, gets chased, loses his communicator, wanders the sulfur planes in search of shelter, and eventually enjoys a nice meal of tiny shrimp while soaking his wounds in hot springs - a great Gemini day allround!
  • Meanwhile, the non-reckless members of the Away team actually solve the problems at hand with laser focus rather than pure feeling. Renic fixes Tart’s broken fence, Pollux & Castor literally signal the weevil herd to return home for dinner, Osiria gathers local plant life under the rancher’s guidance and expertise, and collectively the team safe-guards the homestead from future bird attacks with camouflaging.
  • After a productive stay on the range, the team eventually set out to retrieve their impetuous officer, first locating his recently birb-tummy-regurgitated communicator and then the epicurious Gemini himself.
  • Uponst their departure, Tart thanks the team for their service, gifts Osiria a weevil larvae, hands Pollux & Castor their old Starlight calling card, shares that Madam Kurey on a nearby planet is a wealth of knowledge, and relates information on The Harbingers, though “he has retired from such nonsense.” (There are three Hargingers: Change, Destruction, and Death. Most likely Change and Destruction are the Harbingers the away team have interacted with, though they don’t know which is which.)
  • Refueled and on-course, Pollux & Castor receives the Wolpertinger beacon and confirms the Bismarquis’s current heading lines up… Who will get there first?!
  • GM Recap!

    You Say Run

    Played: February 10, 2023
    Game System: Quest

    Bamin (Matt)
    Caram Bola (Prophezy)
    Tsoki Chatterfang (Not4givn)
    Cash (Soap)

    A new challenger has appeared on the shores of the Silver Thimble! But fear not, my young heroes, for we shall not cower in the face of adversity! We shall embrace this opportunity and make a new and useful ally! Together, we shall conquer any obstacles that dare stand in our way! Are you ready, my fellow sailors? Let's set sail on the next adventure of the HTML Wanderpus!
    Quick Takeaways
    GM Recap!

    Steady as She Goes

    Played: February 11, 2023
    Game System: Quest

    Akhana Nari (Akhana)
    Tlalli Sleekfeet (Trixie)
    Nichol Trafford (ProfWinter)
    Ento (Corey)

    A strong signal from the crew's communicators points to a new landmark- what could be sending it?
    Akhana's Takeaways
    S3E5: Steady as She Goes with Tllali, Akhana, Nichol, and Ento Airship travel to new city Dyad; away team + chat in Dyad.
  • East King and West King
  • Cars, 1920s New York
  • Tons of bridges, river becomes canals; gorgeous
  • Abundance of amphibian, axolotl frog, tadpole/kids people; not 100% amphibian
  • Marching band arrival playing a song I can’t quite put my finger on but sounds so familiar (rolled too low to recognize Whistle Stop /facepalm )
  • Big 12 ft tall, 8 ft wide salamander welcomes us; his name is Sal A. Mander
  • – King (possibly brother from King from Seasonings world; and future mayor; knows about HTML, the sub, and Nichol Trafford
  • I haphazardly met King Sal, of East side of Dyad/”future mayor”; and my spy cover was blown before I ever shook his hand, he’s heard of me and our debacle with Mayore people (Beezus worshippers)
  • King Sal takes the away team on a tour of the city
  • Tlalli has a feeling she knows him but not fond of him with his likeness to former Seasonings world king - Used to be ruled by 2 princes; always had 2 leaders; King Sal said ‘we don’t believe in the monarchy any more’
  • – ‘No crowns, No kings; we will have dually elected mayors. City will run like clockwork’; I asked ‘who are ‘we’” – He said ‘we have many strikers who will bring down the union. The future is in all of us. (motions to the airship) with your technology, we can bring forth a new beginning’
  • Ento asks if biscuits with tea have nutmeg
  • King Sal says, “we have your dietary restrictions on file” ( O.O )
  • Other king is known as ‘silent king’ that no one has seen in a while’
  • – King Sal says, ‘he spends all his time in his room, doesn’t come out’. ‘He sends out for strange foods and makes his orders known (not food orders).’ ‘Silent king is trying to slow down progression’. o Tlalli asked if they know if he’s alive (no direct response) o Nichol asked, ‘what name does he go by?” and King Sal said “we go only by titles, and he is known by King of the West side of Dyad'' He scratches Tlalli’s chin (or the frog?) - Prepares rooms for us but we can sit and chat in the gazebo in the park – dead center
  • Town’s people paddle boat and/or swim by, taking pictures of us (><)
  • Majority people in vehicles wearing blue (blue flag side West side is less modern (red flag side stone castle like building roughcut out of one giant rock
  • On West side, we see frog people with picket line signs (wearing blue), someone gets shoved
  • – Probably delivery person and take his basket
  • Delivery kid says ‘west king is in a funk. Everyone loves him, the picketers will give up after a while’
  • Tlalli wins a staring contest and one of the frog picketers’ hands her a card to join their group/do a job; I guess they were working for East side King Sal/’future mayor’ and we find out they all were armed and there were 2 snipers posted on nearby buildings
  • Delivery boy, “The Deliverer”, takes us to meet a friend; I use Persona (2 AP) to appear as Ento’s co-doctor; a cat ‘tut’s’ down the stairs, talking to themselves in this library The Deliverer takes us to
  • “The Librarian” = cat, Thaddius; away team flinches at his name; walking on all 4s, belted books on his back and reshelving them with his tail and paw; wearing a button-down shirt, vest and pants
  • Holt: ‘best boats in the land,' according to Thaddius; Nichol asked, “How do I get there from here?” Thaddius, “directly South”
  • Thaddius asks, ‘are you from that new island that showed up around a month ago?” We dodge the question and I asked, “You say its’ new?” the area where the island showed up was a dangerous place that swallowed; avoided for a millenia; caused at least one death about 100 years ago
  • Holt is south of ST, long slender river boats, Otter people deep blue fur, wealth can be told by how much jewelry they are wearing; trade with everyone and if you cross an otter, all their allies hunt you down; they worship the Guardians
  • – Giant statues placed at the end of the river, the falls
  • Thaddius looks for architectural plans for the West King’s castle and the away team goes with The Deliverer to a nearby bakery
  • – Smells like baked Pasturan bread!!!!!!! And they have jars of leeches; gives Tlalli’s frog a pet snack, wasp larva, size of a football
  • The group gets tofu blue honey sandwiches; Tlali gets a wasp larvae and ‘all the leeches’
  • King’s favorite food is ‘bread, reminds him of home’ the Deliverer; Ento breaks out in hives from the tofu - Crew found out the south (side #7) has people that are squirrel like that scurry into scrapyard that recycle scraps into something useful, building tall structures
  • – Legend has it, 1000s of years ago, there was a squirrel who abandoned them and left them to their own fate and he was known as ‘notforgiven’ (Tsoki!?!?!?!)
  • Thaddius shows up at the bakery, Ento asks ‘did you find the plans?’
  • Thad asks, can we swim and hold our breath? It will take us directly to his chamber
  • It's REEEEDI!
  • We sneak him out through his chamber pipe (eew) and Nichol casts a freeze fog and Tlalli uses cloud call to give us cover; guards see Reedi leave the castle but not the away team
  • We found Linkerton group (Sal’s mafia/army/guard)
  • Nichol successfully intimated Reedi (with ice chill collar )to not move against Redi and Ento casted Life Link on Sal + Reedi so they now have the same fates
  • (I may have left some stuff out towards the end.. sorry!)
  • Oh yeah, marching band, death cannon confetti, made a badge with Nav team honorary member for "The Deliverer"

    Caram's Recap
  • They are heading to the city of Dyad, following a communicator. There is a king of the east and west. There is a warm welcome to our landing. They knew we were coming and know who we are specifically. The man greeting them all is Sal A Mander. He is a king and future mayor. He leads them on a tour. They are getting rid of monarchy and electing mayors instead. The king of the west is shut in and refuses to come out while the soon to be mayor of the east is looking to progress into the future. The communicator that we are following is in Sal's tower. The west seems to be dealing with the middle of a revolution. The Linkertins (Sal's mafia crew) are watching the west. They notice that the frogs are packing and decide to follow their new friend. He wants to be called the Deliverer.
  • They talk with the 'librarian' (Not the villain) about the king. His name is Thadius. Where Silver Thimble is was a void to the rest of the world that would kill anyone attempting to enter. The bakery seems to be very similar to Pastura. Ento knocks someone out. They find out a secret passage and head for it. The king of the west is an untransformed Reidi. Sabatha is out there to the southwest. They bring Reidi back with them to the library. Reidi announces him running for mayor of west side. Nichol "convinces" Sal to give the communicator to Reidi, and Ento connects Riedi's life to Sal's.
  • The Holt is south. They have amazing boats. They are otters. Jewlerly crafters and excellent merchants. Do not cross them due to them having allies in everyone around. They worship the Guardians, giant statues at the end of the falls.
  • Further south, there is a race of creatures that live in a huge scrapyard. One of their squirrel kind abandoned them thousands of years ago and left them to their own fate. They seek retribution.
  • GM Recap!

    Bit by Bit

    Played: February 12, 2023
    Game System: Quest

    Patagon (Septarius)
    Maestra Ceylon (Twylark)
    Irwin Cornelius Upton (YoungMeat)
    Lio L. Levon (Lio)

    It’s the Communications team’s turn to flex their muscles as we begin a new project that could help the crew figure out what's going on!
    Patagon's Takeaways
  • 12 AP - 1 AP = 11 AP - 4 AP = 7 AP
  • 12 HP - 4 HP = 8 HP + 2 HP = 10 HP
  • Patagon notes:   Scary forest
  • Saw the cheshire cat smile.
  • Tatzelwrum, gaurdian of the forest. Golith sized cat-snake. Sadistic. Doesn't eat only hurts. nightmare
  • Later on learned that they are extremely venomous. The venom was burned by the lightning in this case.

  • I get a +1 to rolls
  • Used 1 AP for Magic Eye
  • 4 HP damage
  • Got thrown by the source of the lightning (name?) said to get out of the forest and chucked Patagon back out.
  • 4 AP damage
  • Lightning bolt hit communicator and spread to the party's communicators

  • Meeting with Reedi
  • Plans to build the radio tower.
  • Got a decent design
  • Delivered a lemon to Reedi to try to cheer him up.

  • Went to the factory
  • Carbon, Sodium and Nitrate, Lithium [mentioned as we were leaving]
  • Ceylon cast Magic Eye. The result was like a hole in the magical universe.
  • The factory is part Seasonings and part Pastora
  • Knowledge gained: Their projects look similar to the sub's engines, in many sizes.
  • Fuel Source: The fuel reacts like an engine, clean burning.
  • The "shock and sands" (Maybe alludes to salt and sands) harnessing lightning

  • Decision
  • We can make the tower here and they get control of the factory via Gibbit embassy
  • Will need to convince King Reedi
  • Party choose this route.
  • They build a tower for us in Gibbit

  • Back at Reedi's "Office"
  • Ceylon pitches the plan to allow Gibbit to have an embassy.
  • Only condition is that they build a bakery next to the embassy!
  • River that feeds into Dyad is named "The Muse"

  • Back at the Gibbet Factory
  • The location of Gibbet city is south of Silver Thimble
  • Lithium appears. Lithium is an adorable squirel.
  • Met Basalt in a bird/penguin gas mask
  • Lithium and/or Basalt mentioned Yoke....

  • During a song we notice that they are grinding pure magic.
  • The song interacts with their ingredients. They note Ceylon down.
  • Lithium comes from the outer neverglade.
  • Is from the scrapefolk in the south
  • Has a desire of science and leader of the Gibbit crew in Dyad.
  • Lithium shows us the mortar and pestle, it is ground leaves from the forest.
  • The guardian of the forest is the source of many of the Gibbit's technologies
  • They have a weapon to sedate forest creatures for studying. One went missing and they have a bounty out to retrieve it.
  • (Named Control Current) Quet ended up purchasing it second hand without any knowledge of where it came from.

  • Ceylon has a discussion with Lithium over future radio tower plans. Almost signs a document to move it into the Gibbet embassy
  • Lithium's gauntlet felt like it had an ability to drain AP [Irwin noticed this when they shook hands]

  • HP/MP refilled at party.
  • Rolled a nat 20
  • It was an absolute rager!
  • Back to 12 AP and 12 HP

    Caram's Recap
  • They seek to build a radio tower for Dyad. The lightning is coming from the ground, charging the clouds, then coming down loudly, like a gunshot next to your head. Patagon went into the forest finding a 20' bird with a eye in its mouth gets who gets taken out of the sky by a huge snake, making the bird look like a finch compared to it. The entire forest is a spell, the trees are real now but before they were just a spell. Everything in the forest is a construct. The creature who eye was in the raven's mouth was killed by a wormlike serpent. Irwin sees this through the eye. Lio helps get the eye away from Irwin. The tatzelwurm, a guardian of the forest, is dangerous and sadistic, and is what is Patagon is dealing with. A humanoid Kirin throws Patagon out of the forest and straight into Irwin. They find the spot to build the radio tower.
  • They find a place to build it, but their communicators get struck by lightning. They go to tell Reidi where they are going to put the tower. They will need to get supplies from a factory on the west side that Sal built. He learns Bobert is alive. They head to the factory to attempt to gather supplies. A worker named Carbon comes out. His buds are Sodium and Nitrate.
  • They are from Jibbet, on the coast, near the edge of the falls. They build engines in the factory. Their fuel source is green with little bits of light in it. It seems to be near invisible if you look at it with magic eye. They are attempting to allow Carbon's factory to become an embassy. Reidi will allow this, as long as they build a bakery next to it. The Muse is the river that cuts the Dyad in half. The owner Lithium comes in, takes the embassy papers, and gives the crew the supplies. Another worker is Basalt. They seek to become more powerful than Yoke. The Kirin folk are guardians of the forest. An item called "Control Current" got stolen from them. They let us know that they get the magic leaves from the forest. Lio finds an interesting find inside the materials to build with. Lithium convices Ceylon to come back and talk about building a tower in their factory. A lizard gives us a Treasure map (Future Game).
  • The chase starts with a Skeleton chasing after Charity (Casual Jacob). Jibbet has relations with Holt, they stay away from Delv, and have been traveling into the forest. (10-9, Party rests rather than help Reidi Campaign.)

    GM Recap!

    The Chase

    Played: February 18, 2023
    Game System: Quest

    Zacna Midrad (Ray)
    Pim (Keri)
    Howl (ZeroLancer)
    Charity Weir (CasualJacob)

    The crew's reputation has begun to get around- can they turn this to an advantage?
    Quick Takeaways
    GM Recap!

    Dear Fellow Traveler

    Played: February 19, 2023
    Game System: Quest

    Lorelei (Esmie)
    Midnight Erebus (Kuari)
    Aldebaran Maia (Starless)
    T4RK-5 (Ro)

    The crew needs to make new allies in this strange new world, will the crew endear themselves with the locals?
    Quick Takeaways
    GM Recap!


    Played: February 22, 2023
    Game System: Quest        

    "I heard they came from another world." "I heard they have the a weapon that can destroy mountains!" "Well I heard they FLY MOUNTAINS!" -In this game we learn: all the Rumors are true.
    Quick Takeaways

    Fish in a Birdcage

    S03E10 - Patreon
    Played: February 24, 2023
    Game System: Fiasco        

    Tsoki Chatterfang (Not4givn)
    Royce Vanderbilt (Kole)
    Quet (Caustic)
    TBD - Patreon First Dibs

    Join the crew of the HTML Wanderpus as they embark on a journey through the unknown and fantastic river in search of sustenance. Will they find a feast or face a fiasco? Tune in to find out in this must-see episode!
    Quick Takeaways

    The Moon Will Sing

    Played: February 25, 2023
    Game System: Quest        


    Building relationships, the crew is asked to take care of a rather tricky situation, but with the promise of great rewards at the end!
    Quick Takeaways

    When I'm Small

    Played: February 26, 2023
    Game System: Quest        


    The crew is hired to repair some sacred objects, put on your tool belts!
    Quick Takeaways

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