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A series of world-building games to collaboratively create and recreate The Adventure of the HTML Wanderpus and its crew before our Ships' Second Season launch, all through the lens of new indie TTRPG systems & hacks!
Links to TTRPG creators included.

Journal Entries & Resources

Lio L. Levon's "Work and Play"
Lio L. Levon's "A Kindred Spirit"
Lio L. Levon's "Sigil SagacitySpirit"
Lio L. Levon "Dear Mom"
Tsoki Chatterfang's "The Vision's Begin Pt 1" & "Pt 2"

First Class “Squishy Checks in”
[Stewpot] #WB1

Played: April 10, 2022
Game System: Stewpot: Tales from a Fantasy Tavern by Takuma Okada
Players: Snik Snak von Potts) (Klackles), Gemini (Zach), Officer Tobias Matthews (Kai), & Officer Krieg Vernix (Toast)
Roleplay Transcript & Twitch VOD

Krieg and Gemini build an as-yet-unnamed hotel on the Silken Isles in this HTML Wanderpus
worldbuilding game of Stewpot!!

Join them as they launch the hotel and deal with all the visitors from around the Liminal plane.
Quick Takeaways
  • Krieg is just made of money at this point.
  • Notably, Tattoo is the concierge.



    [Beak, Feather, & Bone] #WB2

    Played: April 16, 2022
    Game System: Beak, Feather, & Bone by Tyler Crumrine
    Players: Pollux&Castor (AetosofValla), Officer Krieg Vernix (Toast), Seth Richards (Nyght), Clemente (VaNex),
    & Zacna Midrad (MD5Ray01)
    Session Soundtrack & Twitch VOD

    Help build up The Parliament crime family, decide on what their role in Season 2 will be. The foggy nights of Parliament City, the factions at war, who comes out of top?

    Let's see what those infamous owls have been up to in the second HTML Wanderpus world-building game of the Season, Beak, Feather, & Bone!
    Quick Takeaways
  • Introduced the fact that the Parliament Crime Family has fallen apart leaving a power vacuum for the Matron, a group of ducks working as a secret group, and eventually, Officer Krieg Vernix, who “won that game so hard” by essentially gaining complete control over Parliament City’s Economy out of the public eye.



    [Good Society] #WB3

    Played: April 23, 2022
    Game System: Good Society - A Jane Austen Roleplaying Game by Storybrewers Roleplaying
    Players: Billiam (Kole), Uncle Jimes (Warlord), Elizabuff aka Olivia (Kiera), & Dollothea (Nika)
    Cards Played List & Twitch VOD

    It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want
    of a wife.

    Join us in the Good Society TTRPG as we find Bobert a match???

    A Jane Austin-like game full of matchmaking, social intrigue, and spilt beans; and we are Bobert’s extended family.
    Quick Takeaways
  • Met Bobert’s family: Billiam, Uncle Jimes, Dollothea, Elizabuff a.k.a. Olivia
  • Billiam has proved to have a certain set of skills - killing people.



    Smooth Sailing!
    [Companions' Tale] #WB4

    Played: May 14, 2022
    Game System: Companions' Tale by Laura Simpson
    Players: Katori (Kiera!), Officer Tlalli Sleekfeet (Trixxie),
    Noodel Orooni (GooseRune), & Officer Royce Vanderbilt (Kole)
    Roleplay Transcript & Twitch VOD  

    A bard ventures into the Diving Belle on the eve of The Airship's launch and asks to hear the Story of The Wanderpus.
    Quick Takeaways
    Basically the WanderCrew does a convincing job gaslighting a reporter and re-establishing HTML Wanderpus’s reputation
    throughout the Liminal Plane.


    Legend Has It!
    Game #1

    Played: May 22, 2022
    Game System: Quest
    Players: Officer Nichol Trafford (ProfWinter), Officer Vatna Stein+ (Lurid),
    Officer Rasheeda "Raz" Ernouf (Klackles), & Officer Lorelei (Esmie)  
    A world discovered in the night sky...
    Legend has it that it is the Anvil of the Sky Otter!
    The Officers of the new, to-be-named Airship embark through a rift
    and find themselves in an unlikely traffic jam.

    Quick Takeaways
  • Notably, the hallway to the Otter’s Ancestral home world has thorny vines/dead roots hanging off the planet.
  • A Magic Anvil is retrieved and returned to Liminal’s Otter diaspora; since then reality has been messing up and its current location is uncertain or perhaps unremembered?
  • Vatna+, the young moth from the now-hatched Season One Egg, stole some ship engines! So they might be a gremlin.
  • Joust, of the Starlight Federation, lost an arm to a giant White Cap, an amalgam redcap form taken to collectively preserve the amount of blood shared.
  • Fast Forward: Departing in good graces, Joust ends up crashing his ship soon after on a distant world. It’s been at least 3 months since his distress call was finally heard by Patagon in the Communications Coop and investigated in S2G20 Hell to Pay.



    Game #2

    Played: May 29, 2022
    Game System: Quest
    Players: Akhana Nari (Akhnana), Ento (Corey),
    Pim (Keri), & Officer Lio L. Levon (Lio)  
    After the crew returned from their first successful mission into the vast expanse of the what's beyond the rifts there have been some rumors of strange weather and flora around the Continent of Yoke. The Captain has chosen to send the most qualified to search the dark forest to find the source of these rumors. But seeing as there are only three rabbit-eared members of the crew she also sends in the ships Master of Disguise.
    Quick Takeaways
    "Everyone done messed up. Not you Pim, you're great."

  • Seligkeit - meaning bliss, as in the bliss of going home or returning home.
  • Pim & Ento reacquaint themselves with their mother, Mama Parse, and 6 siblings: BechAmel, OlIve, & MozzaElla
  • Strange vines with flower buds in the forests of South Yoke become problematic.
    (GM aside: perhaps a direct result of whatever the party is reporting on.)
  • Fun game of exploring the forest: save a soldier, meet a Guardian of the Forest, Lio flirts with Mama Parse who is sad over her 3-years lost husband.
  • The team saves the bunny kids from giant venus fly traps.
  • The Ship is sent a sample, B+ licks it, for science of course, turns into a giant white cap and after a sequence of events the HTML Wanderpus Sub explodes.
  • Notably, Vatna+ recovers the Captain’s old ship, shaking it loose from the vine.



    Lie, Cheat, Steal... Bears?

    Game #3

    Played: June 11, 2022
    Game System: Honey Heist by gshowitt
    Players: Ivan (the Bearible) - Blackbear - "The Muscle" - Kai,
    Teddy-ous - Sun Bear - "The Retired Face" - Toast,
    Lack-alack Ahymelwisryt - Honey Badger - "The Unhinged Brains" - Lurid,
    Berny - Panda - "The Washed-Up Hacker" & Honey Addict - Rob,
    Badger Baby - "The Incompetent Driver" - Kole

    "It's the perfect
    grab bois"

    - Badger Baby

    Quick Takeaways
  • That group of bears super engined Tattoo, did a terrible job robbing what they were supposed to within Bobert's Casino.
  • The panda is in a relationship with a giant dragon turtle, or at least got them digits.
  • Billiam failed at his certain set of skills.
  • After a car chase to the ferry, the bears just drove right into the ocean, hit with Lorelei in her new mech suit and sing-a-along’d their way through a rift.


    More Work,
    More Honey,
    More Hats!



    Legends Rise
    Game #4

    Played: June 18, 2022
    Game System: Quest
    Officer Royce Vanderbilt (Kole),
    Midnight Erebus (Kuari),
    Tsoki Chatterfang (not4givn),
    Zacna Midrad (MD5Ray01)

    Officer Royce has been distracted by a distant signal, similar to the recently-destroyed engine only he knew how to build. In his curiosity, he puts together a team of scouts to search this new world.

    The crew traveled through a rift in the stormclouds above Parliament. Upon arriving, they discovered a land of flying squirrel-people wearing clothing reminiscent of the Wandercrew uniform, who seemed to have been long awaiting the team's arrival.

    As Officer Royce transports his team to the strange floating island deep in the clouds, the squirrels of the town have begun decorating the port, holding up their babies to the crewmembers, asking for blessings, leaving stones and baskets of food along the railing. Flocks of people come to the shipfront, all speaking in a language the crew understands.
    Quick Takeaways
  • Note: The HTML Sub is currently at the bottom of Button Bay (Silver Thimble's central lagoon.)
  • Officer Royce gets a signal that something matching the engine is in Liminal “Space.” (When viewing out under Liminal Plane’s night skies, the twinkling “stars” are actually other planes and dimensions.)
  • Head of Engineering Officer Royce and crew find both Tsoki Chatterfang and a version of HTML’s trans-dimensional engine on a planet of high winds, perfect for kiting-riding squirrels who have somehow worshiped the WanderCrew for hundreds of years via a bible composed of stolen dossiers written by B + (delivered by Tsura.)
  • The engine was installed into a crypt-like structure embedded in a mountain of silver, causing the mass to float amidst a foggy cavern. When the engines are turned off, the Mountain plummets, but Royce manages to restart the engine using a corrupted red crystal, whistles a rift-opening tune and rides the Mountain of Silver back to Liminal, landing IN a Word Tree! The worst possible and unprecedented place.
  • Graciously, Chatterfang makes an abundance of sap and seeds to hold the tree in place by growing an entire forest of acorns-producing trees within Liminal’s Word Tree.
  • It is known that the Squirrel-folk of Pastura have always been there, and that kite-riding is a beloved pastime of Liminal.


    Pot & Kettle
    Game #5

    Played: June 26, 2022
    Game System: Quest
    Players: Auditor Tea (Kiera), Officer Quet (Caustic),
    Seth Richards (Seth), Officer Tlalli Sleekfeet (Trixxie)  

    To prove they're no threat to Liminal, and are working to better the world, the HTML crew faces their toughest foe: professional competency!

    The crew is under criticism from many of the major powers around Liminal, they have been given a chance to prove themselves - prove they are not a menace to the world(s)! As such, the Wanderpus crew is asked to investigate strange vines and flowers now growing all over the world. This is a chance to do some real good and prove the crew's worth to the Liminal Plane!

    Quick Takeaways
  • The governments and people of Liminal Plane are unsettled by recent tales of HTML Wanderpus and the WanderCrew i.e. releasing giant animals, mini-black hole dealings, dropping mountains on sacred trees, etc.. Tea, a WanderCrew veteran since the beginning, finds it prudent to conduct another Audit of HTMLW and its practices once again by joining a mission.
  • Out in the Southern Plains of Pastura, the land of the squirrel folk and once nomadic Otterfolk, the Wandercrew encounter the Quarryman/Old Friend/Riverman/New Friend/ Quarryman/Riverman in a/an (empty) Quarry (filled with vines and strange flowers).
  • They seal up a rift, stop a sizable redcap invasion thanks to Tlalli & Seth petrifying a huge group and emerge with a Positive Audit from Tea, ensuring Liminal that HTMLW is competent, in most regards.



    Call My Name
    Game #6

    Played: July 9, 2022
    Game System: Quest
    Players: Senior Officer Ceylon (Twylark), Patagon (Septarius),
    Pollux and Castor Valla He/They (Valla), Officer Nichol Trafford (ProfWinter)

    The communications team embarks on a tower-building mission as the sub is being rebuilt. They received word from an unlikely source: The Matron of Parliament City has invited Ceylon and her team to set up communications towers in the city, and offers to help spread them around the world - for a price.

    In order to grow their communications projects the HTML find themselves in the dark of Parliament City, and now the crew must make friends with old adversaries (Parliament) and uncover a sinister plot.

    Quick Takeaways
  • Since the death of The Roc, Parliament City has been in a power vacuum.
  • The Matron is immediately made uncomfortable by the WanderCrew’s demeanor and behavior, but still hopes to regain a stronger foothold in the city through a favorable real estate deal.
  • To hedge their Mission Success odds, the Communication’s Crew, escorted by previous Parliament member Officer Nichol Trafford, receive a job from Penny & Pound, the old rulers of the Parliament Family.
  • Wanting to be known, the Parliament Accountant Melvin a.k.a. Mr. Numbers used strange red crystals and magic he didn’t fully understand to create life in the basement of The Bank.
  • The Party disarmed him, literally making a sword out of their arm, and retrieved the main red crystal with an encapsulated demon heart inside.
  • In the end, the party set up HTML to help the Parliament Family rebuild in the city (a favorable outcome for Officer Krieg and the ducks no doubt.)



    The Ascension
    Game #7

    Played: July 15, 2022
    Game System: Quest
    Players: Officer Vatna Stein+ (Lurid), Officer Corzipa Gavon (Talon),
    Officer Lio L. Levon (Lio), Zacna Midrad (MD5Ray)   People around the Silver Thimble (including the crew) report hearing voices late hours into the night, alongside strange dreams. The crew investigate this odd occurrence, as it appears to be coming from the rift directly above the city.

    The Silver Thimble is plagued with nightmares, so the crew sets off
    through a rift to see if they can bring it to an end.

    Quick Takeaways
  • What if they were in a 2D side scrolling castlevania game, where they could only move forward?
  • The citizens of Silver Thimble were experiencing weird dreams due to an open rift directly above the city.
  • People were praying for deliverance, and who shows up? The WanderCrew, lol.
  • The party sidescrolls their way through the countryside into a castle
  • Apparently, Red Caps can talk?!
  • They fought a red cap that could talk quite eloquently and now it’s dead.


    Ante Up
    Game #8

    Played: July 16, 2022
    Game System: Quest
    Players: Officer Krieg Vernix (Toast), Officer Quet (Caustic),
    Midnight Erebus (Kuari), Tsoki Chatterfang (not4givn)   A group visits the Silver Thimble asking for help finding their caravan that was lost in the storm, they don’t expect to find any survivors, but hope to be able to reclaim some of the lost wares and goods.

    Quick Takeaways
  • First instance of Akhana just kind of being there no matter what the party is doing. They became The Spy Officer that can be in every game apparently.
  • The goal was to recover “misplaced” equipment from a strange organization.
  • The party went. Officer Krieg, HTMLW’s Accountant, struck a deal with the leader of the group and then backstabbed him.
  • Snail person showed up and took items during the chaos
  • The WanderCrew-at-Large doesn’t know what fully happened.


    Building Steam

    by Nika Simone

    Game #9

    Played: July 17, 2022
    Game System: Quiet Year
    Players: Blueberries π (Trashpanda),
    Officer Royce Vanderbilt (Kole),
    & Officer Lio (Lio)

    Despite being sub-less for nearly two long months, the Crew has gathered enough materials to build themselves a new ship! Even the rarely-seen Senior Science Officer has come out of his hole, deciding to play a major role in the rebuilding of the ship!

    Quick Takeaways
  • Sub got fully rebuilt.


    Game #10

    Played: July 18, 2022
    Game System: Quest
    Players: Officer Gemini (TenguGemini), Officer Akhana Nari (Akhana),
    Officer Tlalli Sleekfeet (Trixxie), Isaac Wicklaw (Warlord)  
    Missing teeth around the Silver Thimble has become a real problem. Gemini takes it upon himself to investigate this mystery with a small team, as it's very hard to convince people to eat his food while missing teeth.   A night of celebration takes a tragic turn as numerous crew awaken to the realization they are missing many molars! All aboard the mystery machine!
    Quick Takeaways
  • People across Silver Thimble were getting their teeth stolen in their sleep.
  • Turns out Cree, the new occult and fae-obsessed Diving Belle bartender, was drugging and taking people’s teeth for a KuuKla summoning ritual, in an attempt to protect the Liminal Plane from Red Caps. Cree was not trying to be a BBEG, but their actions were non-consensual and therefore intolerable.
  • Warlord burned a legendary scroll.
  • Gemini found a book and has been diligently trying to read it ever since.
  • Akhana was in the game, so they didn’t have to secret-agent appear randomly.


    Hello Tomorrow
    Game #11 Patreon Bonus!

    Played: July 23, 2022
    Game System: Quest
    Players: Tsoki Chatterfang (Not4givn), Midnight Erebus (Kuari),
    Officer Quet (Caustic), & Renic (ImperialPhantom)  
    "Hello Crew of the HTML Wanderpus and Citizens of the Silver Thimble. This month The Silver Thimble will play host to the World's Fair. This will be an opportunity for great minds around the world to put forth wonderful inventions and innovations."   "We hope that even some of the crew come up with ideas of their own. The Diving Belle will be home to our judges for the upcoming weeks and we have hired a few new faces to deal with the upswing in customers. Cree has taken a summer job here, just don’t let her talk your ear off. Please enjoy the event and
    Thank you for your patronage!"

    Quick Takeaways
  • Rupert and Peanut stole the show with their The Diggy Hole Project.

    Pretty Little Things
    Game #12 Streamloots Extra!

    Played: July 24, 2022
    Game System: Quest
    Players: Tsoki Chatterfang (Not4givn), Officer Lio L. Levon (Lio),
    Officer Krieg Vernix (Toast), & Officer Vatna Stein+ (Lurid)  
    The giant forest on the continent of Yolk has been experiencing a large number of anomalies due to the interplanar flowers that have begun growing all over the world. Mama Parse invites some Wandercrew to keep a caring eye on her family of Worpletingers as they clear their forest of the dangerous invasive species.

    Quick Takeaways
  • One of the cutests family-friendly games to share with your friends! Tell someone about HTMLW today! Join us in the adventure!
  • The Party sets out to help Mama Parse train her 6 youngest on how to survive the woods while on a strange flower and vine clearing task.
  • Giant hedgehogs with antlers.
  • Found a massive hole with the sound of fighting down below.
  • Find Apsara and Gus, Mama Parse’s three-years lost husband on the other side! They’d been trapped through a rift fighting Vikings in another world!
  • Tower defense game showing the kids how to fight off the weird living plants.
  • Everyone liked the bun kids, and they became apprentices!
  • Apprenticeships are as follows:

  • Ol & Nichol Trafford
    Ive & Lio L. Levon
    Bech & Royce Vanderbilt
    Amel & Vatna Stein+
    Mozza & Krieg Vernix
    Ella & Akhana Nari


    Game #13 Streamloots Extra!

    Played: July 31, 2022
    Game System: Quest Players: Kole as Billiam,
    Lorelei (Esmie), Clemente (VaNex),
    & Isaac Wicklaw (Warlord)

    A Flamingo puts together a crew for vengeance.
    He must use his particular set of skills to Kill Bears!

    Quick Takeaways
  • It’s established that it’s pretty easy to go to other planets if you know the “address.”
  • There are worlds with HTMLW’s level of tech, worlds that worship bees, a fantasy world with green fairy dust as a drug.
  • The panda bear was poisoned to die, but it must be stated, “No bears died on screen.”
  • OOC: We learned that having an active player antagonist was VERY fun! The epic showdown between Kole & Lurid (Billiam vs Lack) in an apartment building and their on-screen animosity was so good.
  • Isaac’s Sermon



    Game #14

    Played: August 7, 2022
    Game System: Quest
    Players: Officer Raz (Klackles), Officer Joaquin (Eznho),
    Seth Richards (Seth) & Officer L.E.T.O.  
    It's time the crew does something about the Storm they started when the ship exploded; armed with an all-terrain HTML Wanderpus and a crewed Airship, they will attempt to stop the Hurricane!

    Quick Takeaways
  • Crew decided to fix up the hurricane, a problem they created.
  • Nuns experimenting on the storm
  • Broke their giant scientific tower, shoot lightning all over the world.
  • Leto managed to escape almost certain death (1 in 20 chance.)
  • One nun survived
  • Alan: “Is there a difference between characters & players using a card? There are people that are going to hold you accountable for what you’ve done.”



    Diners, Dungeons, and Dives
    Game #15

    Played: August 12, 2022
    Game System: Quest
    Players: Pim (Keri), Officer Lio L. Levon (Lio),
    Officer Vatna Stein+ (Lurid), & Midnight Erebus   On Pim and Lio's highly anticipated date, the party delves through a dungeon with the promise of amazing food, while the crew gets some much-deserved time off!   Meanwhile the Crew visited the Seasoning's World and the City of Duet!

    Quick Takeaways
  • This is one of the best 5-Star restaurants throughout all the many universes.
  • The Dinner Party must go through 5 floors of dungeons to make it to their reservation on time.
  • Went as well as most dungeon crawls, got some treasure, got past Flavoretown,
    then had a bad dinner at the actual restaurant.

  • As the party went to the world with the Exuvia, meanwhile the crew took the fork in the In-Between Hallway towards the Seasonings World, and spent a lovely day in the City of Duet. They bought stuff, got information, and notably Ceylon impulsively purchased some musical instruments for the Music Lessons with the crystalized demon heart.

    Diggy Diggy Hole: Volume 1


    Game #16

    Played: August 13, 2022
    Game System: Quest
    Players: Krieg Vernix (Toast), Tlalli Sleekfeet (Trixxie), Nichol Trafford (ProfWinter), Lorelei (Esmie), & Melinoë (Sparkly)   Help Rupert and Peanut explore an ancient ruin discovered buried deep below the surface of the Liminal Plane. Peanut and Rupert have uncovered strange ruins! Can the party retrieve anything worthwhile before the cave collapses?

    Invest in the
    Diggy Hole Project here!

    Quick Takeaways
  • As Rupert & Peanut dig down the Liminal Plane’s surface in search of the other side, they hit a 1950s mall, full of everything but people!
  • Well, it did have a lot of ghosts, and Krieg nonstop robbed those ghosts.
  • The party went to a Friendly’s, read some books, Trafford got a fancy cloak.
  • Overall a pleasant dungeon-like experience for all, except the ghosts.


    Track level by level!
    Diggy Hole's Progress


    Game #17

    Played: August 14, 2022
    Game System: Quest
    Players: Pim (Keri), Ento (Corey), Officer B + (Art), & Rilene (Tooty),

    A deadly sickness has swept the grand city of Yoke, the crew sends its most senior medical team to see what they can do to help as a gesture of goodwill. What happens when the team runs into some familiar faces?   The HTML Wanderpus is setting off on another adventure! Join Pim, Ento, B+ and newcomer Rilene as they investigate this strange sickness sweeping Yoke!

    Quick Takeaways



    Palm Reader
    Game #18

    Played: August 21, 2022
    Game System: Quest
    Players:Valentina (Awks),
    Irwin Cornelius Upton (Young Meat),
    Zacna Midrad (Ray), & Katarina Hale (StoneGhost)  
    The crew needs some answers about the growing vines and flowers around the world - there is said to be an information broker inside the Silver Thimble, the crew must find them and ask some questions.   While the crew attempt to help the people of Yoke, a team of spies must seek out an information broker! All Aboard!

    Quick Takeaways
  • Crew went to find an information broker amongst Yoke’s Elite.
  • Instead we learn that an ant can be a very good chef & waiter, an eyeball with a new contact is considered a disguise, and maybe we should just hire spies for the next spy mission.
  • Found out the info broker was cold reading and conning the occult-obsessed Yoke Upper Crust.
  • Zacna got in a duel, but the gun was broken (spy sabotage!?) and blew a loud-mouth noble’s head off. The now dead Cousin to King Phillip becomes a ghost!
  • Cornelius becomes possessed and fights both the party & guards!
  • The real information broker is found and given Tattoo’s message for rendezvous.
  • The Nope Rhino - We hope one day they may find the Bridge Guard Rhino (Toxic) out in them farms and live a good life.

  • Meanwhile the Crew set up & complete several projects to address the immediate needs of the City of Yoke: “the shoddy construction in the slums, figure out how to clean the water that's been polluted, help with crops, medical attention for the lippy drug epidemic, deal with the displaced Corenthian soldiers.”
  • These issues are met with a soup kitchen, a medical tent, river decontamination & permanent crystal purification system, sparking vegetation regrowth and irrigation in the fields, and with the future relocation of all abandoned & notably despondent New Corinthian soldiers to their homeworld of origin (in S2G19 Bookwyrm).



    Tell Tales & Spill Ales
    Live Speakeasy RP Event

    Played: August 27, 2022 in Discord!
    Presented By: Senior Officer Ceylon (Twylark)   The seats are polished, the glasses chilled and the air has a light perfume of lemon.
    The Diving Belle doors unlock, she's ready to receive patrons
    Patrons of the Aaaaaaaaaarts that is!  
    At any time, feel free to participate past music lessons, no time restraints. They go up once a month on World Anvil.


    Game #19

    Played: August 28, 2022
    Game System: Quest
    Players: The Librarian (NickyBugs),
    Quet (Caustic), & Teralore aka Tea (Kiera), Royce Vanderbilt (Kole), Seth Richards (Nyght)  
    Following up on the book he found in Cree's room, Officer Gemini has recruited Tea, Quet, and the Captain to follow up on a fascinating lead: a world that is just one giant library! What secrets does it hold? Who built it? What lurks in its depths?

    The HTML Crew is setting off on what is sure to be an enlightening adventure! Royce, Quet, Tea, and Seth head out to return the lost Corenthian soldiers to their home world, and discover they may have bitten off more than they can chew!

    Quick Takeaways


    Hell to Pay
    Game #20

    Played: September 2, 2022
    Game System: Quest
    Players: Joust (Adrian), Pim+ (Pim (Keri) & B + (Art)),
    Patagon (Septarius), Royce Vanderbilt (Kole)  

    Quick Takeaways
    Communications member Patagon has picked up on a strange signal,
    nothing ever goes badly in these situations.

    Patagon is calibrating and tuning the comms connection with the restored switchboard.
    While running through some older less-used frequency bands, he notices
    something strange in what should be background noise.

    "Huh.. that's a weird signal.... Wait..IT'S BEEN PLAYING FOR HOW LONG!?"

    He makes a quick connection to Officer Ceylon's Personal Comms channel.
    "Officer Ceylon, this is Patagon, we have an urgent distress signal....It's Joust."


    Diggy Diggy Hole Vol 2

    Game #21

    Played: September 3, 2022
    Game System: Quest
    Players: Officer Quet(Caustic), Clemente (Vanex), Officer Raz (Klackles), & Zacna Midrad (Ray)  
    Another day, another strange ancient ruin uncovered by Peanut and Rupert.

    Track level by level!
    Diggy Hole's Progress


    The Veldt
    Game #22

    Played: September 4, 2022
    Game System: Quest
    Players: Tsoki Chatterfang (not4givn)
    Vatna Stein+ (Lurid), Midnight Erebus (Kuari),
    Lio L. Levon (Lio)  
    Delivering his gifts of kite-based technology to the people of Pastura affords
    Tsoki a chance to get to know the Squirrel folk of Liminal's Plains.

    Tsoki will present his kite technology to King Reedi, the only issue
    is he feels like he keeps forgetting something...

    Quick Takeaways


    Where You'll Find Me Now
    Game #23

    Played: September 5, 2022
    Game System: Quest
    Players: Gemini (Zach), Tea (Kiera),
    Isaac Wicklaw (Warlord), Akhana Nari (Akhana),
    & (ProfWinter)  
    The crew has to check the lasting repercussions of the disaster that Yoke became, Tengu is sent out to investigate the small villages and settlements on the Southern end of the continent.   The crew figures out how to protect themselves from the Librarian, while Tea convinces a small party to follow a tasty lead!

    Quick Takeaways
  • Everyone walks to the southeast corner of Yoke to the town of Frog and Dragon in search of information and knowledge from one of their famed libraries.
  • Auditor Tea makes a special request of Akhana: Infiltrate a museum and retrieve a what looks like a stick inside a glass dome.
  • Upon entering the town, the party's presenece is known. Ella is recognized, Tea is recognized, and Issac is certainly recognized!!
  • Akhana and her apprentice Ella make their way to the museum, succesfully infiltrating the building since most of the town is distracted by a current trial and the sudden unionization of the museum guards!
  • The intense legal battle is actually that of the Wandercrew for crimes against knowledge! Tea's disrespect for the Library's ettiquette, Gemini's extortion of recipe information, and most heniously, Issac's actual of writing Jotunn out of existence in S1G15: Snowblind.
  • The Dragon Arbitor, Phil, and the Wandercrew's representation, Jurist Ipsa Loquitor (enlivened by ProfWinter), fight for the people's and the council's positive opinion. Pivotal cases such as King Reedi vs 350 pounds more or less of cheese and others are cited and prove applicable to the Wandercrew's cases.
  • There's a substantial lunch break consisting of delicious falafell from Craig's ON MARKET SQUARE! TenguGemini strikes a deal with Craig to service his Hotel as well! Gemini's small batch spice is tasted and universally delighted, proving the recipe "stolen" by Gemini (found within the book Cree, the moth girl from S2G10 Teeth left behind) was improved and thus made more valuable -- so this case was one of DAMAGES - licensing and reparations are paid with eagerness!
  • Meanwhile, Ella cracks the museum's vault with consequence. Swaddling Ella, Akhana retreives the requested item. Upon doing so, she is struck with visions of her own life and story, of giant flocks of moths, of elemental beings (fire, water, lightning, earth, but not ice (Jotunn)) followed by a glimpse of the fabled Infinity Tree. The shard of wood in the glass case is no doubt a part of the root system of that all-connecting Tree!! Tea believes a weapon may be forged from the splinter and used against The Librarian. Here's hoping!
  • The people vote and deem the Wandercrew not guilty on all charges! Juris is promoted to a Councilman over Phil, but there's not ill-will, everyone is delightfully professional and supportive!
  • Phil takes Tea, Gemini, and Isaac on a tour of their Libraries. It's revealed that Word Trees are great for written knowledge, but aren't the end all be all of information, not tot he people of Frog and Dragon at least. Phil suggests a deeper analysis of why it is that as the Wandercrew write their reports of their non-Liminal based adventures, Liminal is later experiencing similar creatures and situations completely new!? Like how whitecaps appearances on Liminal were never a thing until WanderCrew's encounter with one during S2G1 Legend Has it!
  • The people of Frog and Dragon store their information on wax cylinders recordings securely stored in pods, a technique learned from Seasoning's Records technology. Searches for The Librarian within the dragon library are fruitless, but information on his creature, the Bookwrym, is found. The Bookwyrm is not an interstellar creature but an anomalous animal with generally-deemed limited intellect.
  • Tea gets her stick, Akhana her coin, Gemini gets a recipe and Craig's falafell connection for the Hotel, and Isaac's reputation is crisply saved and refined!
  • Notably, Midnight sets up an bouy system just outside Liminal's in-between Hallway to alert the crew if a Bookworm is within two systems of The Liminal Plane.



    Party Up
    Game #24

    Played: September 9, 2022
    Game System: Quest
    Players: The Ringleader (Adrian), Lorelei (Esmie),
    Clemente (VaNex), Valentina (Awks), & Pim (Keri)  
    It's King Reedi's Bachelor Party! It's the death of the all-time bachelor King Reedi, so let's send him out in style! Join us for a night of Inter-Dimensional Bar-Hopping so good that if we're lucky, most of us will forget!

    Quick Takeaways
  • Don’t Worry! The Ringleader knows how to show royalty a good time as the Bachelor Party’s designated emcee!
  • After a talent show gone somber at the Diving Belle, the Wandercrew board the PartyAirship and escort their Frog Friend and King of Pastura to a dance club (where the Alleycats step up to the WanderCrew?!), an english pub (where bets are placed on billiard’s & crossbow dart winners), a medieval specialty events arena (where Midnight & Reedi lost to Aspara & Gus, the reigning champions!), till… till…
  • The remaining Wandercrew awake at the Diving Belle the next morning with wicked hangovers, missing crewmates, and a lugubrious Ringleader.
  • Ridin the Catfish, Charybdis, the crew doubles back on their crazy night out in the Omniverse, arriving first to the inter-dimensional gas station with a not-too-happy owner, hiding from Joust’s passing Starlight Federation cruiser as it passes (no doubt looking for the Wandercrew who “raced” last night) and then to a Red Cap Bar (?!?) where Red Caps drinking BEPOSITIVE simply want to not be harassed by the crew again and are only holding back because they enjoy the company of The Ringleader.
  • On a plane full of trash, the Great King Theodore rules everything he surveys, the garbage heaps, the trash-eating bears, and most especially King Reedi’s stranded self and crown. Le Voyage Extraordinaire performs a daring show for the King of Trash, with special guests sharpshooters Pim & Valentina aiming at Clem tied to a Wheel of Death! The crew is granted leave in exchange for more time with the touring circus.
  • The Wandercrew retrieve their lost crewmates at the medieval themed event center and dance club, and notably the Ringleader seems to gain new recruits to the circus including the 5-cat dance crew, the Alleycats who were totally schooled on the floor by Ringleader’s hidden persona Icy Glamour.
  • Clem is designated the MVP by Ringleader, a prideful honor when bestowed from such a classy and well-connected individual.
  • Wandercrew that were left behind or lost during the festivities all woke up with a classic terrible tattoo - crew that were on the bachelor-party-escapades had some semblance of sense to refuse a possible body mark, but most revelled in the night to forget!


    Killer Queen
    Game #25 Patreon Bonus!

    Played: September 10, 2022
    Game System: Quest
    Players: Tobias Matthews (Kai), Quintillion Primberry (Elliot),
    Joaquin Tsamoudakis (Ezhno), & Krieg Vernix (Toast)  
    The Glorious Frog King Reedi C Ulyess's new lovely and blushing bride may have some enemies attending their Big Day, so the crew has been invited as both Guests and Security. Let's ensure it's a royal wedding fit for a King!

    Quick Takeaways
  • King Reedi marries Sabatha the Tarasque even after her ex, Tiamat, crashes the festivities.
  • Despite numerous attempts to spoil the wedding from both crews of bandits & Wanderers, the ceremonies and celebrations run smoothly. The wedding cake is flawlessly prepared by Tobias and Squishy, surprise guests are diplomatically calmed by Joaquin, relations & deals are established by Krieg with Craig (from MARKET SQUARE!), Sabatha and Tiamat! And Qui successfully lives up to the stereotype of having idle tiny hands.



    A Bard's Song

    Game #26 Patreon Bonus!

    Played: September 11, 2022
    Game System: Quest

    Starring: Senior Officer Ceylon (Twy),
    Officer Vatna Stein+ (Lurid),
    Foley Silver-Tongue (Zeke),
    & Nameless (Rob)

    While out on a Music Lesson field trip, the crew bump into some kind of rogue radio signal, and Officer Ceylon leads the charge in investigating this musical intrigue of far-reaching inter-dimensional communication implications & performances!
    Quick Takeaways
    "We are taking these music lessons to the stars! Join Ceylon as we use music to unravel the secrets of the universe!"
  • Space Pirate Radio DJ Foley Silver-Tongue cruises the inter-dimensional waves upon a retro-fitted oil tanker, The Void, broadcasting music recordings/copies from multiple plane’s Word Tree Roots.
  • Friend of the Void and renewed colleague of HTMLW, Timothy the Mirror Mage grants Vatna+ a macroview of the Omniverse/Onion-verse/etc.. Revealing that every plane is connected through word tree roots. “Imagine marbles in a jar, where each plane/world is a marble and they’re connected by roots in a blood-vessel-like fashion with stories flowing through. Where there should be a Liminal Plane instead a large knot of roots holds the marble-sized gap in place, but if anything were to happen to the knotted roots, imagine the other delicate worlds and planes cascading down in a reality shattering event to fill the Liminal void.”
  • DJ Foley shines their spotlight on Maestra Ceylon and her Music Lesson Program Students with a live interview and in-studio performance!
  • The Void is constantly chased by many entities in the In-Between, e.g. reality-eating moths the size of the airship think DJ Foley to be a particularly tasty snack.
  • After gaining some inter-dimensional distance, the live broadcast is plugged into Liminal’s Word Tree roots and a musical experiment begins.
  • The once mysterious owl blares out their epic song atop The Void’s deck attempting to reprint their once Word Tree lost-leaf identity onto a new leaf. The roots bloom!?! It works out so well, the mysterious owl remembers it’s life as a snobby Parliament City politician, but successfully sings into Liminal Reality, and by extension all connected realities, that he is in fact Nameless, the sensational inter-dimensional touring glam rocker!
  • The experiment is a success and Timothy suggests a new Wandercrew strategy may be in order if they intend to outsmart The Librarian. The Librarian knows everything you’ll do, because he knows everything you’ve done. Keep trying entirely brand new things like tonight! Be unexpected! Be unpredictable! (As if you were a wizard writing entirely new spells.)
  • Nameless announces they’ll remain in Liminal and open a pastry shop instead of pursuing their newly established rocker life, because they’re hungry..
  • The music lesson is a grand success!Students learned new technologies & techniques, new genres of music, spent time with masters of their craft up close and personal, and even gained practical performance experience! The music program is alive and ROCKIN!! Participate Today! (You can complete previous Music Lessons at your own speed, new lessons released monthly.)

    Previously on HTMLW #1

    S2G26: A Bard's Song

    Narrator: Maestra Ceylon (Twylark)

    Animation by: Adrian, Frost Child Studios
    Twitch & YouTube & Twitter


    Valhalla Calling
    Game #27

    Played: September 18, 2022
    Game System: Quest
    Players: Lorelei (Esmie), Ento (Corey),
    Vatna Stein+ (Lurid), & Pim+ (Pim & B+)

    Gus and his dear sister Aspara have unfinished business through their Home's rift and invite any heavy drinking warriors to follow close behind, but WARNING, no one is prepared for what lies beyond!
    Quick Takeaways
  • AsparaGus gets ready for what feels like their final adventure, singing a somber tune while preparing, leaving the kids at home, and warning the WanderCrew of uncertain odds beyond the now silver-doored rift within their forest in South Yoke.
  • Through the rift, a small town of rabbits point out the absolute massive ship out in the ocean floating just above the surface, and the drones of other ships in the sky!
  • Rowing out to meet the ship to begin diplomechic relations, fully armed..., a whaleman, 110ft tall greets the party a warning shot, sinking the small craft. Aspara and Gus throw Pim and Ento through a porthole window, the kitchen window to be exact.
  • The kitchen is ginormous in scale to the party, this is a kitchen meant for hamoid blue whales!
  • Vatna has a delicious idea: Why don't we disguise outselves as a salad and be sent up to the captain's quarters and strike from there!?
  • As the party finishes drenching themselves in ceasar dressing and snuggling into blades of lettuce, Ento has a sneezing fit! He forgot he's allergic to the anchovies in the dressing!! All his sneezing wakes up the giant chef!!
  • Mr. Schefield.
    A son, a husband, a father to 4 children, an active mini corgi breeder and showman, shall be missed. A man of loyalty who did not deserve the end he found. Though he embarks to calmer shores, he will never depart from our hearts.

    Anyone who knows where his favorite coat is, please contact Mrs. Schefield - her name and information is embroderied in the lining of the redcap-skin-lined coat.
  • It is realized this party is no match for the Captain of the ship, and we must all live to see our families again..
  • The Party retreats to a small island with large stones (reminescent of the stone pillars from the S1G3 Trade Up episode!) Luckily Lore has a the perfect blank notebook to begin scribing and translating the runes etched in. Turns out they're the lyrics of the durge the worpletinger family sung before the mission began. As Ento hums the family song, his antlers tingle, Vatna's antanea shiver, the singing shakes B+ ever so that she can also hear Pim's weapons' voice.
  • From the stonehenge-like monuments comes out a seemingly ancient and ghostly female worpletinger with no wings tethered by ghostly roots. "Oh, you're back, you all left so long ago.." She aggrees to take the party home through the her stone's created portal and she'll wait for an evactuation attempt of the small rabbit town.
  • The Party fails deeply at saving anyone from the town before it is absolutely incinerated by the whale ship in the distance. The Wandercrew, licking their wounds, return to the ancient spirit in shame. The stones evacuate themselves and the party to South Yoke, surrounding the hole AspraGus was originally found trapped in for three years..

  • HONK!
  • Tsoki literally EDITS THE SCENE and honks his magical clown horn!! Turning everyone and everything into clown related items or physics! The small rabbit town rushes into Lore's mech, clown car style and make the entire party escapes back to the runes and back to Liminal via the Whistlestop home tune! Everyone makes it to South Yoke, the Worpletinger village has nearly doubled in size with new refugees!
  • Sometimes it's good to quit while you're ahead, live to spend another day with your loved ones.
  • This was the worpletinger's ancestral home.
  • The whales are red-cap hunters.
  • The crew did an amazing job of escaping/piloting the airship amidst several attacking whale ships in the sky! The creative-solution cardplay was fantastic! Props to Profwinter & not4givn!


    Previously on HTMLW #2

    S2G27: Valhalla Calling

    Narrator: Maestra Ceylon (Twylark)

    Animation by: Adrian, Frost Child Studios
    Twitch & YouTube & Twitter


    Diggy Diggy Hole Vol 3

    Game #28

    Played: September 23, 2022
    Game System: Quest
    Players: Senior Officer Royce Vanderbilt (Kole)
    Officer Vatna Stein+ (Lurid)
    Seth Richards (Seth)
    Midnight Erebus (Kuari)

    Another day, another strange ancient ruin uncovered by Peanut and Rupert.

    Quick Takeaways
    Invest in the
    Invest in the Diggy Hole Project tday!!

  • The Wandercrew got the Diggy Hole Project one more level down through spider web after spider web after spider webs, and Rupert is very very very very very very very very not into spiders.
  • The next Nat 1 will result in a certain Trolley School Problem.
  • Webball is a very particular and ever changing sport. Lots of three dimensions and the fifth, not so heavy on the fourth. You know what we're talking about, you love Webball! Heck King Reedi's gifting Silver Thimble a Webball stadium as a wedding gift to the people!
  • There's no Chili's at the end of this level...



    Game #29

    Played: September 24, 2022
    Game System: Quest
    Players: Senior Officer Blueberries π (Josh),
    Senior Officer Royce Vanderbilt (Kole),
    Officer Krieg Vernix (Toast)
    Officer Raz (Klackles)  
    Someone (prolly Blueberries) broke something important,
    the problem is no one can remember what broke, and Officer Royce doesn't really remember how to fix things.

    Quick Takeaways
  • blueberries Pi is a lover, not a fighter, and most importantly knows a lot of people across Liminal and the Omniverse. Well-known for his reselling, his manufacturing, and most especially his love for thrifting.
  • Krieg announces Tiamat as his girlfriend, while in the middle of negotiations with Larry, a once Parliament owl. General Quackers, a duck and private business confidant of Krieg's asseses the situation thoroughly.
  • While in his smokey wraith form, Royce possessed a frankenstein's-monster-like reanimated amalgalm of a corpse with the sole purpose of continuing his Punch Out regimen!
  • The Wandercrew repair the Captain's exploded apartment and leave it far better than it began, so far.


    Previously on HTMLW #3

    S2G29: Broken

    Narrator: Blueberries π (Josh)

    Animation by: Adrian, Frost Child Studios
    Twitch & YouTube & Twitter

    We Didn't Start the Fire

    Game #30

    Played: September 30, 2022
    Game System: Quest

    Players: Gardener Tea (Kiera),
    Officer Vatna (Lurid),
    Officer Nichol Trafford (ProfWinter),
    Tsoki Chatterfang (not4givn)  
    The crew is in for a surprise, a documentarian will be joining the crew for their next mission! I’m sure nothing will go wrong.

    Quick Takeaways
    Part 1
    Part 2



    Riding a Black Unicorn

    Game #31

    Played: October 1, 2022
    Game System: Ponyfinder by David Silver

    Players: Officer Vatna Stein+ (Lurid),
    Officer Nichol Trafford (ProfWinter),
    Officer Quet (Caustic),
    Seth Richards (Seth)  
    The crew has to make a delivery to a far off world - perhaps they can find some useful skills to help bring down the Librarian along the way!

    Quick Takeaways


    They Know Me

    Game #32

    Played: October 2, 2022
    Game System: FATE by Evil Hat Productions

    Players: Senior Officer Royce Vanderbilt (Kole),
    Officer Corzipa Gavon (Talon,
    Midnight Erebus (Kuari),
    Pollux & Castor (Valla)  
    The crew discovers an underground fighting tournament with fantastic prizes - time to blow off some steam!

    Quick Takeaways
    Midnight's Quick Report:
    First big event in the Silver Thimble's new Arena!
    Tournament with guests including Aspara, Gus, Billiam, Rupert, The Masked Bun, Honey Banks, The Riverman, and Pound of Parliament!
    A hidden gambling ring lurking underneath the surface.
    Accusations of warping reality directed at the crew.
    An electrifying bout with the blue oni announcer, Adders.
    The crew dominated the competition with Royce taking home the championship!
    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 3


    Previously on HTMLW #4


    Narrator: Officer Nichol Trafford (ProfWinter)

    Animation by: Adrian, Frost Child Studios
    Twitch & YouTube & Twitter

    Alchemy Mondays

    Game #33
    Diggy Diggy Hole: Vol 4

    Played: October 3, 2022
    Game System: Fiasco by Jason Morningstar

    Players:Pim (Keri),
    Officer Gemini (TenguGemini),
    Tsoki Chatterfang (not4givn),
    Officer Lorelei (Esmie)  
    The crew, so often blamed for their blunders, disparaged for their debacles, and misunderstood for their mishaps, must dig their way out of yet another farcical Fiasco!

    Quick Takeaways
    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 3


    U.S.S. Make Shit Up

    Game #34
    IndieOct Donor Game!

    Played: October 8, 2022
    Game System: Lasers and Feelings by John Harper

    Players: Tsoki Chatterfang (not4givn),
    Officer Vatna Stein+ (Lurid),
    Osiria Summersong (Shy),
    Officer Akhana Nari (Akhana)  
    A small crew takes a petite new vessel out for a routine test drive, surely nothing could go wrong!

    Quick Takeaways
    Tsoki's Quick Report:
    1: First Mission for the HTML Cuttlefish! Our first Spacefaring vessel!
    2: had to be shot out of the HTMLW Subs cannons
    3: Found a planet that was cut off by the gardeners
    4: Met the remnants of the Civilization known as THE FORGOTTEN
    4.5: Learned that the Forgotten were cut off by the gardeners because their tree was too tangled. They were a civilization that traveled between worlds and collected things.
    5: Found B's home world
    6: B's home world seemingly was suspended in a forcefield? Looked like the planet was trying to get out? maybe?
    7:We ran into Slim James looting the destroyed planet.
    8: We chased him off then looted the place ourselves.
    9: We got an orb that radiates LETO energy
    10: Akhana sent a photo of B's planet to both Joust and the Whales


    When You're Evil

    Game #35
    IndieOct Unlock Game

    Played: October 9, 2022
    Game System: InSpectres

    Players: Officer Krieg Vernix (Toast),
    Officer Tlalli Sleekfeet (Trixie),
    Officer Lorelei (Esmie),
    Officer Quet (Caustic)  
    Tattoo suspects The Secret Recipe Hotel is haunted! He puts together a ghost hunting team, deciding that making a show out of the whole ordeal could be a lucrative endeavor.

    Quick Takeaways


    Previously on HTMLW #5


    Narrator: Officer Lorelei (Esmie)

    Animation by: Adrian, Frost Child Studios
    Twitch & YouTube & Twitter

    Happy Birthday (My Olde Friend)

    Game #36
    IndieOct Birthday Game!

    Played: October 13, 2022
    Game System: Mouse Guard

    Players: Pim (Keri),
    Valentina (Awks),
    Officer Krieg Vernix (Toast),
    Officer Royce Vanderbilt (Kole)  
    Nicholas hires Pim for a special mission, and she assembles a special team. Leave your guns at the fairy ring, this one is swords and sorcery!

    Quick Takeaways
  • Pim, Krieg, Royce, Valentina
  • Get shrunk and turned into mice and go through a rift.
  • Recruited to help as “The Wanted”
  • Burnt out mouse village, Helpful smith, Untrusting Solider, Jealous priest
  • Recruit a Snapping turtle and attack a ballista to its back
  • Attacked by owl
  • Travel the forest, get ambushed by thieves, Beat them up and recruit them their Leader is Brom
  • Find a spooky infested tree, and Mushroom spiders attack, Brom pushes Royce out of the way of an attack but gets killed.
  • Priest insults Brom at his funeral, Krieg slaps him.
  • Valentina Saves Krieg from the Priests assasination attempt.
  • Everyone goes home.


    The Night

    Game #37
    IndieOct Birthday Game!

    Played: October 14, 2022
    Game System: A Conversation at Night by Ursi Harper
    Players: Senior Officer Ceylon (Twylark),
    Foley Silver-Tongue (Zeke),
    Nameless (Rob),
    Wraith (Dagon)  
    Ceylon holds a séance! The strings strum, the voices rise, the spirits stir… and begin to hum back?

    Quick Takeaways
  • Ceylon, Wraith, Nameless, Fooley
  • The party hunts down a strange signal and hires Wraith, a red-bearded vulture, to help dig up a body.
  • They dig up the body but find strange AUX cables in the grave
  • They get lured into a Mausoleum that turns into a ghostly Jazz club
  • Nameless flirts with ghosts and learns recipes and trade secrets
  • Wraith plays a guitar duel against a smoke devil and wins a golden cursed guitar
  • Ceylon pulls a ghost into a gem on her necklace (but like in a good way the ghost is happy there)


    Stakes and Torches

    Game #38
    IndieOct Donor Game!

    Played: October 15, 2022
    Game System: Monster Care Squad
    by Sandy Pug Games

    Players: Patagon (Septarius)
    Seth Richards (Seth),
    Clemente (VaNex),
    Melinoë (SparklySalad)  
    Patagon picks up a strange signal from the depths of Liminal’s oceans, and assembles a team to investigate.

    Quick Takeaways
  • Patagon, Seth, Melinoe, Clem
  • Patagon follows a signal to a Turtle fishing town, the turtles warn of a Giant sea Serpent and a strange village of Pacifists underwater.
  • Crew Visit the underwater town it is full of crab people, they are mostly ignored and then a geyser of blood outside the city appears,
  • They investigate and see a feeding frenzy of sharks devouring redcap parts and then dying.
  • They find the rift and attempt to close it, they close if but are seen by the whale pirates.
  • They trap the Sea Serpent and put a poultice on its wounds, The Sea Serpent loves Clems Lemon bars.
  • The rift reopens in a scary way and you see a giant whale eye peeking through


    Out of Reach

    Game #39

    Played: October 16, 2022
    Game System: Beam//Saber by Austin Ramsay

    Players: Officer Lorelei (Esmie),
    Tsoki Chatterfang (not4givn),
    Raz (Klackles),
    Officer Lio L. Levon (Lio)  
    The crew constructs some vehicles to help combat their new celestially cetacean foes.

    Quick Takeaways
  • Lore, Lio, Tsoki, Raz, Pim
  • Lore and Pim Interview the party to see whos mech they should mass produce.
  • During the testing the city is attacked from the sky and sea and ships bombarde the city
  • Lore makes a grand entrance but lures out the Earl King (100 foot whale in basically swat armor)
  • They fight him off then fight a giant boat,
  • Tsoki blast the boat to hell in his tiny mech
  • The Earl King hits Raz so hard her mech designates.
  • Pim in her mech Catches Raz
  • Tsoki goes into Earl Kings dropship to disarm its self destruct.
  • They crash land the Earl Kings dropship on top of a library after B+ overflows the mech with blood and steers it away from the Diving Belle (the Bar)


    Previously on HTMLW #6


    Narrator: Senior Officer Ceylon (Twylark)

    Animation by: Adrian, Frost Child Studios
    Twitch & YouTube & Twitter

    Mice Illustrations by: migs_ink


    Welcome to the World

    Game #40
    IndieOct Unlock Game

    Played: October 21, 2022
    Game System: Glitter Hearts by Leatherman Games

    Players: Officer Nichol Trafford (ProfWinter),
    Officer Lio L. Levon (Lio),
    Midnight Erebus (Kuari),
    Officer Quet (Caustic)  
    Officer Trafford has been tasked with putting together a team to help save the Kukla’s homeworld from the invasion of Redcaps that may or may not have been the crew's fault. With fairy powers and determination, can the crew succeed?!

    Quick Takeaways
    Midnight's Quick Report:
    Amazing transformations galore!
    A startling betrayal by the newcomer, DJ Ghost
    The Coo'Kla needs help bringing back his Spindle and Fairy followers
    Each of the team are granted a magical tooth with some of the Coo'Kla's power.
    Coo'Kla is cute and tiny! Also obnoxious.
    Disaster involving a mechanical table.
    A redcap breeding ground is discovered.
    Redcap plot to use volcano to destroy the Coo'Kla Temple.
    Crew works to thwart the plot while Spindle union negotiations begin with the Coo'Kla.
    Fairies will have to be dealt with another day.


    All the Way Down

    Game #41
    IndieOct Patreon Game

    Played: October 23, 2022
    Game System: Varsity!: A Sports Anime PbtA
    by Tabletop Atelier (Rosemary)

    Players: Seth Richards (Seth),
    Officer Vatna Stein+ (Lurid),
    Officer Lio L. Levon (Lio),
    Zacna Midrad (Ray)  
    Join the fast-paced life of a semi-pro web-ball team as they try to raise in the ranks and deal with internal drama!
    (Did I mention they are all spiders?)
    Quick Takeaways



    Game #42
    IndieOct Patreon Game

    Played: 28, 2022
    Game System: Garden of the Giants by Ethan Hudgens
    Players: Officer Vatna Stein+ (Lurid), Officer Akhana Nari(Akhana),
    Officer Krieg Vernix (Toast),
    Officer Nichol Trafford (ProfWinter)  
    Return to the Otter Planet to see what can be learned
    from a dead Word Tree.

    Quick Takeaways


    Ex-Lover's Lover

    Game #43

    Played: October 30, 2022
    Game System: Ten Candles by Calvary Games
    Co-GM: Art/RuRu as B+

    Players: Pim (Keri),
    Officer Gemini (Zach),
    Nameless (Rob),
    Adders (Adrian)  
    Drip... Drip… Drip… a cold dread startles you awake in the middle of the night into complete darkness. Seeing none of your crew, you light a candle to help navigate your way through the pitch black halls of the empty ship, slowly making your way towards
    the only sound you hear...

    Quick Takeaways


    Secret Agent Man

    Game #44

    Played: November 12, 2022
    Game System: Quest

    Players: Officer Krieg Vernix (Toast),
    Isaac Wicklaw (Warlord),
    CleMVP (VaNex),
    Introducing: Caram Bola (Prophecy)  
    As the crew deals with enormous mushrooms, Krieg plots a jail break! Krieg must put together a team to break his business partner Quackers out of Pastura's maximum security prison “The Kiln”. He might have to call in some unsavory help from his past.

    Quick Takeaways
    Midnight's Quick Report:
    Rest of the crew is working on dealing with a forest of mushrooms growing elsewhere.
    Krieg's uncle Speedwagon makes his first appearance!
    The return of Marlow, the buff centaur woman.
    Clem's acid works REALLY well on Pastura clay... who knew?
    The prison break team gets in through the sewer.
    Cree is in the Kiln.
    Melvin was transfered to the Kiln from Parliament..
    Crew decides to clear out the spiders from the mushroom forest and leave the mushrooms alone for now.


    Villainous Thing

    Game #45

    Played: November 13, 2022
    Game System: Quest

    Players: Officer Vatna Stein+ (Lurid),
    Tsoki Chatterfang (not4givn),
    Zacna Midrad (Ray),
    Officer Quet (Caustic)  
    Vatna has begun to sense something isn't right, reality has begun to taste… off? His secret project has begun to grow out of hand.

    Quick Takeaways


    Diggy DONE

    Game #46
    Diggy Hole Vol 5: Finale

    Played: November 14, 2022
    Game System: Quest

    Players: Officer Gemini (TenguGemini),
    Renic (ImperialPhantom),
    Pollux & Castor (Valla),
    Osiria Summersong (Shy)  
    They dug deep they dug greedily what awaits the crew on the other side of the world?

    Quick Takeaways


    The Pheonix

    Game #47

    Played: November 18, 2022
    Game System: Quest

    Players: Officer Royce Vanderbilt (Kole),
    Maestra Ceylon (Twylark),
    Ento (Corey),
    Officer Quet (Caustic),
    Katori (Kiera)  
    "Royce has put up the funds and know-how to build a new library for the Silverthimble, a song shall rise from the ashes.” Time to pick up the pieces, the crew must help clean up and then rebuild their city... Nothing could go wrong right?

    Quick Takeaways



    Game #48

    Played: November 19, 2022
    Game System: Quest

    Players: Officer Royce Vanderbilt (Kole),
    The Librarian (Nick),
    Midnight Erebus (Kuari),
    Akhana Nari (Akhana),
    Patagon (Septarius)  
    "Oh dear Royce. Foolish, arrogant, Royce. You must have thought yourself so clever to devise this little scheme...” The crew must move mountains as Senior Officer Royce has a vendetta he plans to end today!

    Quick Takeaways
    Midnight's Quick Report:
    Royce foresaw disaster with the Librarian and took a team to face it
    Mission to the Silver Mountain to move it from the Word Tree
    Silver was infecting the Word Tree into an Infinity Tree
    Team had to reface past battles.
    A painful choice between Akhana and Patagon.
    A 'Bookend' moment for Royce.
    A daring escape, permanently destroying one of the Librarian's creations.



    Game #49

    Played: November 20, 2022
    Game System: Quest

    Players: Officer Lorelei (Esmie),
    Joust (Adrian),
    Melinoë (Sparkly),
    Officer Nichol Trafford (ProfWinter)
    & Billiam (Kole)  
    "Lore returns home with the key to saving her world, but she needs some help pulling it off. Enter Joust from stage left.” No rest for the wicked! As the crew mourns Senior Officer Royce, Lore gets a signal she hasn't seen in ages- and it's only downhill from here.

    Quick Takeaways


    Thankskilling Food Fight

    Game #50

    Played: November 25, 2022
    Game System: MÖRK BORG

    Players: Kai, Kole, Toast, Prof, & Multiple Crew Members!  
    "It's a food fight of epic portions, homunculi forged from food form fighting factions of four for a Battle Royal!”

    Quick Takeaways


    Coming Home!

    Game #51

    Played: November 26, 2022
    Game System: Quest

    Players: Katori (Kiera),
    Tsoki Chatterfang (not4givn),
    The Tinkerer (YoungMeat),
    L.E.T.O. (Leto)  
    "Royce returns to Lullaby, eager for answers. What will be gained from this trip down memory lane?” With the Book of Royce in hand, LETO, Tinker and Catori take Tsoki and return to Seasonings to ask an old friend for aid!

    by Nika Simone

    Quick Takeaways



    Game #52

    Played: November 27, 2022
    Game System: Quest

    Players: Pim (Keri),
    Tsoki Chatterfang (not4givn),
    Commander Joust (Adrian),
    Seth Richards (Seth),
    Lackalack (Lurid) & Billiam (Kole)  
    "The crew discovers an old enemy has become a much larger issue, with some outside help can the crew take down this villain?”  

    Quick Takeaways


    Tongue in Teeth

    Game #53

    Played: December 3, 2022
    Game System: Quest

    Players: Joaquin Tsamoudakis (Ezhno),
    Akhana Nari (Akhana),
    Krieg Vernix (Toast),
    Patagon (Septarius),
    & Jurist Ipsa Loquitor (ProfWinter)  
    Joaquin and Akhana set off to learn what the Dragon Lawyers can teach them about the Librarian, and try to convince them not to flee the planet.  

    Patagon's Quick Takeaways
    Patagon notes (hopefully it helps) :  
  • Purple Frog - Gallis
  • Yellow Frog - Quintus

  • 99% Neck Dragon - Jennifer
  • Jennifer does not like Titus. Treats Juris like lower class staff

  • Green Dragon - Titus
  • Loves carving. Ended up retiring from the council because we convinced him to take up his passion.

  • Patagon delivered a Librarian quill to the Dragon council.
  • (Double check the following with Alan to make sure I got it correct)
  • Had a flashback to his coma where he realized that he can reach into the vast lives and worlds that the Librarian erased. And can be aware/assume of the persona/personalities
  • Won't be able to do this at will but in certain situations he can become aware of it.

  • Side Quest

  • To get lumber for the sculptor/artist Titus on the council. Going to try to get him to leave the council and gain Jennifer's favor.
  • Crew were able to convince Aspera and Gus to get them a prime sample of Wolpertinger lumber. Marked with runes. This was given to Titus during the closing arguments by Officer Joaquin.

  • Communications

  • Patagon has been able to communicate with the team members through out. Trying to keep Joaquin apprised of the goings on.
  • Was able to relay the location of the party to Vatna after they appeared from the infinity tree.
  • Akhana was able to borrow Rip and Tear to "fix" the Scythe. Returned during the party.

    Officer Joaquin's Quick Takeaways

    Juris,the new Dragon Council Member, is awaiting the crew in the city; we approach on foot because our sub brings far too much attention, which the dragons loathe.  
    Juris has recused himself as he cannot be seen to be impartial to our plea.  
    While walking through the city, Akhana is drawn to a grand museum, which appears to have new and redoubled security.  
    On approach to council chambers, we are introduced to the council members:  
    Purple Frog - Gaius Green Frog - Quintus Brown Dragon - Jennifer Green Dragon - Titus  
    They clearly state that their position is that the Dragon realm will not be affected by the attack on Liminal and the Word Tree. The crew splits up and Joaquin and Patagon remain to give testimony while Akhana and Krieg go tour the city with Juris. Akhana notices that Jennifer very much hates Titus, and passes the information to Joaquin before leaving.  
    Krieg and Akhana tour the city, and in an attempt to allow Akhana to escape and attempt reconnaissance, they visit KRIEG OF MARKET SQUARE in a publicity stunt. They begin an altercation with BRIDGE RHINO.  
    Titus reiterates the position of the council, and we present the testimony of Patagon, as well as the quill that wounded him. Joaquin notices the Dragon Lawyer Council seems to discern something about the quill, specifically that it seems that the Council is familiar with an item of its sort. Patagon also unlocks an INCREDIBLE ability to access the collective consciousness of the LIBRARY.   (I missed something here about the resolution of the conflict with BRIDGE RHINO, but Snik Snak beat someone half to death with a frying pan)  
    Akhana and Krieg both approach the Museum and enter with Juris. They notice the paintings seem to be “staring” at them. It is a Harbinger and it ‘steps out’ of the painting. After a brief conversation, the Harbingers transport Akhana to the infinity tree. The branches begin to fall, crumbling as they hit the floor and souls escape. “Do my bidding.” A voice permeates the area and a scythe appears in her hand.  
    Back at the council chambers, things have been going well, and lunch has been called. It is revealed through conversation that Titus actually has no desire to serve, and wants to be a sculptor, if only they could find a great piece of wood (phrasing?).  
    Akhana is struggling with the Harbingers and the Infinity Tree, and is burned by the scythe, holding it and preparing to do the bidding of her captors. [at this point I’m really full of a lot of bourbon so I am now an unreliable narrator]  
    Juris and Krieg are increasingly suspicious of the fake Akhana, who has been replaced by the Harbingers, but are unsure on when to reveal that they are aware of the charade. They continue to follow the false Akhana to the “door.” They race through and arrive at the Infinity Tree with Akhana. Juris immediately acts as a lawyer for the team to negotiate their relationship. He keenly realizes that Akhana can be released if she only takes the blade of the scythe and can be free of the hold of the Harbingers; no contract will be null and void.  
    Joaquin and Patagon are on recess and in search of some kind of special lumber to gain favor with the council, by provoking Titus to abandon his duties and vacate his seat.  
    Akhana portals Patagon’s chainsaw to cut the handle off the scythe and take the blade. Krieg pees on the tree. The handle is left behind at the infinity tree.  
    The crew delivers special wood to Joaquin, just in time for the council to reconvene. Joaquin delivers an IMPASSIONED speech, and presents a gift to Titus which convinces him to vote in favor and also retire.  
    Juris is promoted to a main ambassador to the relationship between the Dragon Lawyer’s council and the HTML Wanderpus.  
    The Dragon Lawyers write into law and in effect that they will not vacate their position on Liminal, and will settle in the realm.  


    Cure for Me

    Game #54

    Played: December 4, 2022
    Game System: Quest

    Clem and Ento have come up with some interesting ways to help Pim and B+ with their little predicament. With some tender lemons and care, I’m sure it will all work out.  

    Quick Takeaways
      Time   At Beacon Point defending Nicholas's tower from redcaps.. The crew fight redcaps alongside The Jewel's, until the airship crashes into an infested forest and a blood-filled Redcap soldier, queen kaiju sized appears.   The voice in your head when you picked up the axe, now lovingly named Justin, but not the demon, with the combination of you and B+, the Justin is Pim's familiar found during the Metal episode, not the voice that first happened when Pim picked up the egg. The curse can be split! so we're attacking split the curse egg friendo of Pim's was the voice in her head hurting pim's brain?! Pim cleaves it inbetween the antlers, the bloodclot version of the voice inside Pim's brain causing her fever.


    For Science

    Game #55

    Played: December 9, 2022
    Game System: Quest

    Why horse small? Why sometimes horse big? What's going on with that floating soap? Today we find out: FOR SCIENCE!  



    Game #56

    Played: December 11, 2022
    Game System: Quest

    A favor comes due as the party loads up the Shuttlefish for a new adventure IN SPACE!  


    It Doesn't Matter Why

    Game #57

    Played: December 16, 2022
    Game System: Quest

    Prepare the Liminal plane for the arrival of the Librarian, gather your allies and make friends of your enemies, the time is now.  


    Season Finale Games

    It’s the big one broken into 3 distinct parts, everyone in the crew must do their part to bring down this mad man!

    Game #58: Finale Part 1

    Played: December 17, 2022 at 1pmP
    Game System: Quest

    Outside the Liminal plane, the airship team must do their best to buy the ground team time, shoot down the Library and make it easier on the rest of the team. It's critical we get our best pilots and gunners here! Airship Team  


    Game #59: Finale Part 2

    Played: December 17, 2022 at 3pmP
    Game System: Quest

    The Sub needs to set up the defenses, the Library is here and the Librarian is flooding the Plane with his paper soldiers. Buy time for the shock team to get on board and fight. Protect the people and maybe do some good. Submarine Team  


    Game #60: Finale Part 3

    Played: December 17, 2022 at 5pmP
    Game System: Quest

    Shock Team: This is for the fighters up close and personal, get in there and hit him! We have been waiting for this moment, and use the previous two games to gain the advantage. Shock Team  



    Game #61

    Played: December 18, 2022
    Game System: Quest

    (If the Finale was a Success) Travel the rifts to try to repair the harm that was caused from the Librarians attack on the Liminal Plane.  


    Unlock these games & features using Streamloot Cards!
    Play cards to redeem games, perks, etc during games or streams!
    Let us know what you're thinking and we'll take care of the rest!!


    Unlockable Games!


    Main Character Energy
    Have a game of the HTML Wanderpus made around your character. To be played when you want.

    Reservations Game:
    A reservations for four at the elite restaurant/dungeon "The Exuvia". A 5-floor timed Dungeon game. You may invite who you want to come.

    Ruined Continent Game
    Put an away team together and set out to explore The Ruined Continent

    The Librarian
    Start a mission to hunt down and learn more about The Librarian.

    Royce's Officer Game
    It's time Royce made his way back Home.

    Joust: Bounty Hunt
    It's a game with Joust, what else do you need to know?


    Unique Mechanism Cards!


    HTML Bingo

    10 Bingo Cards
    To reap the card's written effects, play the corresponding card in game when any of the following scenarios have occured.

    One Shot:
    You may play this card if the party is fighting a "Boss" and they defeat them before they get to make a second attack. The boss will drop an extra item.

    Someone loses a limb:
    If someone loses a limb this session you may play this card and the wound will be stabilized and the limb reattached.

    Play this card after the party has rolled 3 1's. Restores 5AP for the party and crew.

    Play this after the party rolls 3 natural 20's. Restore 5AP and 5HP for the party and crew.

    The Number of the Beast:
    Play this after the party rolls three 6's. Activate a "Raise the Heat" card effect.

    20 Cards:
    Play this card after 20 cards are played during a single game. Everyone in chat gets a coupon code for a free Streamloots card pack.

    Lucky 7's:
    Play this after the party rolls 3 7's. Everyone in the chat gains 10 coin.

    Pride Backfires:
    Play this card after a Pride card has backfired. Heal everyone for 2HP.

    Party Rolls 3 Tough Choices:
    Play this card after the party has rolled 3 Tough Choices. Grants a Shield for 2HP to the party and crew.

    Help Fund
    Rupert & Peanut's
    Diggy Hole Project

    Diggy Hole
    What IS the Liminal Plane?
    Is flat? is pyramid? Let's Find Out!
    As cards are redeemed, these two literal cats dig deeper and deeper, revealing dungeons and loot below!

    (Every 5 redemed Diggy Hole Cards unlock
    an R&P Dungeon Game! 5 Dungeons Total)

    Track the Diggy Hole Project and Invest Today!


    Gain a Mama Parse
    bunny kid Apprentice!


    "And now you have Ol as an apprentice. Once they are part of a game, we can decide together who they are and what they like to do, so we can give them an ability"
    (Let us know if you found one!
    You can play this card in game any time.)

    Ol & Nichol Trafford
    Ive & Lio L. Levon
    Bech & Royce Vanderbilt
    Amel & Vatna Stein+
    Mozza & Krieg Vernix
    Ella & Akhana Nari

    Tortilla of Concern +1:
    You have to ask Kiera.          

    Limited Season One Cards.

    How they Work
    Introduced in S2G1 Legend Has It, by Alan, The Guide as follows:

    Their third, Tracksuit, could have been in the game.
    So early on, Lore played their Season One card which makes something happen in every game depending when in the game it’s played. If the card was played later in this game, Tracksuit would have been activated and he would have been on the enemy ship, but he wasn’t.

    That’s the plan for Season One Streamloot Cards!! moving forward, so they’ll be one-time use cards with a direct purpose!

    (Season One cards refer to cards given only to crew/participants of the Season One Finale Episode in Dec 2021.)

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