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Silver Thimble presents: The World's Fair


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Nearly the entirety of Liminal that can travel have arrived in Silver Thimble to enjoy the festivities and wonders! Notably in attendance are Silver Thimble's otter's and crazy-loud flamingos, Parliament's owls and ducks, and noticeably not strongly in attendance are ungulates from Yoke. Beyond the game and food tents hosted by El Pea, Ferris Wheel and a large building in the back holds the World Fairs Presentations for public vote and investment!

The World's Fair Presentations!


Nicholas Torch's "Consume the Shroom"
Presentation #1

by Nika Simone
Many of you here have seen my science in the past and how its helped the Liminal Plane. We can plant these mushrooms all around and with a large enough harvest, we can basically cure all the problems! With the help of Silver Thimble's hospital, I say we could cure all disease within 10 years. I can already cure fractured bones and personal amphibian diseases, so i know what I'm talking about. Please come take a sample! They have no side effects (unlike B's Candy) other than tasting vile and healing you (for 1 HP). Any questions?

Questions & Feedback
  • I believe with the help of the hospital, Silver Thimble, and HTML WA, farming a mass quantity of these is very viable. The shrooms don't seem to grow too far outside the original planted footprint. We have to spore them in whetted soil; they don't just grow wild.
  • Benefits per location?
    Well, this kind helps with bones, this kind here has been known to cure amphibian personal problems, these here - respiratory problems, and these we don't know about at all, perhaps you could take some and let me know!
  • Only one ink cap has been animated to life, my assistant.
  • Any anti-lippy strains?
    If you find anyone struck with The Lippening, give them this and see if it works!
  • What about subterranean ones?
    Well I know there was a lot under Yoke but that got sealed up and and all them died. Fun fact, that's where we found the Stinkflower - which I still believe is a mushroom. (Reference to S1G7 The River is wild: They went underneath Yoke, and Timothy opened a giant rift on the ceiling of that area, but the crew broke his machine and then shot him - so that rift's closed.)

  • Scale of 1-5, how did?
    The people give him a 4. Respectable.

    Otter Girl's "Why so smol? Why so big?"
    Presentation #2

    The creatures of this world can come in two varieties - large horse all over Pastura, and tiny horse, like the one in my hands; small like a toy but a real horse. There's documentation that there's good seen the Oni this world, the quarrymen as some remember him, some say the Riverman, Two forms: 8 inches or 20 ft tall. Why no middle ground? Where is the middle ground in this world. There's some saying that otters are not FROM this world, nonsense, IDK. Where are the "Normal" creatures of this world? We have big horse people, small horse horse people, but no just horses.   I would like to collect and dissect many of these animals, all for science, nothing wasted. I think we can find the original source for all these creatures. Just need a small investment for specialized equipment, like these vials. I believe I'm on to something. With the help of Silver Thimble investors and the HTML Crew, we could find the source as to why things are so big or small but exactly the same. See the anatomy here? A big horse and a small horse have the same exact anatomy. Why? How can that be? Why no middle? This is why we need money to put together a crew of hunters to gather these animals and humanely study them. Thank you for your time.
    Questions & Feedback
  • Both expedition for "normal creatures" and laboratory time and space for study?
    Yes, and significant funding to live, of course. Significant gains to be had. Why are there herds of these drastically-sized creautres? Can they be crossbred?
  • How will they be contained?
    Specifically small-sized cages and giant cages, large enough to hold whatever we find. Yes they look like regular boxes.
  • Are you suggesting we trap wild animal and disect them? How have you been obtaining your subjects since?
    I don't want to brag... I'm a very good shot and the small creatures just walk into a net. The planes of Pasutra are full of these horses. It's not poaching, because no one owns them, I just shoot them... Tend to roast them.
  • Are there future hopes of efficient forms of livestock?
    Well the butchering alone needs a crew for some of these creatures, and the small ones, what do they even do about that? Really begs the question,why are there some tiny and some big?
  • Diplomatically, Chatterfang says "I understand, and I'll keep it in consideration."

  • People: [19] pretty into it tbh
    Captain Nika nods, mumbling "why ARE they small... but sometimes big...."

    Presentation #3

    by Nika Simone
    It's got a good smell doesn't it? Top-notch heavy industrial cleaning solution, Liminal Slime Clean! Hi, Milly Bays here from Port Barter and HAVE I GOT THE ITEM FOR YOU! This semi-sentient slime, Slime Clean works wonders! Watch me open a jar and watch the slime scour away, removing any impurities!
    Blood Stain? gloops it up immediately and floats it off into the sky in a bubble! Command it to clean where you want and let the grimy bubble lift away your messes! (A bubble pops on the ceiling leaving dirt far out of reach.)
    Questions & Feedback
  • This is the opposite of glue. This can un-stick any glue, it doesn't care, it'll rip right through it! Stains on the uniform? Stains in the sub? Just lift the hatch and let the dirt float away!
  • Oh we added the smell! This is our perfumed version. The bubbles are... well.. flatulence.. Yes, this is a slime that farts.
  • Is it stable?
    Well I guess I've stored it in a stable before. Why yes, have a large enough blob and you can make it look like a horse. Sure!
  • This product is less bred and more created. Our scientists call it "programming." They program the slime to do tasks. Since the untimely destruction of Port Barter, where it was first discovered, trade secret.... soo WHO DOESN'T WANT A CLEANER HOME?!
  • What's the shelf life?
    Once exposed to the air, it can gather up to its mass in debris and dirt, then floats away. Due to its non-abrasive nature it doesn't exactly polish.
  • Renic got some on his facial hair and leaves with flooffy mustache hair.


    Akhana Nari's "Hello? Yes, This is Fashion speaking."
    Presentation #4


    A way to make our communicator devices more fashionable and functional. After witnessing COMMUNICATION'S FIRST FIELD MISSION'S GRAND SUCCESS, I was inspired to further how accessible and stylish communicator crystals could be in out daily life. With funding, I'd work on a line of metal-wired and stone-set pieces customized to the wearer.    
    Questions & Feedback
  • And what's stopping everyone going crazy like in Parliament? The crystal drove people insane right?
    Sure, Research and Development is working on that! I'm 99% sure we don't use that time. (Referring to S2G6 Call My Name's red demon crystal found in Parliament City.)
  • I really do want to communicate with my friends across the world, but I heard in passing that the HTML crew did take ownership of some strange heart crystal. Is this correct?
    I cannot confirm nor deny. hmmm.. hmmmmmm..
  • Do these crystals work with existing infrastructure or do we need to build more towers?
    Good news, same tower & communicator technology. These attachment pieces are optional and far more functional for the glamorous spy on the go.
  • Pricing? How common are these crystals? Because I heard the Port Barter fairy forest dried up?
    So the Crystals don't come with every piece, I'm only selling customizable fashionable wear-ables.
  • We're working on how to easily voice activate effects with the crystal casings with a codeword instead of song. It never records, just allows the communicator to communicate more easily by being placed closer to your chest or ears.
  • Would some kind of numerological system work for this, like some type of 7-8 number ID system to contact each other? Can we play music over them? Can I sing through it? What if I went to a concert, and I snuck in a crystal, and people on the other side could listen to the concert?
    They're really just fancy customized communicator cases... You can do anything legal with them..
  • Hi, I'm a pirate, and what if I wanted to start my own radio station? Can I hijack your radio towers?
    You'd have to pay the right to use our towers.. hmmmm

  • [11] Success! Good Job, 5 out of 5.
    Partners in Yoke will send raw materials and I'll have them available for everyone soon!
    Thank You!

    Rupert & Peanut's Diggy Hole Project
    Presentation #5

    First Mate Rupert
    & Peanut's Diggy Hole
    Funding Proposal:

    Track level by level!
    Diggy Hole's Progress
    Silver Thimble World's Fair Transcript

    Rupert Begins:

    Is this World Flat?

    We have some true proof that this world may be in fact flat. flat world. BUT IS IT?! Are we on top of cube?
    Pyramid? Dodecahedron?

    My and my silent partner peanut wouuuld like money, funds plz, we need shovels, pickaxes, large shoveling equipment. We intend to tunnel through the world, see what's on other side, REH. There's rumors of the other side, but no eye-witness confirmations, so pleeeze gib money.

    Thank you for showing up, questions now.

    If it is flat, are you going to be checking the edges?
    Find out when we get there

    Are we digging or finding the edges?
    We're digging down, that's why shovels.

    If you dig tunnels all the way, won't you fall out on the other side?
    ADVENTURE! Welcome to Chili's!

    How long will it take?
    WE don't know how thick? We will put forth extra incentives and goals, as we dig down, we expect to run into trouble. As we dig down, we need to hire teams to clear out what we found. Already proof that there may be "DUNGEONS" if you will, once we clear them out, you are free to take what is found. We only want to go down.

    Where are you digging?
    Start in Salt & Sand as it is the softest ground.

    Do you have a basic idea of how to handle the tougher ground?
    Excavation Equipment, big cranes, need money.

    We would like to dig through the world, find what's on the other side, begin to franchise. Open a southwestern American type establishment, serving things like southwestern egg rolls. we will greet you by saying WELCOME TO CHILI's, We will in fact serve Baby back ribs. If we dig straight down and find point, upside down pyramid. Of flat, we dig sideways. ...
    The badger asks too many questions!!

    Thank you Rupert
    You're Welcome!

    Also presented during the Fair:

    Midnight Erebus's
    Silver Tears Presentation
    (Google Slides)

    Officer Quet's
    Silver Stitch Submarine Tube
    Transport System (SS-STTS)

    Tsoki Chatterfang's
    Kite & Fan Travel  

    What's in the Box?!
    A knock at Tsoki's door is followed by the sound of someone deliberately heading off. Outside the door sits a small wooden chest with a note on it. Tsoki throws open his door "Hello!" he looks around "hello?" he then looks at the chest and note. Inside the box is a very large amount of common currency, maybe even more than the winners of the fair received.

    It reads:

    Dear Tsoki Chatterfang,

    During the chaos of the World's Fair it seems you were unable to present your project. The group I represent would love to fund your amazing Wind-based technology & concepts. Please accept this small token as a Seed Fund to get your ideas off the ground. And if you are ever in the great city of Pastura, please make yourself known at The Castle. We would love to see your presentation
    in full.

    Captain of the Guard
    - Marlo Stoic

    Tsoki's eyes grow wide with excitement as he reads the note. As he drags the chest into his room he says to himself. "Oh man I have so much work to do!"

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