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This feature is finicky and may look weird in the Chrome browser. Visit the full Character Manifest Here or the Published Google Sheet instead.
When you click inside the Google Sheet it will force you to the top of the page. Scroll back down and now you're "In" the document.
Update your character's Coin Purse, Music Points, Items, etc. by right clicking on a cell and COMMENTING your update! Mods will be alerted via email.


Do Your Part! Gain an Apprentice Today!

Mama Parse's bunny kids are eager for life experience,
and the WanderCrew is here to give back!
But beware, if your kid gets knocked out,
they'll go home to lick their wounds.

Help them discover Who they are & Who'll they'll be!
Mold Young Minds Today!
  Apprenticeships are assigned by finding the apprentice's specific Streamloots Card!
Feel free to comment down below with notable Apprentice moments!


Bech & Royce

Amel & Vatna+


Ol & Nichol

Ive & Lio


Mozza & Krieg

Ella & Akhana


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