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Royce Vanderbilt

Royce Vanderbilt

L.E.T.O. Engineer & Rift Engineering

by Nika Simone

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Stocky - The most straightforward and easiest way to describe Royce's Physique. While equipped in his Officer Uniform its hard to not think he's just another researcher that doesn't get out much, but after shedding his shirt the truth becomes more readily apparent. Thick broad shoulders and a mass of finely crafted muscles make up much of the dwarf's bulk. The composition lends itself to muscle built for strength and speed with a hint of slight flexibility.

Facial Features

A finely maintained and kept mustache is the most readily apparent feature for Royce. His pride and joy if you know Royce, you know his mustache.

Special abilities

Silver Manipulation - When present on the Seasonings World, Royce has control over all things Silver, being able to make and meld whatever he wishes out of the material. His very body is infused with the substance and even away from his home, when working magic his body has a tendency to glow blue light and emit Silver Vapor.   After a very stressful situation in which Royce was seemingly mortally injured, his body has the ability to turn into what has been called his "Wraith" form. A body made of pure silver mist that is immune to all Physical damage, yet still vulnerable to magic.

Personality Characteristics


Royce exists for adventure and scientific discoveries. His initial ventures that led him to the Crew of the Wanderpus were to find a way to help his home of Lullaby from the effects of machinery gone wrong. After resolving that crisis Royce chose to stay with the crew to help what he has come to call his new Family with studying and fixing the growing concerns of Rifts and bringing his Engineering Talents to bear for the good of the Silver Thimble.

Engineering Officer underneath lead LETO. Helps the crew with maintaining LETO and the basic functionality of the ship. 35 years old and hailing from the city of Lullaby, a center of Architecture and Engineering.

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Chaotic/Neutral Good
Lullaby of Seasonings
Current Residence
The Silver Thimble of Liminal
Black, Well Maintained
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Quotes & Catchphrases
"No."   "You ever seen a frog fuck?"   "Dingus."

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Character Portrait image: by Nika Simone


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