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Play with Us: Character Creation


Catch up & Get Down!

How-to Get Started!
#1 Character Creation
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The Season One Recap
CURRENT Midseason Two Recap

Lists of current Crew & Depts.
with links to Character Profiles
Archive: S1 Character Manifest
CURRENT Character Manifest

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Create the World!

Who's Who
Crewmates (Players)
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Character Manifest Google Sheet

Character Manifest & Coin Purse

This feature is finicky and may look weird in the Chrome browser. Visit the full Character Manifest Here or the Published Google Sheet instead.
When you click inside the Google Sheet it will force you to the top of the page. Scroll back down and now you're "In" the document.
Update your character's Coin Purse, Music Points, Items, etc. by right clicking on a cell and COMMENTING your update! Mods will be alerted via email.

Design a character deployed upon the HTML Wanderpus or positioned somewhere within the worlds at-large!

Chosen for its accessibility, the streamed TTRPGs will be played in the VERY newbie-friendly, indie system, Quest.

Join us! Quick Start:

1. Imagine Character Name & WanderCrew Role

2. Select Quest Class & Abilities

3. Create Roll20 & World Anvil



The HTML Wanderpus Submarine is a first and foremost a scientific exploratory vessel,
charged with the finding, studying and sealing of rifts as her main directive, while the Airship is more covert.
There are very few restrictions in terms of character creation for our world.
Characters must be between 3-8ft tall and relatively humanoid per the Quest system’s gameplay.
Past that, enjoy bringing a unique and engaging character to life!

  • "Race:" There are no defined "races" to chose from, simply imagine your character's form.

  • Technology: Characters from other games or worlds are welcome here, with the caveat that technology in Liminal is based on 1920's/30's era limitations; though reasonable modifications through design magic is allowed.
  • HTML Department & Role: Crew assignments should reflect what motivates or interests them! Great character designs tend to integrate abilities, corporeal form and their job/role within the WanderCrew seamlessly, i.e. spy diplomat, invoker engineer.

  • Current Crew: Check out the Character Manifest for character examples & inspiration, and Discord for workshopping help.
  • Character Manifest Google Sheet

    Character Manifest & Coin Purse

    This feature is finicky and may look weird in the Chrome browser. Visit the full Character Manifest Here or the Published Google Sheet instead.
    When you click inside the Google Sheet it will force you to the top of the page. Scroll back down and now you're "In" the document.
    Update your character's Coin Purse, Music Points, Items, etc. by right clicking on a cell and COMMENTING your update! Mods will be alerted via email.



    A Sub-Aquatic Vessel for the curious capable of navigating through Rifts focused on Scientific Exploration.


    Aid, Anthropology, Research
    Builds & Repairs, R&D, Structures
    Rift Travel, Cartography, Steering
    Guarding, Hunting, Reconnaisance


    An Air-based craft for the adventurous focused on acquiring Dangerous Magic Items from worlds they don't belong.

    Possible Positions:


    Powder Running

    Tactical Boarding

    and more!


    The Fleet's Base of Operations for the world builders focused on establishing connections amongst all things.


    Accounts & Transparency
    City Operations
    Tourism & Trade
    Diplomacy, Switchboards, Intelligence

    Want help workshopping character's overall vibe?
    or how they fit within the HTML Wanderpus World?

    No Problem! We'd love to help!
    The Discord #html-workshop channel
    is meant for exactly that reason! Ask about our next
    scheduled character workshopping open event.


    The Quest System

    Chosen for its dedication to accessibility, Quest is exceedingly simple and now FREE!
    There is only HP & AP for stats, everyone "levels" once a month, and only a 20 sided die is needed to play!
    You can download the free Quest Digital Edition here or find Resources in the WanderDiscord.
    OR peruse all the Quest Abilities in World Anvil here.

      Abilities belong to learning paths, like the Ranger's Friend path, shown (to the right.) You must learn abilities in each path in order from left to right, starting with the first ability in each path.

      You can learn abilities from all of your learning paths. (You don't need to learn all of the abilities in one path before learning abilities in another one.)

      You can learn as many or as few abilities in each path as you want, as long as you learn new abilities in order.
      — Quest
  • Quest Class: Choose a quest class that compliments your character's form and position! Choose from: Fighter, Invoker, Ranger, Naturalist, Doctor, Spy, Magician, Wizard.
  • Quest Abilities: Start by choosing 6 class abilities. Legendary abilities are earned through gameplay or streamloots. A new ability is gained for every month of gameplay! Use abilities anywhere, anytime!
  • Quest Stats: Everyone starts with the max 10 HP and 10 AP.
    5 HP is restored at the end of a game you participated in (Player or Crew.)
    AP is only restored through Streamloot caused moments or individually awarded for brilliant character roleplay.
  • Quest Items: Your character is limited to 12 items at all times.
  • Other Limits: Seriously, get weird, get specific, make a Pinterest board, we love it!



    Currently, your character sheet/profile should both be made on Roll20 and on World Anvil.
    You want to use both. Roll20 holds your character's abilities and inventory,
    while World Anvil gives space for your character to become viewable and alive
    in the world we all create together!


    1. Roll20 Account: Create Here
    2. Join the Game: The Wanderers
    3. Click the Journal Icon.
      Select any 'Copy of' character to edit as your own.
    4. Naming Convention: Character Name (Twitch/Discord)
    5. "I'm the Party's:" Fill in with Ship's Job/Quest Class.
    6. Include desired Legendary Abilities , character goals, pronouns, and accessibility notes in the notes section.
    7. Inventory: A pistol, a saber and a Skycaller communication device are standard issued items.
    8. Download Quest Digital Edition for Abilities

    World Anvil

    1. World Anvil Account: Create Here!
    2. Follow this 'make-a-player' guide: Player Workflow!
    3. Join the Campaign: The Wanderers
    4. What you can DO with your Character Profile: Character Interaction Guide!
    5. Use this Example Player's Profile as a guide!
    6. List your Quest Abilities & Class in the Special Abilities section.
    7. Your Ship's Position in the Employment Section.
    8. Post a character Pinterest board in the Physique section.
    9. Only images you own can be uploaded to the Gallery.
    10. You do not have to fill out a Quest Sheet in World Anvil, for now.

    We hope World Anvil will serve as a great resource to enhance everyone's experience!
    Find and follow kindred crew-mates, share your quirks and relationships, jot down speecy-spicy details
    to save for later in the scrapbook, share a gallery of photos, and so much more! Get immersed!
    We host speakeasy streams and 24/7 Discord crew quarters available for open-text roleplay!


    Discord: The WanderDiscord
    Character creation support and workshops can be requested in the Discord.

    Season One Twitch Playlist
    Season Two Twitch Playlist


    Feel free to peruse our crew for inspiration!
    Links to every player's Character Article and Profile, split by departments!

    The Current Character Manifest
    Character Manifest - Season One Archive
    Character Manifest - Season One Excel-Style


    Catching up with any narrative can be daunting,
    here's some great spots to start!

    The Midseason Recap
    The Season One World Anvil Recap

    Choose your Department

    We all answer to someone, which department are you under?
    Click the appropriate Department to self-assign a departmental role for yourself!
    If you're not sure, contact us for character support!
    Assign your department and greet a ranking Officer!

    The HTML Wanderpus
    Silver Thimble Base
    The Airship


    by Nika Simone
    Oh I dunno, we were building the ship, and that went well enough. Then we were building the Rift Engine and out came LETO, familiar as my own breath. I've always said my machines have their own special voice, but didn't know it'd be so annoying! HA!
    — Officer Royce Vanderbilt


    by Nika Simone

    Warm welcomes to our noble ship. I'm Officer Joaquin, in charge of Diplomatic Relations. I've been told there may be spies on the ship. Get settled first, I'm sure we'll have many things to discuss soon enough.
    — Officer Joaquin Tsamoudakis


    by Nika Simone
    by Nika Simone
    I'm Officer Sauma, Chief Medical Officer, report to me after any skuffle, you never know what's out there. Oh and that's Officer June Glowmint, they keep our vials full of goodies over at Physical Research!
    — Officer Sauma Stein


    by Nika Simone
    Two-hundred sixty-eight, two-hundred sixty-ni-- another recruit? Great! Fill out this medical history form, this insurance form, oh and this creature liability form, direct deposit form, you'll definitely need this on-board relationships form, are you originally from a rift -one moment, Squiiiiiishy! Get me a W8-32 with a missing limb add-on for Xelerak again!
    — Officer Krieg Vernix


    No, No, It's Chef Tobias Matthews! Not CHIEF Tobias Matthews! There's been a mistake! I'm here to make meals pop, not heads! Flavors explode, not.. not. buildings? Is that what I do now? t-towers?? Can you give me a hint?
    — Chief Demolitions Officer Tobias Matthews



    You may think this place isn't much, but you shoulda seen it before the uniforms came to Button Bay!!
    — City Operations Officer


    It's pre-ee-ty easy to get there. The fun part is getting us out of there with the cargo still intact!
    — Airship Helmsman Nichol Trafford


    We have plenty of openings in our Department, not just the Rifts!
    — Officer Tlalli Sleekfeet

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