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WanderResource: RP Forums aka Discussion Boards


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Lists of current Crew & Depts.
with links to Character Profiles
Archive: S1 Character Manifest
CURRENT Character Manifest

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Character Manifest Google Sheet

Character Manifest & Coin Purse

This feature is finicky and may look weird in the Chrome browser. Visit the full Character Manifest Here or the Published Google Sheet instead.
When you click inside the Google Sheet it will force you to the top of the page. Scroll back down and now you're "In" the document.
Update your character's Coin Purse, Music Points, Items, etc. by right clicking on a cell and COMMENTING your update! Mods will be alerted via email.

This Article's Table of Contents:

Resources & Links

  • WanderResource: Style & Image Guide
  • Test & Learn Things Out Yourself Here!

  • Note: Forums post in (GMT).
    This article could be titled
    any of these things:
  • How-to WA Discussion Board/Forum & RP
  • Weird Forum Feature Quirks I can't find documentation on
  • Your question/idea is so good! Turns out WA don't do it like that for __X__ reason
  • If we all just copy and paste a lot of same shit into our post, (Found here) eventually it'll look like an aesthetic - here's the list:
  • A bunch of screenshots, but never enough screenshots, showing you something super specific someone asked one
  • A dumping of random links and info related & unrelated to BBCode, CSS, one of the javas... and their limitations within WA.

  • Practice Making Threads & Posts

    New to Posting on World Anvil?
    Use this Forum/Thread to learn!

    Testing Forum for Everyone!

    Create a Thread of your own,
    or play around in the Captain's Playground Post!

    Making a Thread or Post have the same process.
    1. Select Actor. "Change" who you post as

    If you have more than one character attributed to your WA account be sure to select which one you're responding to the Thread with.

    If your character has a profile picture uploaded and but still posts with the default WA image, contact Twylark. Most likely your character doesn't have specific Nika-drawn HTML Art attributed to your character's profile within the HTML Wanderpus World View. Twy can link the two when art is completed (through portrait raffle streams or gameplay) and uploaded.

    Oh, Here's a fun thing we just learned.
    If you reply to a thread with a Dice Roll included, you can't edit or delete it later!!
    If you posted a reply without a Dice Roll, joke's on you, you can't edit one back in!
    So thank goodness for the Testing Forum for Everyone!
    Because I never post something without editing it at least twice immediately.
    (Tag Twy on Discord to delete posts etc.)

    Linking to Articles & Characters in Forums

    In WA, you can't “AT” anyone to tag or ping them.
    (Thankfully we have Discord for that, player information
    in the Character Manifest Google Sheet. DM with consent.)
    extra thoughts I didn't want to erase yet
    Internally, Authors can AT an article or character article (that's how users can hover over a linked article and get a sneak peek (like the Character Manifest above)) HOWEVER, only Authors can apparently do that in WA's Discussion Boards... because y'all as users don't have access to our library of articles like that, that's just not how WA built it.
    Note: Us three, Nika, Alan, & Twy are Authors. We can have other co-authors but are capped at like 10, so that's not a solution to the fact that y'all can't make your Forum posts dope with easy-to-link Lore.
    Most likely Twy will add a new column to the Character Manifest of every character's WA's "Person:ID" or "article:ID." and then explain how to manually force being able to make your RP posts pretty & useful for all -- UPDATE: welp, below is instructions to manually do it, but no column in the Manifest exists yet. Bug Twy about it if it matters to you!   For example, to link the Character Manifest in WA, the BBCode is actually ___ that's the article ID I'm referring to. not an easy boi to find as a user. I'll make a resource for y'all soon.

    1. Go to the bottom of any World Anvil Article, like Character Manifest and look for the "Copy Article Block" button.

    Tedious Instructions

  • 2. Smash it.
  • 3. Paste it into your post. (Example 1)
  • If you want a big box button thing in your post showing off that article, stop here.
  • If you want to seamlessly link to any article in text, and have the hover sneak-preview feature still work, continue on.

  • 4. Change the brackets into parenthesis
  • 5. Change articleblock: to article:
  • 6. In front of the text add the AT symbol, and your display text in brackets - shown in the OOC section below (Example 2)

  • 7. Turns out the word before the big chunk of random numbers is dependent on what type of article the article actually is

  • Go to the article you want to reference, look at the end of the URL - it could say article, person, material, organization, etc. Put that word in the parenthesis section. (Example 3 & 4)

  • 8. You can also just link to whatever you want using the BBCode for URLs, but those wont get the fancy hover feature. (Example 5:)
  • WA BBCode articles listed here: WanderResource: Style & Image Guide

  • Examples

    Ex 1 BBCode: [articleblock:b2b084b2-9ffa-4c7c-9144-882d960044dd]
    Ex 1 Result:
    Character Manifest
    Generic article | Oct 28, 2022

    Ex 2: @[Character Manifest](article:b2b084b2-9ffa-4c7c-9144-882d960044dd)
    Ex 2: Character Manifest

    Ex 3, person: [articleblock:79b259dc-8fe4-4a6b-9909-0506bd4145fc]
    Ex 3, person:
    Joaquin Tsamoudakis
    Character | Jul 6, 2022
    Ex 4, person: @[Joaquin Tsamoudakis](person:79b259dc-8fe4-4a6b-9909-0506bd4145fc)
    Ex 4, person: Joaquin Tsamoudakis

    Ex 5: [url:https://www.worldanvil.com/w/html-wanderpus-wanderpus/a/character-manifest-article|tab] WhateverTextHere [/url]
    Ex 5: WhateverTextHere

    Note: Future Quality of Life update might be adding an extra column to the Character Manifest Google Sheet with article blocks and types preloaded per characters & articles. If y'all actually start using and asking for that, it will be prioritized.

    Apparently you can link to User's World Anvil Profile easily, just not their characters
    Use the above to link to another user's profile page.

    Use the above to show a card of a user's basic details.

    Replying to a Post

    Apparently you can't reply to someone's Thread Reply? idk..

    There's no button to easily do so and then have your reply be nested underneath yours. Discussion Boards apparently don't work the way commenting on articles in WA work.. I'm assuming because, that'd prolly be too helpful and make the forums too much like working forums.

    Instead, you can copy the post's "block" (the white clipboard looking thing in the top right of someone's post) and paste that in your reply's post (Note: The OOC section doesn't parse BBCode of any kind.) Hopefully the post you're replying to isn't hella long or it'll look annoying af to others. Although you can do a [small] PostBlock Here[/small] to make the pasted OG post smaller in text size at least.. that's it that's all I got for you on that one.. Should we just do comments on articles instead? ughhh... World Anvil...

    OH fun tidbit.
    Also, if someone made a post without filling out the main text entry section (like populated only the OOC or dice roll section) the white little clipboard button isn't there! Because idk. I don't know why. Because. Becaaaaause. So I guess if you wanted anyone to reply to your posts by embedding your post in their post....don't just post stuff in the Storyteller & OOC sections only.. Just like Type out OOC: in the main section i guess. maybe slap a header around OOC, like [h2]OOC:[/h2] I gueeeesss. I mean, only if you wanted things to work like a, ya know, Discussion Board aka Forum.....
    DJHummus Showing off His Reply Skills
    Thu, Jul 7th 2022 08:11   Edited on Fri, Jul 8th 2022 10:51

    This Post is showcased in the WanderResource: RP Forums aka Discussion Boards Article!

      Eyyy, it me, The Example! Still feeling a lot of pressure serving as the example for all y'all, but I've had my wheaties and am up to the challenge!!
    Time to GET IN TO IT!!

    Oh, who's this cute little fella? *wink wink
    Thu, Jul 7th 2022 08:07   Edited on Thu, Jul 7th 2022 08:13


    This is DJHummus on the Ones and da Twos posting as myself (my username) instead of my character (An Example Player) because I didn't "Select Actor" before posting. I made sure to update my User Profile first so you get my cute lil humlurk pic! hey girl hey!! FOOD?!

    Go to Thread

    Go to Thread

    Thank you for joining in the adventure!

    For all of this, I guess, ya know, grains and grains of salt. I'm excited by the Discussion Board Feature for HTML Wanderpus, Think they could be some really neat things we do together! Like Music Lessons, a Department Only RP sections seem neat, maybe do a lil auctioneering fun, some play by post fun! Get weird with it you know, but together!

    I'm sure we'll learn more bugs and quirks and feature limitations as we start to use the Forums feature more. And it's tricky, all the Forums showcased by WA are pretty empty or not used, so Guess we write the rules now!! HAHA!!!! We own this town!! Yea, thank god for Discord. Literally if you want to send me (Twylark) your stuff via Discord, for me to help format for you or post for you, hit me up. It'd be a shame to lose great RP & narrative just because of an untested or convoluted system.     https://www.worldanvil.com/w/html-wanderpus-wanderpus/board/music-lessons        

    Section of BBCode to embed stuff


    Embed any YouTube video into your page. The URL is the url on your address bar.

    Embed any TikTok video into your page or hero stream. Use just the VIDEO ID (long number) of of the url..

    Embed any Twitch clip video into your page. The SLUG can be found on clip's page URL (the last part).

    Embed any spotify song, playlist or album. Use the URI or sharing link as the URL.

    Embed any Bandcamp file. Use ONLY the ID
    (Found when you click "embed" on a song, This is what worked here: [bandcamp:182174068])

    Embed any Podbean podcast episode into your page. The URL is the url of your the URL from the embed code.
    (This [podbean:txk9x-b1108d6-dir] is what worked on this page btw)

    Embed any Soundcloud audio into your page. The URL is the url of the track's page.

    ( Actually just the end of the URL is what they want... [kuula:79cC4])

    Embed any 4d object. Check our this blog article for details

    Embed Anchor.fm podcast into your articles. Make sure you use the EMBED url.

    Embed any Libsyn episode. Use ONLY the ID (e.g. [libsyn:15062627] ) of the episode..
    No Example Shown.      
      An HTML Wanderpus Youtube Channel of VODS is coming!

    Absolutely worth a follow!! HTML Wanderpus' Captain & Artist Nika Simone is a legit Capital A-Artist!

    Ever want to be on a romantic date with your GM?

    Spotify: The Night Witch Podcast!

    Bandcamp: No Relation to Wanderpus

    Podbean: The Night Witch Podcast


    Kuula: Nifty Art Deco-lite nomnom spot.



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