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Go ahead. Have at it! Test away!

Use this "Post" & the 'Testing- Y'all' "Thread Board," within the 'Testing things out' "Discussion Board," to muck about! Create a thread yourself just one level higher than this post! Find something new? Share it here, there, anywhere in the Testing area!

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  • WA World Codex of Features
  • See a WA feature you'd like to see in the HTML Wanderpus World?!
    Hit up Twylark in the WanderDiscord to collab!

  • Oh, Here's a fun thing we just learned.
    If you reply to a thread with a Dice Roll included, you can't edit or delete it later!!
    If you posted a reply without a Dice Roll, joke's on you, you can't edit one back in!
    So thank goodness for the Testing Forum for Everyone!
    Because I never post something without editing it at least twice immediately.
    (Tag Twy on Discord to delete posts etc.)
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    This is DJHummus on the Ones and da Twos posting as myself (my username) instead of my character (An Example Player) because I didn't "Select Actor" before posting. I made sure to update my User Profile first so you get my cute lil humlurk pic! hey girl hey!! FOOD?!
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    This Post is showcased in the WanderResource: RP Forums aka Discussion Boards Article!

      Eyyy, it me, The Example! Still feeling a lot of pressure serving as the example for all y'all, but I've had my wheaties and am up to the challenge!!
    Time to GET IN TO IT!!

    Oh, who's this cute little fella? *wink wink
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    This is DJHummus on the Ones and da Twos posting as myself (my username) instead of my character (An Example Player) because I didn't "Select Actor" before posting. I made sure to update my User Profile first so you get my cute lil humlurk pic! hey girl hey!! FOOD?!

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    As a Moderator & Co-Author of HTML Wanderpus on World Anvil, I don't have the ability to Edit posts you have made, but I can delete them. I can also post as your character, by selecting Actor and writing something up. Which is great for transferring over RP that's taken place in the Discord and saving it for posterity on WA.

    However, because of cooourse there's a weird finicky feature with specific behavior in WA..
    However, If I post as your character, I'm pretty sure, our WA Anvil world has to have a picture linked to your character on our side of things as Authors - to have your character's picture pop up beside your post.

    I'll demonstrate. Both DJHummus & Example Player above has humlurk pics as their post's avatar, even though Example Player had uploaded a character image of themselves personally - me linking the humlurk pic to the character internally, overrode DJHummus's character pic selection. In the next post, I'll post as Example Player after removing our portrait from Example Player's Character Article, on our side.

    Hopefully, the pic will revert to the HTMLWanderpus shield uploaded by the user. If it shows the WA logo instead, then that means your character has to have a picture internally uploaded by Twylark and connected to your Character's article - and most likely Twy will only be doing that with Nika-made Art to ensure ArTiStIC cOhEsIoN and ownership things. Welp, here goes!
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    What picture will I have??!?!?!?!
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    This Post is showcased in the WanderResource: RP Forums aka Discussion Boards Article!

    Linking a Character's Profile all snazzy like

    Just me DJHummus... seeing if people can link to in-world HTML Wanderpus Articles themselves in a real dumb way, or a still dumb but less annoying way, but still annoying enough.. (For world Authors we have like a quick internal @ ing system for characters. Apparently Forums doesn't have that system, so let's find the work-around!)   Go to the bottom of any World Anvil Article, like Character Manifest and look for the "Copy Article Block" button.
  • 1. Smash it.
  • 2. Paste it into your post. (Example 1)
  • If you want a big box button thing in your post showing off that article, stop here.
  • If you want to seamlessly link in text to any article, and have the hover sneak-preview feature still work, continue on.
  • 3. Change the brackets into parenthesis
  • 4. Change articleblock: to article:
  • 5. In front of the text add the AT symbol, and your display text in brackets - shown in the OOC section below (Example 2)
  • 6. Turns out the word before the big chunk of random numbers is dependent on what type of article the article actually is
  • Go to the article you want to reference, look at the end of the URL - it could say article, person, material, organization, etc. Put that word in the parenthesis section. (Example 3 & 4)
  • 7. You can also just link to whatever you want using the BBCode for URLs, but those wont get the fancy hover feature.
  • I may be convinced to add an extra column to the Character Manifest Google Sheet if y'all actually start using this a fuck ton and it'd be a worthy 'quality of life' effort.
  • 8. Or just link to articles & character as though they're any 'ol link (Example 5:) Find the BBCode for adding URL's here: HTML Wanderpus Style Guide

  • Examples

    Ex 1:
    Character Manifest
    Generic article | Oct 28, 2022

    Ex 2: Character Manifest

    Ex 3, person:
    Joaquin Tsamoudakis
    Character | Jul 6, 2022
    Ex 4, person: Joaquin Tsamoudakis

    Ex 5: WhateverTextHere
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    My Lesson

    What is my core huh? And how would I find it. Tsoki ponders for a moment.[i/] This seems a lot like how master Longwhiskerchin explained the meditation process. I have never thought to apply that to music. Let me try! Tsoki sits down on the floor and begins his normal meditation routine. He begins to slip away into his consciousness, falling deeper and deeper into a trance like state. His eyes begin to glow softly from beneath his closed eyelids as he brings forth a single question in his mind.[i/] “Who is Tsoki” Memories begin to float past Tsoki as he floats in the empty expanse of his cleared mind. Providing for his younger siblings, building kites for the children, gathering items for the coming of the Wanderpus. Fragmented visions of the past and the future fly past Tsoki as he begins to understand the answer to his question. In every vision Tsoki is helping someone, and he is truly happy.[i/] “My core, my voice tells me that I must help people.”     Tsoki's hands bring his clarinet to his mouth while his eyes stay shut. He listens to the lullaby and lets the sound resonate within his mind. The notes manifest themselves in his inner mind and dance around Tsoki. He begins, softly at first, to play the clarinet. He does not play the melody of the lullaby but instead plays an accompanying part, amplifying the melody of his crew-mates and filling in the gaps. His glowing eyes open as he continues playing music.[i/]
    Harmony roll | 1d20
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    My Lesson

    Quet ran their finger over the physical sheet of music that Ceylon had passed out, lingering over the bars where the notes and dynamic markings differed from the music that had twined through the space—

    seeping through the text in the air in a manner that some would find soothing

    —when their teacher had played it. Exactness, it seemed, did not matter as much in the music making process as she would have thought. He supposed that was what Officer Ceylon had meant by the experience being personal; no one else in the room appeared to be interpreting the song in the same way after all. She dropped her hand from the paper—

    crisp, fresh off the press, littered with invisible fingerprints that spoke of high energy and the fizzy blurred glow of radioactivity

    —to the keys of the piano they had seated themself at. The keys were well worn—

    the echoes of past fingers scrawled across them skilled cursive stumbling scribbles oops, shit, damn, do it again, so close, got it!

    —ivory keys smooth under his paper fingers. She found the keys that matched the ones on the sheet music, noting that one particular one was rewritten over and over, clearly going out of tune far more often than the others. He tapped the key and considered the note that wrote its way into the air. A little sharp, but not by much. They played the first few chords hesitantly, fingers stumbling over the unfamiliar positions, before pausing and looking over the melody; the singer's part. That was far more simple at least, he decided and played a few bars before they paused and tapped idly on the central C key without pressing it down.
      Reconsider: Music varies from person to person. This is copying a copy, thus it isn't personal. Strike prior considerations and restart.

    Yes, she realized, she could learn to play the song verbatim, and it would be acceptable, but that wasn't the point here, was it? Officer Ceylon didn't seem to think so, and given what the siren could do, Quet was inclined to listen if only to attempt to learn.

    Officer Ceylon had told them to find their "core." The thought made Quet frown; as far as he knew, his people had a very obvious core. It was what they were created around and what brought them to life. She shivered at the idea that something like that would have so much of an effect on them, when under normal circumstances, such a thing hardly had any bearing on his life. He wasn't Ezekiel, and never would be, but if that was the core which Ceylon spoke of, then...

    A loud clang from the piano crossed the air in a jagged bold, drawing Quet from her thoughts as all of her flowers shut from being startled. It took a moment, but they realized they had accidentally leaned too far on the keys while lost in the spiral of their thoughts. She leaned back and apologized with an awkward mumble, and tried to refocus on their task.

    Perhaps... perhaps it wasn't so simple as that? The way Officer Ceylon spoke, a core wasn't something physical or tangible. If that was the case, then what exactly made Quet who she was? There was the physical core yes, but that was like a foundation. They tapped at a low D a couple times in thought. A bassline? She considered the thought for a long moment, before accepting it. A song was far more than its bassline, even if that was what held it together.

    He reconsidered the sheet music in front of them, and drew out a pencil to start making changes with tight precise script. They made it a few lines in, then blinked their flowers open and shut considering it. Imperfect, they realized, but it would work. He didn't particularly need to play the music himself, since it looked the same being played as it did written, but she supposed that defeated the purpose in the end. With that thought, slim paper fingers struck the keys, letting a transposed, but simplified version flow into the room. The fact that it was slower was immediately obvious, as both a change in tone, but also because of the untrained fingers playing it. With a deeper undertone and somber tempo combined with the still bright melody, it gave off the energy of persevering despite the darkness of the world, though Quet's stumbling fingers sometimes muddled the tune.
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    sdf | 1d20
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    This is a test - I am testing   Red: Colours   #e82a1f : Colours     how about some blue Test Chicken