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A Siren, the Bird Kind, from Seasonings


It's at the newly bolstered Lockstitch Academy where she first met Liminal's premier Art Conservationist and Amateur Radioactivity scientist, Tena, a Trapiche Emerald Wasp. Exploring the unseen (radioactivity & electromagnetism) through studying natural minerals and exposures brought Tena and Ceylon close - till Tena convinced Ceylon that serving on the HTML Wanderpus would greatly benefit their research and give Ceylon the spotlight she was desperately missing from her Seasonings days.

Brought through a rift with the Seasonings Heroes, Ceylon, once a consummate Art Gallerist in the Seasonings world, she now oversees the HTML Wanderpus Public Relations & Propaganda, Diplomatic Relations & Intelligence (spies), and Silver Thimble's Switchboards as the Senior Communications Officer; all while pursuing the installment of radio towers across the Liminal Plane for personal gratification and acclaim. Recently, due to a very promising young moth, she's begun to musically train crew members to explore their inner voice and support each others through monthly Music Lessons.

Frame our image, forge our narrative, shape the message,

Played by The Twylark, Ceylon is a Magician
The Magician specializes in conjuration and psychic manipulation. From parlor tricks to elaborate deceptions, they are master illusionists, capable of twisting the mind. The Magician flicks their wrist, delighting an audience with a parade of illusory animals. They mesmerize an adversary, freezing them in place. They peer beyond the eyes of another, entering their dreams and shaping their reality.
with the following abilities:   Scintillate
0 AP
You extend your fingers outward, and a streaking bolt of sparks shoots toward a target you can see. Roll the die to see if it hits the target successfully. You may make the bolt explode on contact with crackling energy, hitting the target for 2 HP. Or you can make the bolt a harmless firework that explodes in the air, creating a pattern of any shape and color.
4 AP
You summon four prismatic bolts that sparkle brilliantly. You may direct each bolt toward any target you can see. The bolts each hit for 2 HP. If all four hit a single creature, the creature is affected by your Mesmerize ability (p. 84).
1 AP
You briefly gain the ability to see beyond physical reality.
For the next hour, you are able to see the following:
magic A faint aura surrounds any person or object currently affected by magic.
illusion Any illusory creature or object slightly flickers, but you do not see its true form.
0 AP
You telepathically send a message to a nearby creature. They know you are speaking from within their mind, but they hear you as if you were speaking out loud.

1 AP
You create a link with the creature that allows them to respond to your whisper. If they respond, you may have a telepathic conversation with them for the next minute.
0 AP
Choose a creature you have met before. You must know the general area where they are presently located. You may communicate with each other telepathically for up to 1 minute.

4 AP
You can create the telepathic link, even if you do not know where the creature is located. They can be anywhere.
Magic Tricks
0 AP
You produce a tiny magical effect to surprise, delight, or confuse those around you. Choose any combination of these effects each time you use this ability: light. You create a harmless display of light, like a flickering flame or a pattern of sparks. You can also snuff out or ignite small light sources like torches.
soundYou create a small, brief sound effect, like a wind chime, an audience clapping, or someone whispering.
smellYou conjure a smell of any kind, like a freshly baked pie or a cesspool.
touchYou give one or more nearby creatures a gentle physical sensation, like someone tapping them on the shoulder, a chill breeze, or the feeling of goosebumps
Don't You Know Who I Am?
1 AP
You impress common folk and minions by pretending to be someone notable.

You initiate the ruse by giving a special wink to a party member. Then, each of your nearby party members must proclaim an incredible fact that creates your identity. For example, a party member might begin by calling attention to you as a fabled writer, a storied warrior, or a sports hero. The other members of the party should build on this fake identity until everyone has contributed. Each claim should be more fantastical than the previous one.

When everyone is finished, you draw a captive audience of nearby creatures who crowd around you.
Aura's Silvery Broadcast
2 AP
You broadcast a message up to 20 words in length. Each creature within 1 kilometer hears the message clearly in a voice that sounds pleasant to them. The sound seems to originate from every direction and background noises are muted for the duration.
1 AP
You use the language of outland folks, gaining the trust of a nearby commoner. You must invent a local saying to exchange with the NPC; it can be something like "It's raining cats and dogs" or "Don't judge a book by its cover." Explain what it means at the table.

Then, if you ask any of these questions, the NPC will answer to the best of their ability.
  • Is anyone causing trouble?
  • Where can I find the leader?
  • What are folks talking about lately?

    2 AP
    You whisper a brief lullaby, putting any number of nearby commoners to sleep for up to one hour.
    You can write your own lullaby or borrow one from another author. Read it at the table.
    Creatures affected by the spell collapse and enter a dreamful state, but wake up immediately if they are harmed.

    X AP
    You can intensify the spell to affect nearby minions. Add 1 AP for each minion you wish to put to sleep.
    Folk Song
    2 AP
    You sing a song that kindles strong feelings in NPCs nearby. (The song has no effect on hostile creatures.) Read or sing the chorus of a song at the table and describe your performance. You may write your own or use one from another songwriter.

    Choose a mood to set for your audience:
    brightHearts swell with friendly enthusiasm, sparking joyful conversations.
    somberThe audience falls silent and begins a sorrowful reflection on their suffering.
    proudZealous feelings are ignited, making the crowd noisy and excitable.
        Ceylon grabs her microphone & neck-holder from the console, "I'll support from Silver Thimble, Call if ya must-- Safe Ventures!" She shakes the morning drama out of her feathers, takes a sip of a bright green drink, and burrows into her personal nest in the Communication Control Room. She closes her eyes and begins to hum in meditation, waiting for voices in the dark to be heard.

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