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Vatna Stein+

Vatna Stein+

Particle Flow & Breach Navigation Officer aboard Air Ship

Key Character Milestones

  • Born of a species of moth that sustain themselves by eating reality.
  • Granted The Bitter Gift immediately after hatching.
  • Raised from birth by Sauma Stein and B+.
  • 'Aquired' Onionverse thruster technology during successful first mission and maiden voyage of Air Ship.


Parents (Adopting)
B +
148cm (4ft10in)

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Split.   My hands clench the Silk taught as I literally keep hold of Reality. Keep myself in Reality. I thought the storm had passed. It was only a precursor. Turmoil is overloading my perceptions. The Threads sever and hatchell before my eyes, then spin to the wrong Yarn. They are separate, never separated.   A Call resounds threatening to shatter my antennae.   I can do nothing.   In the midst a pocket where the Threads, the Tones, do not reach. Is it salvation? The eye of the storm? The cause of it all? I want to move Through to it if only to be rid of the Call. Would I find the Thread to come back? None are There to retrace.   No one can See. No one can Hear. No one would Hear if I screamed.   Do something!   Listen.   New Yarns interpose the Lattice. Split. Conjoined.   This is not a Call. Then what..? A Response.   My antennae bend, crack at the onslaught. Listen. Call back. Call… Call it to me. I cannot get lost if I am always Here.   The Demi Onion enshrouds me. I am Here. And Here. But it lets me See again with clarity.   I am safe.

Turning Black Holes Red

No Time. Must save Her. Rules need to be broken. I know how they work. And no one will see. They would not See. Roll Silk. Ensnare Yarn. Assimilate the mass. Walk Through. Release mass. Relocate calamity. Invert. Entwine both realities to ensure our safety. Deflect output to ensure Her safety. Output collateral. Rift Sundered. Vessel dislodged. We are safe.


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