B +

B + (a.k.a. B)

A Blood Slime from ████████ ████████████. They were found by ████ ██ at the ████ ██████████ ███████ and was taken to Lockstitch for ███ ███████ █████ ████, ██████ ████████████, and █████████████ . Tests showed the "fluid" stored inside their body had a healing property and was enrolled in the Lockstitch Academy under the Doctors curriculum.
  While enrolled B+ developed a trickster type personality, leaning towards neglecting classes and responsibilities in favor of wandering around and watching other students and staff.. However, their grades leant a small portion of leeway. Said leeway further developed B+'s already problematic personality. Coupled with their curiosity, this lead to many incidents.
  After graduating B+ developed a human female form in accordance with the rules of the HTML Wanderpus.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

In slime form B+ has a generic blob like shape. A thin layer of dense gel like material surrounding a liquid blood based fluid.   In human form B+ takes on the shape of a tall average female. Featureless and hairless. The same gel like substance coating the fluid internals.   https://pin.it/3JLpOvk

Identifying Characteristics

B+'s entire body is smooth and somewhat glistening while not showing any signs of moisture.   B+'s hands and feet are always in the form of tentacles.

Physical quirks

B+ can change her body or appendages into any shape at will.

Special abilities

Quest Abilities

Ability TreeAbility NameAP CostAbility Description
HealingMend1You gently touch a creature, immediately restoring 5 HP and mending minor wounds like cuts and bruises. The spell does not remove impairments, heal permanent wounds, or cure disease. You cannot use this spell during combat.
HealingRelieve1You say something comforting to a nearby creature, alleviating them of anxiety, pain, and discomfort for one hour. In this state, the creature cannot be affected by fear or confusion. For a brief time, they feel better than they have ever felt before.
HealingHeal2You embrace a creature with a caring touch, restoring all of their hit points. After a short time, the creature is relieved of any short-term impairments. The spell does not remove permanent conditions. If you are using Heal on another member of the party, they may contribute any amount of their own AP to help pay for the spell.
HealingRestore7You touch a living creature, completely restoring them to their normal state over the next few minutes. (You cannot cast this spell while in combat.) The spell restores all hit points and removes any harm or damage. If you are using Restore on another member of the party, they may contribute any amount of their own AP to help pay for the spell.
HarmCorrupt0You grip an organic creature within reach and create a necrotizing wound. The wound turns flesh blackgreen and branches out from where you touched them. The spell hits for 1 HP immediately, and again at the beginning of the target's next turn. (A total of 2 damage.) Affected creatures can only recover these hit points with the Restore spell (p. 67).
HarmNox1You touch a creature, giving them a combination of effects for the next hour. You may choose up to three effects from this list:
Wakefulness, alertness, increased confidence, euphoria, laughter, vivid sensations, relaxedness, sweating, nausea, chills, or irritability.
HarmAfflict3You touch a creature, cursing them with an affliction that lasts up to 1 month. Roll the Die. Choose a symptom each time you use this ability:
The Sillies: The creature acts completely out-of-character in a silly and carefree way. This may change their goals.
Clumsy: The creature's extremities feel awkward to use. They are unable to wield weapons effectively and they drop things constantly.
Blighted: The creature can't recover HP.
If you roll a failure, the affliction becomes contagious, rapidly spreading to any creature that touches your target. On a catastrophe, you also become afflicted.
HarmWither4You touch a creature and cause their body to wither. Their lifespan does not change, but they experience some of the effects of advanced age. They begin to feel as if death is approaching on the horizon — a condition that may change the creature's behavior and goals.
HarmHeartkill6You touch a commoner or minion and curse their heart. (This spell only works on creatures with a heart.) You may choose to instantly cause their heart to explode, killing them. Or you may turn their heart into a time bomb that explodes after a delay of up to 1 year. If you use this spell on a boss, it acts like a tripwire. If the boss is reduced to 20 percent or less of its maximum hit points while cursed, its heart explodes and it dies instantly.
NecromancyDeathsense0You naturally sense whether any remnants of the dead (spirit creatures) are nearby, but not their positions. The Guide will notify you when this sense is triggered.
1You sense whether any sentient creatures have died nearby and how long ago they died. You can sense the location where any creatures died, as well as the general nature of their death; you sense if they were killed by natural causes, an accident, or foul play.
1You extend your vision, allowing you to see spirit creatures who are invisible. This effect lasts until you leave the area.
AlterationSleep2You whisper a brief lullaby, putting any number of nearby commoners to sleep for up to one hour. You can write your own lullaby or borrow one from another   Read it at the table. Creatures affected by the spell collapse and enter a dreamful state, but wake up immediately if they are harmed.
XYou can intensify the spell to affect nearby minions. Add 1 AP for each minion you wish to put to sleep.
LEGENDARYThe Bitter Gift9You touch a creature without selfawareness and bestow them with the bitter gift of selfhood. You must recite a statement at the table about what it means to be alive. It can be a passage from a book, a poem, or something else that expresses ideas about the meaning of life. The target of the spell falls unconscious for the next minute as their body rapidly experiences 1 million years of evolution toward self-awareness. The evolutionary process alters the animal's physical features and capabilities in ways you may not expect. The new creature is thrown into the world with competency in one language, a sense of self-identity, and a vague awareness of its past life, including a few specific memories of significant moments. Another way of putting it: they are now a person like you. The creature knows you gave it life.

Specialized Equipment

Trained as a Doctor. Made of blood and slime.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

B+ has no memory of their time before Liminal besides flashes of feeding on something in the dark, something with tentacles. After arriving at the Lockstitch Academy they made quick friends with Sauma Stein. Often playing pranks on students and staff or skipping class all together to explore, people watch, or just stare out at the ocean from the beach.   An authority problem added to the constant trouble B+ got into. From disobeying orders from superiors to entering areas beyond what their ranking allowed. This lead to a constant state of walking the line between disobedience and self interests as the curiosity grew and a feeling of indifference began to swell.   Using the abundance of people watching B+ did they were able to assume the appropriate reactions to situations even though they didn't understand many of them. This coupled with the medical training developed a confusing indifference towards almost everything. Curiosity lead B+ to want to help people but her base instincts didn't line up with the actions she learned from watching people.   After graduating from the academy and joining the crew of the HTML Wanderpus B+ continues to view things based on their self interests while trying to balance the responsibilities of a medic and interacting with other crew members. The two don't always mix well but B+ tries not to break too many things because that would make the Captain mad... if they were to get caught.

Gender Identity



B+ isn't interested in any sexual conduct. They do find the female form interesting thus their human form being female.


Lockstitch Academy Doctors PHD


Nurse on the HTML Wanderpus

Accomplishments & Achievements

Makes candy inside her body that tastes like what every the consumer enjoys the most.

Failures & Embarrassments

B+ doesn't understand the concept of embarrassment and failure. If told something was embarrassing B+ doesn't feel the embarrassment but attempts to react in a maner she has seen that might fit the situation.

Mental Trauma


Intellectual Characteristics

Intelligent. Lacking a basic understanding of social norms. General indifference towards outside factors instead focusing on personal desires.

Morality & Philosophy

Purely neutral. B+ has no judgement for others actions. She only wants to feed. Cute things do gain favor with B+ and they will attempt to keep those around them happy solely because they assume that is what everyone wants.

Personality Characteristics


Feeding. Tasting as much blood as possible.

Likes & Dislikes

Dislikes loud noises.

Vices & Personality flaws

Blood, always blood. Blood is the only reason. Cute things also gain easy favor.


B+ has full control over her body and can eject any contaminants.


Contacts & Relations

Sauma Stein (Friend) Vatna (moth friend, extra cute) Wanderpus Crew (Work Friends) The Captain (???)

Social Aptitude

Socially Indifferent.

Hobbies & Pets



B+ can not speak. Instead they interpret vibrations and use a form of mimicry to communicate.


Sauma Stein


Towards B +


B +


Towards Sauma Stein


Blood slime...

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Chaotic Neutral
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Date of Birth
Current Residence
HTML Wanderpus
Non-Binary (Human form Female)
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Blood Red
3' in slime form 6'5" in human form
Quotes & Catchphrases
Pretending to be a fire during the academy exams.
Known Languages
B+ interprets vibrations into language.


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