Tena, a Trapiche Emerald Wasp, is Liminal's premiere Art Conservationist.   Performing expert investigations and analysis on artifacts and works through radiation imaging shit, ya know like Xrays n Radium n 1920s shit, yea fuck yea. Through a symbiotic relationship with a radiotrophic fungi covering her wings, she can control her natural radiation emissions by storing, shielding from or focusing several types of radiation to conduct her investigations.   Her services are used frequently by Ceylon's pursuit for high quality art gallery goods for the high society of Seasonings (she deems herself of,) building wealth and renown by becoming the Voice of Liminal as a radio show hostess/propogandist, just gotta build some radio communication towers first...)   Tena and Ceylon gossip nonstop together, tittering into their Ceytooths (forgot what I called my personal, specially designed listening totally not spying devices earlier) like switchboard bff girls do.   After Ceylon's traumatic blackout during the Saving Private Squishy Rescue Mission (S1G11), Tena is the one who built her confidence and health back up through a series of high-energy radiation baths, like a tanning bed for people with low Vitamin D, but in this case it's Vitamin T, eyyyyy.   Tena & Ceylon now live together in an undisclosed roost of their own, electromagnetic radiation experiments tucked into every cranny of their home. Minerals and Crystals embroderied into the walls and bungalows calmly glowing the worries of the outer worlds away. They watch the sunset together over tea on the veranda as much as they can.


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