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The Lonely Gallows ship, carrying Shamshir, Katori, Adira, Ceylon, and The Tinkerer's Assistant, among others, was violently sucked through a rift from the Seasonings World into The Liminal Plane (a rift dumping ground of sorts), and were fortuitously rescued by Captain Nika Simone. Looking for information on how to return home, the group traveled to The Great Reef, where those looking to study and safely travel through the rifts had convened.

Upon arrival, "The Academy," as it were, fell extremely short of the heroes' hopes; their special skill sets however, as if by providence, brought about great hope for Lockstitch and it's Academy. Shamshir, a pirate, trained recruits on how to fight on the open sea with his classic pistol & sabre combo, Katori patiently developed a form of rift-stitching using methods known for generations to her people, Adira cultivated recruits' natural-world curiosity through potions & brews, the Tinker's Assistant shared knowledge of powerful mechanisms and engines, and Ceylon, while not directly interacting with recruits, used her Siren's natural dominion over electromagnetism and signals to fit the Academy and Lockstitch with robust communication devices.
  And so we begin our adventures with the first graduation of recruits trained to serve under Captain Nika on the first ship designed to travel rifts - The majestic HTML Wanderpus

Game #1: My Fleet Academia

February 22, 2021 in the Discord
Officer Joaquin (Eznho), Lio L. Levon (Lio Levon),
Carica Busicon (Caustic), Gemini (Tengu Gemini)
Crew members complete their final exams to graduate the Lockstitch
Academy and officially become a part of the HTML Wanderpus Crew.
by Nika Simone

The HTML Wanderpus Submarine, headed by Captain Nika, is the first Rift-faring Ship on the Liminal Plane. It's been tasked by Lockstitch's Admiral Taupe to investigate and seal dangerous rifts, and to ensure any hazardous/magical rift-related contraband is contained appropriately. To prepare recruits for their long and dangerous adventures into the unknown, the collection of stranded souls from Seasonings, now looking for big answers on the Great Reef, are invited to overhaul and lead The Lockstitch Academy. The adventurers' wisdom in Naval Combat, Mechanics, Survival, and Stitching
build the cornerstones of the Wandercrew's knowledge,
but will it be enough for what lies beyond the Rifts?
Every crew member serving upon the HTML Wanderpus has graduated from The Academy located on the Great Reef (later known as the City of Silver Thimble). Though Admiral Taupe's touching commencement speech is cut short due to a large portion of the Academy being set on fire earlier, hope and resolve sparkle in each recruit's eyes as they don their official uniforms and pin the HTML "W" badge to their chest.

You too can take your final exams right here in the World Anvil using the Rollable dice prompts! Your roll will appear somewhere on the screen's bottom. Click the popup message to remove it!
Click Me to Practice Roll!

Did anything break? Did you discover a new weakness or kink in your training? If any rolls were less than 5, describe the tough situation created. If any rolls were higher than 18, describe the excitement that filled the air! Did you use any special abilities to create these outcomes? Get weird with it! Create and interact with the world around you!

Final #1: The Fight
The party went straight to their physical final giving to them by Professor and Professional Pirate Shamshir Lightpurse. After a long winded introduction, he set them to their task of competing against one another through an obstacle course followed by one-on-one combat. While the party was going through their trials, another class of recruits were training with their pistols. Crew member Marcus Burnhardt had a terrible accident and shot Carica Busicon in the head with his test pistol. It was non-lethal; however, it did give Carica a severe concussion that they downplayed to continue taking their test.
Roll Physical
  Final #2: The Tinker
Second Stage of finals was given by “The Tinker” an autonomous robot that trains people on things like engineering and thinking on their feet. They had set a bomb up in the classroom telling our party it would detonate in three minutes, then left the room to perform a pop quiz on the class across the hall. After some quick thinking and studying by Lio L. Levon and Gemini it was decided Lio should be the one to dismantle the bomb. With seconds left on the clock and a coin flip decision, they disarmed their bomb.
Roll for seconds left on the clock
  Final #3: Survival
The class then went outside to take their survival tests with Professor Adira. She was acting as though she had suffered from a mighty wound. The party was being tested to both procure healing items from the nearby forest and to keep her safe from the roaming pack of wolves. With Gemini's knowledge of plant life, he easily spotted the mushroom needed for this task and brewed a rather disgusting potion to heal the professor. They instead gave the potion to Carica to heal their injury.
Roll for Adira's Final Health
  Final #4: Rift Stitching
The Final test was one of Rift Closing. Professor Catori had set up a small faux town with classmates acting as curious towns folk. The party did a great job distracting the townsfolk away from the suspected Rift location in the bottom of a well. They sent Lio, their smallest member, down the well to sew up the Rift and despite letting a snake sneak out, Catori believed they did a good enough job to pass.
Roll for Stitch's Quality


Speakeasy #1: The Night Before

The HTML Crew celebrate before their maiden voyage in the morning.
April 3, 2021

Game #2: Shroom Shanties

April 4, 2021
Officer Joaquin (Eznho), Officer Royce Vanderbilt (Kole),
Officer Sauma Stein (Lurid), Officer Krieg Vernix (Toast),
Officer Corzipa Gavon (Talon), Officer Tobias Matthews (KingWolfKai)
The Officers escort King Reedi to his doctor on Beacon Point
while the Crew distract a Pastura town with a massive rager!

For their first adventure aboard the HTML Wanderpus, the crew is sent out to make a treaty with the nearby Kingdom of Pastura. They meet with The Glorious Frog King Reedi C Ulyess and his advisor Peanut. In exchange for his allowing the Lockstitch to be active in Pastura, the officers will take King Reedi to his doctor, Nicholas A. Torch on Beacon Point while the crew will remain in Pastura and ensure King Reedi’s medical confidentiality amongst his subjects. Upon arrival, the town was under attack by a new creature called “Redcaps” The party destroyed the redcaps and sealed the rift present, but in the process Private Squishy, Administrative Officer Krieg Vernix's companion, was pulled through a rift and lost. As the party turned to leave, a mysterious figure wearing the skin of a Redcap fell out of a rift -she was taken to the Med Bay.

The six-eyed, four-armed, two-legged, extra-skinned, entirely too large Frog King of Pastura. A very stubborn man who has to stick to his guns whether he has changed his mind on the subject or not. Wears a long cape and crown. Has two smaller arms that come from his upper chest that function as human hands while still sitting or hopping like a frog. Appaaaaaaaarently, he is very sexy. “Who knew?”

The constantly talked over Advisor of King Reedi. The crew took a great liking to Peanut, the average sized cat with orange fur, small and seemingly timid creature.

by Nika Simone


A skillful Doctor studying mushrooms as medicine. The tall and gaunt humanoid English Spaniel gave the party a book titled “The Bitter Gift” as a reward.

Large, fleshy creatures with many arms ending in claws that seem to scoop the flesh and blood off their targets. As they consume blood, they grow much larger, granting them more abilities, and the sack on their head fills and pulsates with blood, thus giving them their name “Redcaps.”

A human man wearing a mask that looks like a human face but also a multi-faceted mirrored disco ball. He is deeply dedicated to his family and very chatty. Like the HTML Wanderpus, he is also researching the rifts.

Game #3: Trade Up!

April 12, 2021
Marcus Burnhardt (ProfWinter), Tilorn Cart'lori (AltonRune),
Tlalli Sleekfeet (Trixxie), Walter Poxsworth (PoxMuffin)
Crew members try their luck trading up magical items at a massive swapmeet.

A large gathering of nomads and merchants from all over the plains of Pastura meeting every few years. The crew tried to get as much contraband as possible by trading away the goods they had on hand. After destroying a sacred stone and being accused of stealing, they snuck away. Also, the Mysterious Woman from the rift, disguised as Officer Joaquin, escaped... with an egg.

An Otter woman who leads the nomads on the plains of Pastura with a real no-nonsense attitude, that wants to discover all of the plain’s secrets.

Speakeasy #2: Bitter Rumors

The crew shares legends and rumors with robed figures at The Diving Belle.
April 17, 2021

Game #4: To Spite Your Fae

April 25, 2021
Officer Sauma Stein (Lurid), Officer June Glowmint (Zezzifr),
Officer Corzipa Gavon (Talon), Officer Tobias Matthews (KingWolfKai)
The Officers reveal the mysteries of the masked and toothless people
of Port Barter while the Crew fight to keep the ship afloat.


The crew travel to Port Barter intending to help deliver goods for the city, since most boats can no longer safely traverse the oceans with the current heightened rift activity. Deliveries did not go well - some cities got all the supplies and others received none, sparking conflict between the nations. Meanwhile, Officers investigated the swamp and found a rift inside a tree, discovering a gigantic winged serpent known as a "The Coo'Kla" on the other side. They learned of the giant fabric-of-reality-eating moths, shattered the safe zone between realms, and ran away. Also, the Officers knocked a giant crocodile out and flooded the City, then, again, ran away.
  Ancient being and natural enemy of the fabric-of-reality-eating giant moths - it warns to stay clear of such creatures.

Game #5: Rift Wide Wrestling

May 3, 2021
Seth Richards (Nyght), Alabaster John Glasgow (Wolfish_),
Lio L. Levon (Lio Levon), Officer Royce Vanderbilt (Kole)

Everyone attends a giant wrestling event where Captain Nika fought The Ferry Man and Honey Banks, but was disqualified because the crew beat the current champion, The Roc, unconscious while robbing his home. With hints of tentacles and an illicit past, the Captain reveals her prowess in and out of the ring.
by Nika Simone
by Nika Simone
by Nika Simone

A 20-ft (6m) tall Oni, who dresses and acts much like the real-world “Undertaker,” got destroyed in a one on one match against Captain Nika.

A Centaur wrestler who has a way with the crowds, and who also got absolutely destroyed in a match against the Captain.

The Champion. A humanoid Owl who never wears a shirt and is built like a brick wall. He was second-in-command of a secretive crime syndicate called "The Parliament"


Game #6: Welcome to the Jungle

May 30, 2021
Officer Krieg Vernix (Toast), Zacna Midrad (MD5Ray01)
Tilorn Cart'lori (Alton Rune), Rha Shaja (Ottertime)

Tipped that erratic rifts lie within a massive jungle, the crew find a trap orchestrated by "The Parliament." Trying to develop their own rift -traveling technology, the crime family attempts to steal the Senior Officer L.E.T.O. drive. The crew successfully saved the town and Giant Bird and took 2 members of The Parliament hostage and attempted to interrogate them, although they were forced to let them go by Admiral Taupe.
by Nika Simone
by Nika Simone
by Nika Simone


Game #7: The River is Wild

June 16, 2021
Officer Corzipa Gavon (Talon), Officer Krieg Vernix (Toast),
Snik Snak von Potts (Kuari), Gemini (Zach)

by Nika Simone
The crew was hired by Tincture and The Riverman to explore an ancient, giant hole in the Pastura countryside. They found a rift so large and so close it appears to be a sky all its own. They found the Mysterious woman and the Mirror Mage Timothy, who was not doing well. The crew broke his experimental tools and when he attacked them out of rage, Security Officer Corzipa shot him and left him for dead. The Mysterious Woman then fell into the water and was washed out to sea. Meanwhile, the crew above were trying to install a communication tower when a Flamingo named Bobert got into an intense legal battle with the Lockstitch’s Dragon lawyer, Juris a.k.a. Dragon Wrong, but thankfully Tea was there to quickly qualm any HTML legal responsibility.
  A flamingo real estate agent that wears every tie that he can find.
He is very questionable but well versed on property law.

Game #8: Riot!

July 17, 2021
Carica Busicon (CausticLullaby), Rha Shaja (Ottertime),
Quintillion Primberry a.k.a Qui (Elliot Grey), Lina Hart (SSakuras)

The WanderCrew take a job joining Assistant Peanut in finding King Reedi's daughter, Lolli, in the city of Yoke amidst a revolution. However, events go amiss when, according to reports, Lolli is tragically decapitated during the chaos and the city is flooded once again. Suspecting the results of the rescue mission will be blamed on him, Peanut finds his escape floating down the river
on the Lady of Bone's back.


Game #9: BEACH PARTY!!

by Nika Simone
July 31, 2021
Akhana Nari (Akhanasama), Quintillion Primberry a.k.a Qui (Elliot Grey),
Officer Sauma Stein (Lurid), Officer Tobias Matthews (Kai)

"Playing with the Boys" styled Beach Party, time for the crew to build sand castles, play volleyball and try not to get arrested!
  The beach party went great (other than one crew member, Akhana Nari, catching a case of The Lippening and being healed by B+ & Tea) right up until The Starlight Organization showed up to arrest the crew. The Captain managed to get everyone clear and the crew made their escape into the ocean. The crew finds documents that reveal Admiral Taupe's true actions and intentions - Admiral Taupe has used the HTML Wanderpus to collect magical items and seal rifts, so that only she can profit from rift access through her own large-scale underground market.





Game #10: Secrets from the Underground

August 15, 2021
Officer Joaquin (Eznho), Officer Krieg Vernix (Toast),
Officer Royce Vanderbilt (Kole), Zacna Midrad (MD5Ray01)

The Crew searches for someone with rift-traveling knowledge (not just rift-sealing) and realizes the Mysterious Woman who fell out of the rift the first time they saw the Redcaps is the perfect someone.

The woman, later revealed to be Laurel, agrees to help the crew, as long as they help her get someone being held prisoner by The Starlight Organization out. She leads the crew to a rift she knows about, one she thinks the Starlight won’t follow through.

by Nika Simone

A rift-hopping adventurer.
She looks decidedly a lot like Officer Joaquin although Joaquin and Laurel both don’t agree on the severity of their similarity.


Game #11: Saving Private Squishy

August 28, 2021
Captain Nika Simone, Senior Officer Ceylon (Twylark), Officer Krieg Vernix (Toast), Officer Tobias Matthews (Kai)

The rift leads the HTML Wanderpus to “Seasonings,'' the Lonely Gallows’s and current Academy professor's world of origin. This world has bizarre magic that can grant great powers to people seemingly randomly. The world was not as safe as Laurel believed, for Starlight Group followed the ship into a deep swamp and attacked on sight, destroying the ship’s cannons. The Captain, Tea, and crew snuck onto the Starlight ship, saved the long-lost Private Squishy
and destroyed it.

by Nika Simone

In the sound-deafening blast, Officer Ceylon lost control of many volatile sound-dampened crystals tethered to her feathers causing a rift to open deep under the swamp. Answering the Siren’s Call, a large Redcap Queen tried to push her way through the rift. Hundreds of Redcaps escape and spread throughout the Seasonings world before the crew can
push the Queen back into the rift.

Game #12: Blood in the Cut

September 11, 2021
Cashews Shadowclaw (Klackles), Clemente (VaNex),
Lio L. Levon (Lio), Gemini (Zach)

The HTML Wandercrew sets out to find a way to stop the infestation of Redcaps they unleashed on an unsuspecting world, with some help from an old ally, Nicholas Torch, and repairs the beaten sub. With the Starlight threat mostly quelled, the crew returns to the Liminal plane and the Lockstitch Academy. They return to find Bobert showcasing The Lockstitch Academy property to a family of Otterkin. The Great Reef gets attacked by the Redcap Queen, but thankfully the crew manage to loosely stitch up the rift around it. They go to Nicholas Torch and ask for his assistance against Redcaps, and in a stroke of unexpected competence, the party manages to build a Redcap Tracker fairly easily. In the distance, giant warships appear through a previously unknown rift.

Game #13: Fear & Delight!

September 25, 2021
Captain Nika Simone, Senior Officer L.E.T.O. (Leto),
Officer Sauma Stein (Lurid), Officer Krieg Vernix (Toast)

  Killed Admiral Taupe. Lippy Frog girl, a prior crew member of Captain Nika's crew prior to joining Lockstitch, seeking out her captain. Loyal to her crew in any situation, Captain Nika & Tea allow the Lippy Frog Girl (Bretagne) to squish into Admiral Taupe's body and flee the scene... Surely that won't be terrifying to encounter at a later date!

Game #14: The Quiet Year Rebuilding

October 16, 2021

Over the course of a year, our adventurers settle in and finally focus on rebuilding the island
that once housed the Lockstitch Academy into the thriving city of "TBD" Silver Thimble.


Game #15: Snowblind

November 1, 2021
Isaac Wicklaw (Warlord), Zacna Midrad (MD5Ray01),
Clemente (VaNex), Rha Shaja (Ottertime)

The world is freezing. Massive rifts are starting to open throughout the plane. Per Tea's advice, the crew asks Timothy the Mirror Mage (someone who has artificially made a rift before) for help investigating the frozen wasteland and missing populace of the once-thriving Point Barter (a place once as warm as the Everglades, now with walkable thick ice throughout the port.)
Deep in the city, The Lady Faye, the ashen-faced woman Marcus Burnhardt(Prof Winter) has been deeply curious of since the Trade Up incident, is found singing an eerie song, using crystals containing captured Fae from game 2-ish that amplify her spell-casting voice that's causing a rift behind her to open, pulling the power of the Jötunn, the snow planet, through. Once the Lady Faye's ritual is properly disturbed and the portal closed, causing the once dormant volcano below to awaken. Timonthy explains how to cast away Jötunn to another realm. Using the Gold Pen, Isaac writes Jötunn's existence away, however the planet will exist between planes elsewhere.
Rha Shaja (after being ordered to apologize for his rudeness) fails to punch Timothy in the back of the head, instead Timothy throws Rha into the still frozen water. In an act of concern, Zacna Midrad captures Timothy for his own protection, but after Timothy sternly warns "None of you will like what's coming next," Zacna releases him. Crop Top Fur coat owned by the Lady Faye, moth scales fall out (the dusting of the scales warps reality in interesting ways.)
  What is reported to HTML Wanderpus? Considering Isaac is first and foremost a Record Keeper, every behavior and use of excessive force, is thoroughly reported and looked severely down upon at large.

Game #16: My Song Knows What You Did in the Da-a-a-a-ark

November 22, 2021
Officer Corzipa Gavon (TalonWarhawk), Gemini (Zach),
Officer Carica Busicon (CausticLullaby), & "The Ringleader" (Adrian)


The Glorious Frog King Reedi C Ulyess asks the Wanderpus Crew for help in a delicate political matter and the crew escorts King Reedi on a diplomatic mission of immense importance.
  An old man was dying of old age and put his soul into a Puppets Body, the puppet became the Ringleader for a Circus known as "The Voyage Extraordinaire" he was absolutely insane had two faces was at the same time devilishly smart and a complete idiot was good fun. He was a bard but I don't hold that against him.

Game #17: Ich Will Alles

December 11, 2021
Officer Tobias Matthews, (Kai), Officer Sauma Stein (Lurid),
Tlalli Sleekfeet (Trixxie), Cashews Shadowclaw (Klackles)

The crew sets off to search the seas and Silken Towers
for their lost companion!


Game #18:
Hunter's Moon

December 18, 2021
Coraline "CC" Cellier (TJ), Zacna Midrad (MD5Ray),
Senior Officer Ceylon (Twylark), Cashews Shadowclaw (Klackles) & Teralore aka Tea (Kiera)

Following mysterious music the depth of an ocean rift, the crew fails to discover seal the rift.. total poop show...

Game #19: Whereabouts Unknown

December 19, 2021
Lio L. Levon (Lio), Isaac Wicklaw (Warlord),
Officer Krieg Vernix (Toast), Officer Joaquin (Eznho)

While searching for Timothy and Ezekiel the Snailsman, the crew tries their hands at political aid!
  Lio Levon's Retelling of the mission
Most of the Crew needed to stay at home base to keep the redcaps at bay (Which went successfully during the session!) while 4 crew members went to as many lands as possible to help them and gain allies. Port Barter, North and South Pastura, Salt and Sand, the Avery Archipelago, and Yoke needed help We did not have time to get to all of it, but we managed to cover Port Barter, North and South Pastura, and Salt and Sand.

In Port Barter, we saved as many folks as we could from the volcano laying waste to the city. Krieg found and rescued one of the fairies from the Snowblind shenanigans! Seventeen is their name, and is now in the city with the Wandercrew and their fellow fairy, Three. Isaac also found some interesting books in the crumbling library there which may be of use! In South Pastura we were able to help The Riverman and our friendly Otter, Tincture, by more or less keeping an invasion point of Redcaps from being accessed. Disguising the three giant rocks around the hole there, along with Joaquin's fancy illusions, it looks like 4 Coo'Klas have made their home by the hole and the Redcaps want noooone of that XD

We also got a scroll which turned out to be info for a crew member that, until we read it there, forgot they even existed! turns out that paper was taken from The Word Tree! :notlikexeta: In North Pastura, we attended a feast hosted by King Reedi. Moth Chief, Ringleader, and Peanut was there as well. Joaquin's fancy wine proved a bit too fancy, and Peanut did something unexpected. He TALKED. And man he just TORE King Reedy a new one with his words before storming out. Lio L. Levon and Joaquin had to work together to keep King Reedy from drinking deep of a Depresso Espresso, and we were successful! Krieg also bet that the Ringleader can beat Reedy's muscular guard in an arm wrestling contest and won the bet! Reedy is on our side as well for the coming shenanigans.

In Salt and Sand, the group found the craftsman were being forced to work building saws and various wood-cutting implements by Redcaps, lead by a Wandercrew Traitor, Tsura! Isaac showed off his sniping skills and cleanly picked out the Redcaps no problem, while Krieg+Squishy and Joaquin captured the traitor.

Lio L. Levon almost did something terrible upon seeing the traitor and more so, seeing the tool she personally used to keep the crafters in line. Lio was able to compose himself however since we intend to arrest her proper.

Timothy showed up and attempted to take the traitor back with him, but upon seeing how swift the retaliation was, decided it wasn't worth the effort. Sadly we couldn't get to the Avery Archipelago, or Yoke, but we did the best we could! Turns out the baddies are trying to tear down the Word Tree! It's currently encased in a Disco-Ball like bubble protecting it, and we gotta find a way to deal with that tomorrow!
  (Sorry for the wall of text! that be the summary of last night's game from this Bunny Engineer's PoV!)



Game #20:
Season Finale Part One
Courtesy Call

December 20, 2021
Captain Nika Simone, The Ringleader (Adrian), Pim (Keri), Ento (Corey)

First, The Captain recruits some help for a special mission. Then, the crew braves redcaps to save the Word Tree! Join us for this two-part feature!

The Captain teamed up with the Ringleader to ride the Catfish into a rift to recover some of her former crewmembers, Pim and Ento. They banished (again) Jotun, froze a mega redcap, sealed the rifts from Saturday's game, recovered the records, traveled to the Word Tree, brought down the mirrored shell around it, and defeated Timothy, although he was taken by the Ringleader, who left in a flurry of spahgetti bags. ... Big catfish is back, they rode it into battle, found Jotun again, ran away, found the blood realm and froze the massive redcap then ran away again, now they are back and the Word Tree is Biodomed...
  as siblings, she's a wolpertinger, he's a jackelope - A sniper and a doctor, respectively. Both members of the Capt's past crew

Game #21:
Season Finale Part Two
Paper Wings

December 20, 2021
Gemini (Zach),Officer Carica Busicon (Caustic),
Chef Officer Tobias Matthews (Kai), Akhana Nari (Akhanasama)


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May 6, 2022 23:55

The Fight (11) Fighting was very much one of Midnight's specialties however this new world made many of his usual strategies more difficult as he was used to more control over his shadow magic. This world's rules however made everything flow a bit differently. Much of his training was done with the sword and finetuning himself to these new rules but even as the finals rolled around he was simply a passable fighter, holding his own in the one-vs-one fight while the obstacle course challenged him some but caused no significant issues. It was valuable to giving him the proper experience he needed to begin functioning at his best.   The Tinker(129) This was the test Midnight was dreading the most. He never considered himself particularly technical, more relying on simpler tools, his magic and physical prowess. He was all but convinced that he was going to fail this test until he got a good look at the device. The moment he set eyes on it however, memories of home came back to him. A group of alchemists called The Nutcracker Family would sometimes stop by the village to sell potions and explosives to the hunters. The youngest daughter, Nilly, would often play pranks on the kids of the village using small yield bombs more akin to firecrackers then proper explosives. Of course a young Midnight would end up a victim of this several times and chase after her each time. After a couple years however they had begun to be more friendly with each other, with Midnight occasionally observing her projects. He didn't quite understand every aspect of it and likely could never replicate himself but the way the bomb in front of him was put together reminded him of Nilly's methods. After tens of seconds of careful examination he put together what each connection was and disarmed the device with a few flicks of his claws.   Survival (11) The key to survival is knowledge. Years of living in a mountain village, hunting monsters and wandering the woods had served Midnight well. This land was not his own however. Everything was unfamiliar. New. All he had to work with beyond his honed instinct were the lessons of the academy. Then there was the escort portion of the task. He was used to working with other hunters so more than a couple times he overextended and gave chase which left Adira vulnerable. He'd quickly catch on to the problem however and return to Adira, eventually resorting to protecting her with a small wall of shadow (Shield) to fend the wolves off. Finding the means to treat Adira largely fell unto others in his group though when given a description of what was being sought he was able to point out several possible paths which aided in the test's completion.   Rift Stitching (11) The rift stitching was largely uneventful for Midnight with him being responsible primarily for keeping watch for townsfolk in the immediate surroundings of the rift while one member dived in to seal it and the others drew others to the bar to party. The one slip was when the diver's tether broke, requiring Midnight to think fast and lash his shadowwhip onto the broken tether to pull them to safety.