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The Crime Family based in Parliament City

Key Character Milestones

  • Have been trying to steal Subs blueprints
  • Set up an Illegal Betting ring and rig the outcome of a wrestling match
  • Was robbed by the crew lost most of their money and weapons and prototype airship
  • Ever since The Riverman's death, there's been a power vacuum in Parliament City

Known Encounters

  • S1G5: Rift Wide Wrestling

  • Played: May 3, 2021  
  • S1G6: Welcome to the Jungle

  • Played: May 30, 2021

    Tipped that erratic rifts lie within a massive jungle, the crew find a trap orchestrated by The Parliament. Trying to develop their own rift -traveling technology, the crime family attempts to steal the Senior Officer L.E.T.O. drive. The crew successfully saved the town and Giant Bird and took 2 members of The Parliament hostage and attempted to interrogate them, although they were forced to let them go by Admiral Taupe.  
  • S1G14: The Quiet Year Rebuilding

  • Played: October 16, 2021

    The Mousekin are found refuge from Parliament at Silver Thimble.  
  • S2G0.2: Dopamine

  • Played: April 16, 2022

    Help build up the Parliament crime family, decide on what their role in Season 2 will be. The foggy nights of Parliament City, the factions at war, who comes out of top? Let's see what those infamous owls have been up to in the second HTML Wanderpus world-building game of the Season, Beak, Feather, & Bone!  
  • S2G6: Call My Name

  • Played: July 9, 2022
    Tsoki Chatterfang's "S2G6 Visionary Retelling"

    The communications team embarks on a tower-building mission as the sub is being rebuilt. They received word from an unlikely source: The Matron of Parliament has invited Ceylon and her team to set up communications towers in the city, and offers to help spread them around the world- for a price.

    In order to grow their communications projects the HTML find themselves in the dark of Parliament City, and now the crew must make friends with old adversaries and uncover a sinister plot. Thankfully, former Parliament employee, Officer Nichol Trafford is guiding the party through the City.      

  • All Images on this page are created or owned by Wanderpus, Nika Simone.
  • by Nika Simone
  • Attempting to steal the Schematics for the Wanderpus
  • Fixing the Wrestling tournament
  • Being ousted by the ROC
    by Nika Simone
  • Being the original Muscle until The Roc showed up
  • Being ousted alongside Penny by the Roc
  • A violent streak and is not concerned with murder
    by Nika Simone
  • Doesn't like being called Mr. Numbers
  • Became obsessed with red demon-heart crystals
  • Possessed several highly weaponized blue-prints
  • Returned to the authorities of Parliament City
  • by Nika Simone

    The Champion. A humanoid Owl who never wears a shirt and is built like a brick wall. He was second-in-command of a secretive crime syndicate called "The Parliament."


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