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Silver Thimble


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Game #14: The Quiet Year Rebuilding

Played: October 16, 2021
Game System: The Quiet Year
Players: Everyone!
Mission: Over the course of a year, our adventurers settle in and finally focus on rebuilding the island
that once housed the Lockstitch Academy into the thriving city of "TBD" Silver Thimble.
Lio L. Levon's "The Quiet (But Busy!) Year" & Twitch VOD

Facilitated by:

List of projects successfully overseen by Officers
  • Regain the trust of the Liminal Plane residents
  • Begin mining silver (Unknown crystal found)
  • Locate and pump a potable water source
  • Equip an Artisanal offense workshop
  • Build a 110-mile long railroad around the entire island
  • Manufacture a trade and transport fleet of 12 ships
  • Develop a strong & beneficial tax structure
  • Convert the Academy into an affordable-for-all Hospital
  • Declare competitive civilian pay and labor conditions
  • Opened the Word Tree Resort and Hot Springs
  • One Emergency Broadcasting Radio Tower & Speaker
  • Construct Sustainable Hydroponic Greenhouses
  • Invent and Install Giant Engines from the Hot Springs
  • New Residents of the To-be-named Island
  • The Mousekin (saved from Parliament Infiltrators)
  • The Otterfolk (some fallen from a Redcap attack)
  • The Glories (People who worship the giant rift)
  • Peanut (fleeing muder accusations)
  • Salt & Sand glass artisans
  • Port Barter tradespeople

  • But then Winter suddenly arrives, a season the Liminal Plane has never experienced. Thankfully, the engines bring power, the hot springs heat, the greenhouses food, the ships transport, the hospital health, the railroad connection and the radio safety and enjoyment. While the plane descends into cold chaos, the new "Silver Thimble" city thrives.

    The State of the Island City (Later named Silver Thimble) from the GM:

  • The politics and negotiating prowess of Officer Joaquin Tsamoudakis regained the trust of the neighboring cities and the Crew is once again seen as “Problem Solvers” instead of “The Problem”
  • Officer Krieg and the administrative departments taxes and trade accords have been well reserved around the world putting out fires that the crew started when they failed to deliver goods around the world. The newly formed city has become the central hub of trade in the Limial plane “And perhaps beyond”
  • Science Officer Carica has invested resources into the crafting of a whole new suite of Science Department gear; these tools are enhanced magically and are far less prone to breaking then the previous models. “Items included in this are a full set of away team scuba suits, a diving bell, beakers and lab equipment, and a rift detector that is a glass rod that changes colors as it resonates with nearby rifts”
  • Officer Sauma hospital has been recognized as the leading medical establishment on the Liminal plane, It is currently at maximum capacity due to the onset cold weather has made many sick.
  • The city's engineers have created a thermal powersource using silver to conduct power throughout the city in tandem with the communications towers they are able to keep the civilians of the city comfortable in these uncertain times.
  • Security team discovered a giant turtle to the north, but as the cold overtook the world the turtle has not been seen.
  • The Mousekin saved from Parliament and the Otterfolk lost some of their members to the Redcap attack and as such have taken Rhas offer to train them they have become the defacto Guards for the City. ”Not the cops, fu*k cops”

  • All Images on this page are created or owned by Wanderpus, Nika Simone.

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