Ex-Advisor to the King of Pastura (King Reedi) & Put upon Cat

Key Character Milestones

  • Wordlessly welcomes the crew.
  • Was disguised as The Glorious Frog King Reedi C Ulyess during a parade. (S1G2)
  • Joined the crew as a spy for King Reedi.
  • Failed to extract King Reedi's daughter, Lolli, from Yoke during a revolution. (S1G8: Riot)
  • Fearful from Reedi's wrath, fled to Silver Thimble.
  • Attempting to co-run the The Diggy Hole Project with First-Mate Rupert.

Peanut is the very put upon advisor of The Glorious Frog King Reedi C Ulyess. They joined the Wanderpus crew as a spy for Pastura, but thankfully the crew was intent to change Peanut's ways and now he resides in Silver Thimble City.

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