The Glorious Frog King Reedi C Ulyess

King Reedi of Pastura & Known Philanderer

Key Character Milestones

  • Recruited crew to cure his extra-curricularly-received-infection in secret (S1G2: Shroom Shanties)
  • According to reports, his daughter Lolli was killed by an Assassin during the riots in Yoke. (S1G8: Riot!)
  • Fell into a depression
  • Was swallowed by a giant catfish with the crew and joined The Ringleader's Circus in S1G16: My Song Knows What You Did in the Dark.

The Six eyed four armed two legged extra skinned entirely to large frog king of Pastura. A very stubborn man who has to stick to his guns on subjects whether he has changed his mind on the subject or not. Wears a long cape and crown. Has two smaller arms that come from his upper chest that function as human hands while still sitting or hopping like a frog. Apparently very sexy “Who knew?” Loves strong women and has a big crush on Officer Corzipa Gavon.

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