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Silver, that which Fuels and Protects the HTML Wanderpus


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  • Silver can not be pulled in by rifts, but can still go through if willing or pushed straight through. Other materials get dragged into rifts like a black hole or whirlpool.

  • Silver comes out the other side of rift travel yielding no measurable damage.
    A ship of Iron or Wood will look like its been through a massive crash, if it survives at all. It is more than possible to travel rifts without Silver, it is merely a question of whether or not you survive.

  • ██████ ██ ████████████ ███ ████ █████████████ - █████████ ███. ██ ████████████ ███.

    Known Encounters

  • At a time when rift-volatility was peak, the HTML Wanderpus was designed to be the first trans-dimensional vessel of its kind, charged with the studying and sealing of rifts. What set this submarine apart was its fully sentient Engine, colloquially known as the "ridiculously handsome" L.E.T.O.. Now the crew of the HTML Wanderpus could safely traverse through rifts and maintain course into the unknown.
  • by Nika Simone

  • Seeking answers and revenge, Captain Nika Simone dives into enemy territory with a tight team of trusted Officers: Senior Officer L.E.T.O. (Leto), Officer Sauma Stein (Lurid), Officer Krieg Vernix (Toast). In this pivotal mission, L.E.T.O. obtains a Silver Key, forged using the same technology that also made him - the Key sucks into him, simply becoming part of him. Doing so, allows L.E.T.O. to use the Airship as he would any engine. Read the Reports for Season 1 Game 13: Fear & Delight

  • After everything related to Admiral Taupe is brought to light, the Wandercrew spends a quiet year rebuilding not just the island where the Lockstitch Academy is located, but their reputation and principles as well. For nearly a year all Officers, worked as hard as possible to improve the lives of their crew and the lives of those now living upon the atoll. And thank goodness they did, because when Winter hit, a season never seen before on the Liminal Plane, the City later known as Silver Thimble became a safe haven for refugees and tourists everywhere.
  • The city's engineers have created a thermal power source using the silver mined to the south to conduct power throughout the city.
    That, in tandem with the communications towers, the Wandercrew are able to keep the civilians of the city comfortable in these uncertain times.

  • Once, Officer Royce and his crew quickly mined the Silver of floating islands in hopes of fixing & refueling a squirrel-made and squirrel-sabotaged engine. After whistling a tune for Home, he then rode the Mountain of Silver through a rift to the Liminal Plane. Read the Reports for Season 2 Game 4: Legends Rise

  • All Images on this page are created or owned by Wanderpus, Nika Simone.

  • by Nika Simone

    Engineering Officer
    Royce Vanderbilt (Kole)

    Who better to run Engineering than the very dwarf who seemingly breathed life into the shell of a rift engine once second and welcomed L.E.T.O. the next. 35 years old and hailing from the city of Lullaby, a center of Architecture and Engineering in the Seasonings World, its the strong bond between Engine & Engineer that ensures our Engineering Department is a force of innovation and power.

    by Nika Simone

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