Isaac Wicklaw

Isaac Wicklaw

Isaac is a Wizard and the Record Keeper aboard the HTML Wanderpus.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Lean Average build, human male. 5' 9" (175 cm). 152 lbs

Body Features

Short, dark brown curly hair. Chocolate brown skin

Facial Features

Light grey eyes, Well trimmed goatee.

Special abilities

1. Magic Strike (0-2): You must be holding a pointed object like a wand, staff, or sword to use this spell. You use it to shoot a shimmering missile of force in a straight line at a target you see, dealing 2 damage. Roll the Die   You overload the missile, increasing its damage to 4 damage and hitting the target automatically. You do not need to roll the die if you overload the spell.   2. Sense Magic (0-2): You get a gentle tingling feeling in your bones whenever you are near a powerful source of magic. You're aware that magic is in the area, but not its location or nature. You discern the location of nearby magic and its general nature. For instance, the Guide may reveal that you sense a magic sword, a cursed door, or an illusion.   You study the precise nature of nearby magic, learning its specific effects. If you use this ability to study a mysterious magic item, its name and effects are revealed.   3. No (2): By uttering the word "no," you attempt to neutralize a spell that you see an NPC casting nearby. You must declare you are using this ability before the Guide describes the consequences of the spell. 20: The spell is violently canceled and its caster is hit for 1 HP. 11-19: The spell is stopped before it's cast. 6-10: The spell misses and hits another nearby creature or target. 2-5: The spell takes effect normally. 1: You accidentally amplify the spell. If it is a harmful spell, the damage is doubled.   4. Reflect (3): You produce a counterspell, reflecting a spell that targets you. You must declare that you are reflecting the spell as soon as the Guide says that you are being targeted by a spell.   11-20: The caster is hit by their own spell, instead of you. 6-10: The spell reflects off of you but misses its caster. 1-5: The spell reflects off of you but hits a nearby party member instead.   5. Enscroll (2): You create a Spell Scroll (p. 145) that can be used to produce a spell that you know. You must add the AP cost of the spell you are inscribing to the cost of Enscroll. For example, if you create a magic scroll that can produce your Teleport spell, you must spend 7 AP. You must spend a short time in a safe and quiet place to prepare the scroll. You decide what is written on it. The user of the scroll must read the words aloud to activate the spell it contains.   6. Spellsteal (3): After you observe a creature nearby casting a spell, you may briefly enter their mind to glimpse its nature. You learn the spell and can produce it once. Your theft gives you the minimum know-how to produce the spell, but you have not mastered it. The Guide may not fully reveal the effects or potential consequences of some stolen spells. Once you cast or Enscroll the stolen spell, you forget the spell and cannot use it again.   7. Farshot (1): You briefly sharpen your senses, surpassing your normal limits. You can make a ranged attack on a faraway target that you can see, even if it is out of range   8. Blink (1): You teleport to a location of your choice nearby. You vanish, leaving behind a gentle gust of wind and then instantaneously reappear nearby.   9. Kindle : You rub your hands together, causing a flammable object you can see nearby to ignite in flame. The spell can ignite textiles, wood, paper, and other combustible material. This spell cannot be used directly on creatures, but it can be used to ignite flammable things they are wearing or carrying. Igniting something on a creature deals 1 damage to them.   10. Clap (2): You clap your hands, creating a thunderous wave of force in the direction you are facing. The wave hits up to 3 nearby creatures for 2 HP. If affected creatures are the size of a horse or smaller, they are also knocked to the ground.   11. Track (0-1): When you find tracks, you can instantly identify the type of creature that left them. If it is an animal, the Guide will share a fact that you know about them, like their habits or personality traits.   (1) You can pick up on the trail of an animal of your choice even if there are no tracks nearby, as long as it is native to the environment you're currently in. You must choose a type of animal to find, like a boar or a squirrel. (You can't use this to find a specific creature.) You find the creature after a short search   12. Deadeye (0-3): (1) Whenever you roll a 20 with a ranged weapon, you can name a specific limb on a creature to hit with your projectile. The limb becomes disabled and cannot be used until it is restored by a healer. (3) You take aim and focus your senses, automatically scoring a triumph with a ranged weapon on a nearby creature or object that you target. The hit disables the targeted limb.   13. Mentor Card: Sigil (2): You draw a magic sigil on an object. The spell lasts until you cancel it or cast Sigil again. You can only cast the spell if no enemies are currently nearby. Choose a specific creature for the sigil to affect, or a type of creature, like spirits or werewolves. Then draw a circle on a piece of paper at the table. Draw the creature that will be affected by the spell inside of the circle. Choose one of four effects: lure. The sigil attracts creatures to its location, where they linger for a minute. repel. Creatures who come nearby won't move closer to the sigil or may turn back. alert. Receive a signal in your mind when creatures pass by the sigil. message. The sigil telepathically sends a short message of up to 10 words in your language to creatures passing nearby. You may keep your drawing and reuse it later when casting this spell again, and you can choose a new effect each time.

Apparel & Accessories

Rounded, square glasses Lockstitch Uniform customizations: -Small pocket inside jacket for notebook (left side) -Gun holster inside jacket (right side) -small external pocket for pocket watch Normal attire: casual suits (neutral colors, bright ties)

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Isaac is the second son born to Elizabeth C. Cambridge and Johnathan Wicklaw. He was a talented child, showing great interest in learning just about anything but tending towards most history books and literature.   Isaac spent many of his younger years assisting his mother at the local library and spending time with his older brother, Oswald A. Wicklaw. He was eventually allowed to attain an official, proper education due to circumstances surrounding the work his father had done for Yoke's government.   After graduating, Isaac spent 5 years of his life dedicated to assisting the less fortunate youth of his hometown and ensuring that the they had a decent education like him.   On his 22nd birthday, Isaac was given his father's prized service revolver from his time working with Yoke's government as a foreign relations officer. The following year Johnathan passed due to complications related to an unknown disease.   Shortly after his father's death, Isaac chose to travel across Yoke, helping less fortunate towns and educating those who desired to learn. Before long, Isaac had found himself enrolled in the Lockstitch Academy, preparing to join the HTML Wanderpus crew.


Isaac was homeschooled by his mother and older brother for the first 13 years of his life. At 15 years old, he was enrolled at the Mystic Academy for Gifted Individuals and excelled at his studies there while learning more about the different regions of Liminal. After 3 years, Isaac graduated top of his classes and was awarded a Certificate of Mastery in Philosophy.


Admin Department: Record Keeper   Previous Employment: Librarian and Historian at local library in Hometown, Wandering teacher within 10 Townships of Northern Yoke

Accomplishments & Achievements

Graduated Highest Honors of his classes at M.A.G.I.

Failures & Embarrassments

Isaac often feels like there's something more he could do to be useful to those around him and having a lingering feeling of lacking something.

Intellectual Characteristics

Isaac is a polite and scholarly mind. Often very serious but kindhearted and caring. He finds pleasure in learning and teaching others the various viewpoints of the world, as well as discussing the fundamental flaws of the world's structure and the beauty of such flaws.

Morality & Philosophy

Isaac believes that there is a reason for every person's decision, good or bad, and that regardless of those choices, everyone must suffer the resulting consequences.

Personality Characteristics


Isaac is driven to travel and learn more about the world and worlds separate from our own. Aiding those in need is a plus for him.

Likes & Dislikes

Isaac loves a good drink, card and strategy games, a good book and soft animals.   Isaac dislikes entitled, self centered people and beets

Virtues & Personality perks

Kind hearted and caring, Loves to teach and learn from others whenever the chance arises.

Vices & Personality flaws

Sometimes comes across as cold when he gets annoyed or upset. Though his expression might not change, those that know him can feel the shift of his emotions.


Isaac does his best to look his best whenever and wherever possible but isn't afraid to get his hands dirty.


Contacts & Relations

Generally friendly with coworkers, sometimes looking to help in other departments when possible/necessary.

Family Ties

Mother: Elizabeth C. Cambridge Father (deceased): Johnathan Wicklaw Brother: Oswald A. Wicklaw

Hobbies & Pets

Has an extensive collection of books and literary works Enjoys drinking and the occasional card game


Soft-spoken yet stern.
27 years
Date of Birth
May 10th
An Unimportant Town, northern region of Yoke
Current Residence
HTML Wanderpus
Light Grey
Dark brown
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Milk Chocolate Brown
5'9" (175 cm)
152lbs (68.9kg)

I am sorry...

To the unfortunate souls whose lives I have taken,   I write this with a heavy heart, for I did not and do not know the paths in your life that have led you to your end. I do not know your motivation behind the actions you took or the choices you’ve made. I do not know your suffering, your grief, or your anger. I do not know whose lives I have taken you from, or the people who cared so deeply for you. I cannot for certain say that your actions were truly wrong or misguided, since I do not know what your truest intentions were. Truly and honestly, I am sorry for taking your life and causing grief to your friends and family. I have remorse for the awful thing I have done. I feel an immeasurable amount of guilt for my actions. Yet for all that I don’t know, I do know what my choices were. I know that I chose to aid my crewmates in their mission and in doing so, hindered yours. I know that I made myself feel useful in a field of battle and continued to aid my crewmates in many other missions. I made the choice to take aim and pull the trigger. I accept the responsibility of that. I accept the weight on my shoulders for that, but I do not regret it. Though I may hold this guilt, it will not stop me from making the choices I feel are right, just as you may have. I hope your souls find peace wherever they may be now.

My Dear Brother

Dear Oswald,   I ask that you not share this part of the letter with Mother, as I know it will devastate her. I feel it necessary to tell you that I have killed a man in the line of duty. Though I won’t share specific details, the circumstances led me to using the rifle training we received from Father to defend my crewmates. Please understand that I am not proud of what I did, but I do feel that it was the right choice at the time. I don’t blame you if you feel disappointed in me. I’m quite disappointed in myself, and the guilt I feel is heavy on my heart.   I will see you soon,   Isaac

My Loving Family

To My loving Family,   I know it has been some time since I left for my personal journey to explore the other regions of Yoke and I understand if you still have some resentment towards me for leaving so soon after Father’s passing. I write this in the hopes that you may one day forgive me and to inform you that I will be returning home soon to visit and see how things have been. I miss you both very much and I am sorry to have been away for so long without communication of any kind. I would love to share some of the stories of my time away from home and reconnect with you both.   Sincerely yours,   Isaac


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