Hey Wanderers!
You should use my character profile as an Example when creating your own!  
This intro-section is what pops up when someone hovers over your name!
Hit up Twylark to help you customize your profile!!


  • Your Quest Class & Abilities can be listed in the Special Abilities section.
  • Your Ship's Position in the Employment Section.
  • Post a character Pinterest board in the Physique section.
  • BTW, Only images you own can be uploaded to the Gallery.

Things to check out!

Check out Journal entries! Lio L. Levon is really great at those!
Check out all the other player's profiles in the Character Manifest Folder and
fun characters we've met along our adventures in the Dossier Folder

Currently, you don't have to fill out a Quest Sheet or fill out your equipment on World Anvil - we are using Roll20 to keep track of that information for now. Also, making our own HTML Wanderpus Quest Sheet Template for World Anvil is on our to-do list.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Great spot to link a pinterest board for your character!! You can also upload picture to your gallery, but World Anvil only likes for your to upload/post things you own or have the rights to post.   This is the BBCode to link things: Take out the * [*]Your linked text

Special abilities

Special Abilities:

  1. Ability Name
  2. Ability Name
  3. Ability Name
  4. Ability Name
  5. Ability Name
  6. Ability Name

Apparel & Accessories

Describe the ways the Lockstitch Uniform is personally tailored (by Marcus Burnhardt, the ship's tailor) for you.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Great spot for your character's LORE!   Questions to consider: Are you from Liminal? Are you from a world beyond a rift? How and why did you join Lockstitch? Why did you choose to join the HTML Wanderpus on her maiden missions?


Every crew member did graduate from The Lockstitch Academy.   What was your time there like? How was studying? How was student life? What did you focus on in your studies? *a specific science of research, a specific combat tactic, a specific trade?


YOUR SHIP JOB & DEPARTMENT HERE!!! Check out the Character Manifest to see if your position has been given a fancy name!   Character Manifest

Accomplishments & Achievements

Could update this section with your accomplishments to come!!   I tranquilized a rowdy group of pirates on night at The Diving Belle!

Failures & Embarrassments

hopefully we won't have many of those!

Morality & Philosophy

Great spot to describe what you think of Lockstitch & HTML Wanderpus's mission, and how you do/don't fit morally/philosophically!


This section is for Character Taboos that motivate or inspire interesting and meaningful roleplay moments amongst each other. Please separately specify in this section you're player taboos.   CHARACTER TABOO
Eye contact is not professionalism but a threat in my...eyes.
PLAYER TABOO I am not interested in roleplay overtly sexual situations.

Personality Characteristics


What do you hope to accomplish during your time upon the HTML Wanderpus?   Keep in mind, we build the world together, be as specific as you'd like! It helps others "Yes, and!"   Example:
Senior Officer Ceylon wants to establish Communication Towers across Liminal and become THE Radio of the world.


Contacts & Relations

This is a great place to list out some people!

What's your relationship with   Your ranking officer? Your coworkers? An NPC?   Did you encounter a singer at a mega swapmeet and wish you could have invited them to work in your ship's lounge? WRITE IT DOWN!

Use me as an Example!

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The pressure of being an example.

On one hand, I want to fill this space with clear and concise information on how to easily navigate yet ANOTHER platform and account - but on the other hand, this is the first I've really questioned who I am, how I'm worried I won't hold up against the pressure of being The Example Character. Am I the model character? Should you form yourself after my tone, my interpretations of prompts, my biases? Will I be made an Example of? If everyone is looking at my profile, at my life, at my very essence - flaws are bound to be found. When you're first, there's this pressure to set the right mood, the right level of depth, the right everything...   BUT we're building a world where anyone can be anything! You can be any type of being, doing any type of work, being anytype of someone. So why must I confine myself to my preconcieved notions of what "An Example" SHOULD or MUST be? I want to learn, adapt and grow as a character, inside and out, online and off. So this press I put upon myself - is it making me better, or holding me down?   I want to inform and ease our crew during their difficult journey navigating the beautiful and enriching process of capturing who they are for all to enjoy! Kinda makes the pressure to get things right, self-rewarding in a way, like a weighted blanket tucking you in effortlessly.


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