Physical Description

Body Features

Pink mermaid tail, webbing between her fingers (to the first knuckle), patches of scales scattered up her arms, and finned ears.

Physical quirks

Uses a wheelchair to move on land

Special abilities

Animal Form -2- You take the form of a wild animal, adopting its shape, senses, and range of motion. You may choose any creature that is no smaller than a mouse and no larger than a horse. Everything you carry becomes part of your animal form. While in animal form, you have 6 HP. You may make basic attacks that hit for 2 HP. You can't cast spells, use items, or speak languages while transformed. You can return to your normal form at any time. When transforming back, you regain the hit points you had before you transformed. Falling to 0 hit points while transformed instantly returns you to your normal form.   Gills -1- You enchant a small amount of water in a container that you are holding. When you spritz the wateron a creature, they grow small but visible gills, allowing them to breathe underwater for up to 1 hour. This spell enchants enough water to use 6 times   Steelsprout -2- You extend your hand and close your eyes, permanently turning a nearby metal object into a weave of delicate plants. (The object cannot have magical properties or be larger than a door.) Describe the plants that the object turns into.   Wild Aspect -1- Eagle. You gain eagle-eye vision for the next minute. You can see anything in your line of sight clearly, even if it is far away, and you can detect faraway movement that would be imperceptible to a normal person. -2- Cat. You purr softly under your breath, imbuing up to 6 nearby creatures with the spirit of the cat. For the next hour, affected creatures gain the ability to see things nearby in complete darkness as if they were in a dimly lit room. The effect cannot pierce magical darkness. Affected creatures may occasionally feel the urge to stop what they are doing and clean themselves. -2- Wolf. You howl, imbuing up to 6 nearby creatures with haste. (Howl at the table.) For the next hour, creatures affected by the spell can out run any other creatures while traveling by foot.   Thorn -Roll the dice- -0- You open your palm, conjuring a poisonous thorn that you shoot in a straight line toward a nearby target creature or object. The thorn hits for 2 HP. 20: The thorn's poison is amplified. If you hit an organic creature, its skin becomes swollen, it cannot see beyond its reach, and it can't speak or cast spells until the end of its next turn.   Wild front -1- You touch a container holding food, water, or oil. For the next minute,the container summons a surplus of its contents, spilling the excess material out generously. For example, if you touch a pitcher of water, it will overflow and cover the floor. Or if you touch a sack of grain, it will burst open, creating a large pile.   Evening star -2- You summon a wisp of light high in the sky directly above you. (You must be outdoors to cast this spell.) For the next hour, the wisp sheds light on a huge area, allowing you to see far in the distance. It matches your movement such that it is always located above you. The area the light touches looks as if it were lit by daylight.

Apparel & Accessories

Wears the ships uniform, and pretty much always has some flowers in her hair

Mental characteristics

Gender Identity

Female (She/her)


Graduated from The Lockstitch Academy. Focused her studies on botany


Botanist aboard the HTML Wanderpus
The Great Reef
Skin Tone/Pigmentation


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