The Senior Officers

Brave. Bold. Bawdy.   We go on dangerous missions together, the ones too treacherous to put the crew in harms way.


by Captain's Model Artist Here :D


  Played by Nika, Captain Nika Simone of the HTML Wanderpus is uniquely a dual Naturalist/Fighter
The Naturalist channels their connection with nature to manipulate the elements, commune with animals, and even transform themselves into wild beasts.

The Fighter takes charge to meet challenges up close. They are weapon masters and martial artists, relying on their physical might to overcome foes.
with the following abilities:

0 AP
You evaluate the capabilities of a nearby creature or group of creatures. The Guide will give you useful insight into their capabilities, strength, vulnerabilities, and/or resistances. At a minimum, you will receive an accurate assessment from the Guide about whether they would pose a fair fight.

The Guide will deliver this information to you narratively. For example, they might say "you notice the giant spider flinching at the sight of your torch," rather than telling you it is vulnerable to fire damage.
3 AP
If you have time to prepare before a conflict and you can choose when it begins, you may ambush your enemies and take the first round. Before action begins, each party member must say what they will do during their first turn. The Guide will then resolve these actions simultaneously.
1 AP
You command a nearby commoner or minion to assist you. (They cannot currently be hostile toward you.) You can have them join a fight or perform other tasks, like watching a door, defending an area, or delivering a message. They will follow your commands to the best of their ability, but they won't follow absurd or suicidal orders.

The Guide plays the part of the NPC. After one day or when they complete the task you give them, the recruit will leave you and return to their business.
7 AP
While in a populated area, you may find and recruit an NPC attendant. The Guide will tell you how you find this person and who they are. The attendant will stay with you permanently until you dismiss their service. You may only have one attendant at a time.

The attendant is a Fighter-based minion who is played by the Guide. They have 10 hit points and can use the Counter Attack, Wild Attack, and Provoke abilities. The Guide will create the rest of the attendant's characteristics.

The attendant is your ally and a capable apprentice. (The Guide plays as the attendant like any other NPC, but you may give them orders.) They'll run errands for you, assist you in combat, and follow other orders to the best of their ability. But they may choose not follow absurd, suicidal, or morally ruinous orders.This arrangement is based on mutual respect; your attendant follows you to learn what you know. If you betray your attendant, they may abandon you.
1 AP
You swirl your hands in the air, producing a thick fog centered on you. The fog rolls out rapidly, spilling around corners and down slopes. Within a few seconds, you blanket everything nearby in fog. Creatures inside the fog cannot see beyond their reach, preventing them from making ranged attacks. The fog disperses after you leave the area, or if the area is hit by strong winds.
2 AP
You create a howling vortex within a body of liquid that you can see. The vortex lasts until you leave the area. Any creatures touching the vortex are violently sucked in, submerged, and then spit out, each taking 2 damage.
3 AP
You close your eyes and stir the air, shaping the winds around you. A gale forms that you can spread across an area of any size and shape in your scene, as long as you can see its area of effect. Inside the area of effect, wind blows at ferocious speeds, kicking up dust and sending small objects flying. Creatures inside can't see far away, only what's nearby.

When you begin the spell, the gust knocks creatures to the ground and sends them tumbling backward until they leave the area of effect. Creatures outside of the gust cannot enter it unless they are larger than the area of effect.
4 AP
You whisper a magical incantation to a flowing river within range. The river gathers a surge of strength upstream. A torrent of water arrives at your location in the path of the river 15 seconds later. All creatures caught in the torrent are swept downstream and deposited on shore far away, beyond where you can see.


The seasonings ship, shipname, carrying Katori, Lightfoot, adori, ceylon, robo man, arrived upon The Liminal Plane after being sucked into a rift. Word was, people who wanted to study, understand, and hopefully use the rifts convened on The Great Reef. Upon arrival, "The Academy" as it were, fell very short of these heroes' hopes; the heroes special skill sets however, as if by providence, brought great hope. Shamshear, a pirate himself, trained recruits how to fight on the open sea with his classic pistol & sabre combo, Katori patiently developed a form of rift stitching using methods known for generations to her people, endira cultivated recruits' natural world curiousity through the potion & brews creation discipline, robot man leant knowledge of powerful mechanisms to the design of the HTML Wanderpus's Rift Traveling Engine, & Ceylon, while not directly interacting with recruits used her Siren's natural dominion over electromagnetism to create small electric devices throughout the Academy to provide the school with better lighting, a phoneline/speaker system, and communication devices.    

It's at the newly bolstered Lockstitch Academy where she first met Liminal's premier Art Conservationist and Amateur Radioactivity scientist, Tena, a Trapiche Emerald Wasp. Exploring the unseen (radioactivity & electromagnetism) through studying natural minerals and exposures brought Tena and Ceylon close - till Tena convinced Ceylon that serving on the HTML Wanderpus would greatly benefit their research and give Ceylon the spotlight she was desperately missing from her Seasonings days.   Brought through a rift with the Seasonings Heroes, Ceylon, once a consummate Art Gallerist, now oversees the HTML Wanderpus Public Relations & Propaganda, Diplomatic Relations & Intelligence (spies), and the Lockstitch Switchboards as the Senior Communications Officer; all while pursuing the installment of radio towers across the Liminal Plane for personal gratification.
Frame our image, forge our narrative, shape the message,
Played by The Twylark, Ceylon is a Magician
The Magician specializes in conjuration and psychic manipulation. From parlor tricks to elaborate deceptions, they are master illusionists, capable of twisting the mind. The Magician flicks their wrist, delighting an audience with a parade of illusory animals. They mesmerize an adversary, freezing them in place. They peer beyond the eyes of another, entering their dreams and shaping their reality.
with the following abilities:
1 AP
You make a nearby creature mildly confused about a specific subject until you leave the area. For example, you could make a merchant confused about the value of their goods, a guard confused about who is authorized to pass, or a dog confused about whether he is a good boy.The confusion is lifted if you push the deception too far, like trying to trade a rock for a priceless item.
1 AP
You whisper and wave your hand at a nearby creature. The next time the creature falls asleep, they experience a deeply comforting dream. They wake up feeling beloved and forget all of their grudges for the next week.
1 AP
You curse a nearby creature for the next 10 minutes. The curse is lifted if the creature is harmed.
Choose one of three curses:
Laughter They double over in sustained laughter and can’t move. Everything they hear sounds hilarious to them.
Mimicry They begin to mimic a creature of your choice. For example, you can make them behave like housecats.
Dance They hear their favorite tune and start dancing like their life depends on it.

4 AP
You curse any number of commoners nearby.
You breach the mind of a nearby creature to seek their worst fear.

You learn the creature's worst fear. They become permanently haunted by it in every waking moment. Over time, their personality is destroyed, and they become unresponsive to others.
You learn the creature's worst fear. You may then conjure the image of this fear in their mind's eye, paralyzing them with dread for the next 10 minutes. They cannot act, except to flee danger.
You learn the creature's worst fear, but they reject you from their mind before you can conjure the fear.
You learn the creature's worst fear, but it paralyzes you with dread for the next 10 minutes. During this time, you are unable to use abilities.
When confronting the creature's fear, you become permanently haunted by it. You must choose an additional character flaw. You can only lift the fear by having the Liberate spell (p. 45) cast on you.
1 AP
You vanish momentarily, reappearing with two illusory duplicates at your side. Your duplicates travel alongside you and perfectly mimic all of your movements. If a creature attempts to target you, the Guide must flip a coin. If it turns up "heads," you are targeted; on "tails" one of your duplicates is targeted. If one of your duplicates takes damage, it disappears.

2 AP
You read the mind of a nearby NPC and produce an illusion of a creature they find extremely irritating. Only you and the target of the spell can see and hear the illusion.For the next 10 minutes, the illusion relentlessly mocks and taunts your target, provoking their full attention.

You may control the illusion directly and have it manipulate small objects. For example, you can have it steal an item from the target and lead them on a chase. Or you may let the illusion go wild, allowing the Guide to narrate its behavior.
3 AP
Imagine a creature. You create a convincing illusion of it that appears nearby. It looks, moves, and sounds like the creature you imagined. It even feels real to the touch. The illusion has 6 HP and vanishes at 0 HP.

The illusion can behave independently and travel away from you. You can program the illusion's routines. For example, you may have it clean a house, patrol an area, pretend to be busy, or give it a combination of tasks and behaviors. You can also set rules for it, like "Don't harm anyone for any reason" or "Don't let anyone pass through this door."

You share a telepathic bond with the illusion when it is nearby, and you can control it directly during your turn. You can make it move, act, and speak your lines. It can hold and use weapons to make basic attacks.After 1 day, the illusion will automatically travel out of sight of other creatures and then vanish.

4 AP
This spell costs 4 AP instead if you use it to create an illusion of a creature that already exists. You create a perfect double of the creature that looks and sounds like them. It can fool everyone but the creature's closest friends and family.
1 AP
You briefly gain the ability to see beyond physical reality.
For the next hour, you are able to see the following:
magic A faint aura surrounds any person or object currently affected by magic.
illusion Any illusory creature or object slightly flickers, but you do not see its true form.
0 AP
You extend your fingers outward, and a streaking bolt of sparks shoots
toward a target you can see. Roll the die to see if it hits the target successfully.

You may make the bolt explode on contact with crackling energy, hitting
the target for 2 HP. Or you can make the bolt a harmless firework that
explodes in the air, creating a pattern of any shape and color.
4 AP
You summon four prismatic bolts that sparkle brilliantly. You may direct
each bolt toward any target you can see

The bolts each hit for 2 HP. If all four hit a single creature,
the creature is affected by your Mesmerize ability


by Nika Simone

I was a 3000 (ish) year old non-corporal Inbetween-being until a recent turn of events. While I was observing a particularly interesting engineering experiment being conducted on the Liminal Plane, something happened. I felt a need, a need, for speed. The engine needed to go fast, and I was that FAST. I was pulled through time and space like I was in a flat spin headed out to sea. I emerged as a smoke-like-being embedded into a interdimensional submarine as her engine. I now shift between physical and gaseous forms depending on the situation. Being corporal is an interesting feeling, but I think I'll get used to it. I've seen 3000 plus years of history, I'm sure that knowledge will come in handy. Either way, I'm sure I'll have fun playing with the boys. Or gals, or whatever they may be (as long as they like volleyball!)   Brought to corporeal life through Engineering Officer Royce Vanderbilt's breath, L.E.T.O. serves the HTML Wanderpus as the actual RIFT Engine, enabling the ship's Rift traveling systems. Develop and Maintain the ship's systems by
Played by Papa Leto, L.E.T.O. is an Invoker
The Invoker is a battle mage, relying on the force of their ideals. They conjure protective wards, invigorate allies in a pinch, and smite enemies with radiance. The Invoker closes their eyes and utters a mantra, raising their sword in the sky as it ignites in a glorious flame. They peer into the souls of others to divine their intentions and true nature. They ward their friends from harm, and smite those unworthy of their ideals.
with the following abilities:
1 AP
You summon a magical shield that appears as an aura of soft light around your body. The shield blocks up to 3 hit points of damage. (Any damage dealt in excess of 3 HP passes through the shield and hits you.) The shield lasts until it takes 3 or more damage in a single hit.
2 AP
You draw a magic sigil on an object. The spell lasts until you cancel it or cast Sigil again. You can only cast the spell if no enemies are currently nearby.Choose a specific creature for the sigil to affect, or a type of creature, like spirits or werewolves. Then draw a circle on a piece of paper at the table. Draw the creature that will be affected by the spell inside of the circle.

Choose one of four effects:
Lure The sigil attracts creatures to its location, where they linger for a minute.
Repel Creatures who come nearby won't move closer to the sigil or may turn back.
Alert Receive a signal in your mind when creatures pass by the sigil.
Message The sigil telepathically sends a short message of up to 10 words in your language to creatures passing nearby.
You may keep your drawing and reuse it later when casting this spell again, and you can choose a new effect each time.
1 AP
You utter a righteous word or phrase in the direction of a nearby creature that is approaching you during that creature's turn. (The creature cannot already be within reach.) You release a spectral clone of yourself that rushes them, knocks them back several meters, deals 1 damage, and ends their turn. The clone then disappears.
3 AP
You place both hands on a creature, uttering a loving word or phrase. The creature instantly recovers 6 hit points and wakes up if they are unconscious. Or you may choose to cast this spell with no AP cost by transferring your own hit points to the creature. The creature recovers as many hit points as you are willing to give up.
4 AP
You curse a creature nearby, restricting their use of magic for the next hour. If they try to cast a spell, they will find it impossible. For example, if the spell is spoken, they forget their lines; if the spell requires hand-waving, they find their arms frozen. If you are casting the spell on a boss, you must concentrate on it to maintain the effect; the spell ends if you move or do something else.
Choose a phrase to use for this spell.
1 AP
You speak the phrase of power, igniting your weapon in a magical flame of any color. While the weapon is on fire, it acts as a torch that casts light nearby. The flame increases the weapon's damage by 1. The flame persists until you roll a failure or worse on an attack with the weapon. You may dismiss the flame at any time.
Choose a word to use for this spell.
2 AP
You speak the word of power, releasing a thunderous shockwave in the direction you are facing. The wave knocks up to three creatures backward and hits them each for 2 damage. Creatures affected by the spell are briefly dazed and cannot use special abilities during their next turn.
1 AP
You inspire a nearby NPC by reciting a meaningful statement to them. You may invent a famous quote or proverb, or borrow one from the real world. The creature must be able to hear and understand you, and cannot currently be hostile toward you. Until the end of the day, the NPC shapes their behavior around their ideal, and cannot fall victim to their flaw.


... Make it fresh and cash the checks

Played by Father Marcus,
Marcus is a Wizard
The Wizard is a powerful spellcaster with a diverse set of magical abilities. At the height of their power, they can travel to other worlds and transcend their mortal selves. The Wizard utters a word of power, sending a wave of force that knocks back everything in its path. They imagine an object needed in a pinch, and conjure it from thin air. With a wave of their hand, they open a rift to unexplored dimensions, seeking answers beyond space and time.
with the following abilities:
2 AP
You summon a tiny spectral creature, like a bird, a lizard, a butterfly, or anything else of a comparable size. The familiar is the avatar of a random spirit creature from your world. It becomes your ally and will follow your instructions. The Guide chooses the creature's background and personality, and speaks for them. The familiar may choose to leave you if they are mistreated.

The familiar cannot move out of your sight. It can pick up and move objects no larger than a coin purse and no heavier than 10 pounds. It can't attack.Your familiar has 4 HP. It is invulnerable to non-magical harm. If it is reduced to 0 HP, it vanishes, and your bond is broken. You may only have one familiar at a time.
3 AP
You bestow any number of nearby creatures with illusory feather cloaks for the next hour. Affected creatures hover 1 meter above the ground and can move by gliding in the direction they want to travel. They will also fall gently until they are hovering 1 meter above ground.
3 AP
You create a paper-thin wall of force capable of preventing non-magical creatures and objects from passing through. You may choose whether the field blocks passage on one or both sides. The field can be in any shape you want, but it must fit inside of a cube that’s 10 meters on all sides. The force field has 20 hit points and dissolves at 0 HP.You can make the field stationary or move it telepathically. (For example, you might create an invisible platform that glides beneath you as you walk.)
3 AP
You imagine an object, causing it to appear somewhere nearby. You can summon any object that meets these guidelines: 1. It can't be larger than an elephant. 2. It can't have magical effects.You must tell the Guide which object you want to summon. Then, the Guide thinks of a related object and gives you its name in secret. (For example, if you want to summon a lockpick, the Guide may tell you to draw a door.)

Set a timer. You have 1 minute to draw the secret object. When time is up, show it to your party. Your friends can discuss what they see, but they can only submit one guess. Don't give the party clues. If they guess correctly, the item appears. If they guess closely but not exactly, the item appears, but it has a defect. If they're totally wrong, a random misshapen item appears.
1 AP
For the next minute, you may speak silently into the mind of a nearby creature. Your lips move normally as if you were speaking aloud, but no sound comes out. Instead, the target of the spell hears your voice inside their head. The creature can tell that your voice is inside their mind.
2 AP
You imbue your fingers with supernatural strength. For the next minute, you can effortlessly pick up and move objects of any weight, as long as you can reasonably handle their size and shape. For instance, you might pinch the shirt of a bully and raise them up in the air or casually move a giant anvil.
2 AP
Choose a nearby creature or object that is no smaller than an ant and no larger than a horse. You cause it to instantly enlarge or shrink. It can grow up to twice its size or shrink up to half of its size. The target's weight increases or decreases proportionally, but its hit points do not change. You cannot enlarge something beyond the confines of the space it's in.

4 AP
You may stretch an object no smaller than an ant and no larger than an elephant.
You speak a word of power, reversing the fate of a nearby object. The spell cannot be used to affect living things.The thing you are undoing must be the discrete result of another creature's effort. For example, you might undo a creature's shoelaces, unthread a garment, cause a piece of furniture to fall apart, or revert a sculpture to a block of marble.

Choose how much effort to undo each time you use this spell:
1 AP Up to 1 minute of effort.
2 AP Up to 1 day of effort.
3 AP Up to 1 week of effort.
4 AP Any amount of effort.


Duct Tape Tinkerer
Investigate, Research, Remedy


The Wheelman, Wizard & Fighter
Seek, Find, Stitch


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