The Reading Challenge: SummerCamp 2022

Busy month, this one.
I managed to get to Diamond on SummerCamp amidst marrying my dear TJ Trewin, with all the preparation and arranging of stuff that that implied.
As an end result, around half of my SC articles are unfinished, and I am waiting patiently to the closing ceremony to be able to finish them.
But in the meantime, I can maybe get a slight bit of progress on getting down my over 1000 notifications, and the reading challenge seems a good enough excuse for starting:  

Prompt 1: A vehicle used for long journeys

Most people panic and riot when there is a vehicle prompt. I am no exception. So I decided to read a bit of what people have created for this prompt to gain some inspiration for future vehicle-related challenges.  

1: Glacier Crawlers by Stormbril

Never a bad excuse to read a Cathedris article.   It may sound weird, but what inspired me the most was the fact that the vehicle is bad. A big portion of the article focuses on how it's uncomfortable, inefficient, barely tested, and only used because it has a slightly better survivability rate than walking on its terrain.   It was a refreshing thing to read for me since I usually struggle with adding stuff to my world that I don't consider efficient.

Fun note: A song from the Frostpunk's OST came up in my playlist when I stated reading this. Extremely fitting.

2: The HTMLW Sub by Wanderpus

So, this one bought me into it. Intriguing name, attractive page, weird header image and... Ok, it uses the word "oopsiedoopsie" in the first sentence, I need to read this.
And... wait, what? Oh! The vehicle article itself is the recounting of a Quiet year game? Wait, hold a moment, walker... it's kind of the main article on this world???   This was a trip from start to end, and a well-enjoyed one. It reminded me that WA articles can be something entirely different than just an encyclopedic description of their namesake. Great surprise to find while surfing the prompts' responses.

3: Fundamentally UNsafe Prototype Artificial Wing by drunkenpanda951

Short, nice and entertaining.   This article is written as a research log from a dwarf working on developing an artificial wing for dwarves. It is hilarious and well written and leaves you wondering for more.   It made me think of doing one of these, a first-person log detailing what I want to show in the article. I have Rediscovering birds from this summercamp unfinished, though the idea for this one will take a less practical turn.

Prompt 2: A condition considered monstrous or "unlucky" by some


1: Coneshamed by Camilla S

Milladamen's Mew world is a delight to read. The Coneshamed article is entertaining and amusing, but also the "to-the-point" way it's written fits the tone of the world and article perfectly.   It is a good reminder to remember to see stuff not from the eyes of the writer but from those of the world's inhabitants, and of how simple wording can sometimes be way better than purple prose at fitting the tone of an article.

2: Makaridism by Simo

There are not many worlds where you will find "Being related to dragons" as a bad thing.
Makardism is a short but concise article on the human children that express traits that make them resemble the discriminated-against makairds.   I found it interesting how the Makarids don't take the opportunity to find someone to step on top on, and instead decided to see the oppression of these humans as a factor to see them as ones of their own. I would like to find a story of union through the shared fights in SoP as well.

3: White Plumage by Deleyna Marr

The history of this condition describes how a planned population bottleneck led to leucism in a society that praises colourfulness.   I liked and was intrigued by the end of this article, that talks in past tense about the new population's fear of being rejected or worse upon rescue. The article also talks about a working towards a cure. The intrigue led me to check the article about the settlement affected by this and... well, I'm not going to spoil it, but I was left with questions.   I should consider leaving some writers of SoP with questions as well, I think. It could be interesting.

Prompt 3: Α material only harvestable from nature

1: Amphrodisiacs by Dani

This article has adult content
Aaaah, Luridity. What a world. Do not read while consuming beverages, lest you eject them from your nose.   There is a lot of interesting delving into the applications and laws surrounding this powerful libido enhancer, which includes how it can be used to alter the other meaning of "libido". Soma, anyone?
The profound detailing of the regulations around its aerosol version shows how much consent is being taken into account in Luridity, a fact that speaks a lot about its author and makes me appreciate both immensely.   "Amphrodisiacs" made me think of maybe expanding into the less obvious uses, applications and aspects of the sexy paraphernalia of SoP, such as the Purple Jelly, and considering the inverse for ritual stuff such as freeze branding.

2: Sentient Cells by Amélie I. S. Debruyne

After hearing many stories and frustrations about cells just f*ing dying on her, reading Amélie's article was refreshing and hilarious.
The details are explained in a mix between matter-of-fact description and informal tips-and-tricks provisioning accompanied by excellent illustrations both by Amélie herself and from Annie Stein.   Besides the fun read, what called to my attention was a call to action at the end inviting me to read another article by explaining plainly how they are connected.
Now... dropping related article blocks is not a new concept to me, as you may see in the very sidebar of this one, but I generally just drop the links there, as a mere way to fill some space, sometimes as a way to remark the importance of something discussed in the article, but never with any sort of call to action. Perhaps I should try it!

3: Barac by TJ Trewin

Goddamit TJ. Well, he certainly knows how to weave a kinky reference or two on an article, doesn't he?   On an unrelated note, I loved the quote. It caught me off guard with its brilliance, and it certainly captures Melior's "haha remember this was supposed to be dark fantasy?" vibe. I need to add more quotes to SoP that show instead of telling.
The apprentice historian by Naelin

The Challenge

This article is based on a challenge posed in the blog post "Summer Camp 2022 Reading Challenge: Improve your Writing!" in the WorldAnvil blog. The challenge's prompts (summarized) consisted in:  
  1. Choose 3 SC2022 prompts, and read 3 entries from each.
  2. Leave a comment on each of the 9 articles.
  3. Write in an article a paragraph about what you learned/what inspired you from each.
  4. Include at the end of the article your goals and projects for the future.

Looking to the Future

The goal is clear, unlike its contents: it's decluttering time, baby! The busy month meant that half of my SummerCamp articles are somewhere between "hastily scribbled bare-minimum snippet" and "almost finished except for that section - argh!"   There is a special little something to develop here - You may not know that Symbols of Power is progressing in time. Stuff is happening in-universe as we speak!
We are reaching a breaking point in the Civil War on Karte. Already reached, even. It's only a matter of recording it!
About 5 of my unfinished articles are Kartian-related, and they are lacking the details on the hottest news on the archipelago: The Night of the Unlit Candles has given results and brought back an important treasure for the people of Karte.   It is a little bit terrifying to write about this finally, I have to say. Stuff is happening. It will impact everything in some way. What will be of Ararak? Of Texakae? Is the Regal Stag Family dissolving for good?
Only I will tell.
I guess this is what writers mean when they say they want to read how it ends but must write it first.

Some additional articles I've enjoyed this SC

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E. Christopher Clark
25 Aug, 2022 10:39

Some great suggestions here, including a few I haven't seen. I'm off to check out "Coneshamed" now!

Check out my progress on WorldEmber 2022
26 Aug, 2022 22:53

Thank you! The Mew world is certainly a delight to read

25 Aug, 2022 14:24

Sorry for cursing you again with the OhNo quote in my article :P

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26 Aug, 2022 22:55

Never a curse when it is bestowed by you

25 Aug, 2022 18:06

As always I love your takeaways and your perspectives on each of these articles! And I'm very honored to be included among them <3 Thanks Nae, what an excellent collection here!

Cathedris, the world of God-husks and New Magic, welcomes you.
26 Aug, 2022 22:52

Thank you! I don't have much time to read, but when I do, I don't skip the opportunity to get Cathedris on the list!

26 Aug, 2022 20:45

Thank you for featuring my article among so many other great articles. I dont know how I missed the Sentient Cells, and will definitely be looking at the others. Good luck with the writing, progressing a world is both fun and difficult, but I'm sure some of us are looking forward to the results just as much as you are.

As always, it would be appreciated if you would stop by my challenge article The Storm Giant Empire and leave some feedback.   If you are looking for things to read from summer camp there is also my Summer Camp 2022 Reading Challenge.. Happy worldbuilding.
26 Aug, 2022 22:54

You are welcome! I couldn't skip an article title like that and the content delivered what it promised!   Lots of luck and progress for your world as well!

26 Aug, 2022 23:09

Thanks for including my article - your questions are fantastic. I look forward to working those out as I expand these articles. Some of this will become part of a book I'm working on. Your reading challenge (and your world) are so beautiful! I haven't spent much time prettifying everything yet, but I'm looking forward to it!

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27 Aug, 2022 00:12

Thank you very much! Preetifying takes A LOT of time, and I have been greatly aided at the pivotal areas by whom used to be the official prettifyier of WA and is now my husband... even then, it took me two years to reach this point, and some of the pretty stuff is from 2016 :p There is no rush!   I'm glad these questions were interesting to you! Your article was a super cool read, and I have a special place in my heart for feathered folks.

27 Aug, 2022 00:18

I'm so glad you liked them. The first alien to visit the Spaceport is also a feathered individual. I'm looking forward to sharing more of his backstory. So I need to either train my husband or one of my spawn to do the pretty bits!

Deleyna - Check out my latest work at The Spaceport to see what happens when an alien walks into a bar...
19 Sep, 2022 16:53

Thanks for including my article(s), Nae. I'm happy you enjoyed them even in their drafty SC state <3 You picked a great selection here, and made me discover a couple of articles I had not seen yet :)

22 Sep, 2022 00:59

You are the most welcomest :)