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Sash of the People

Symbol of Power of the Kartian Republic

Island of Karte by Naelin
On a faithful 15th of Celebrating of 2822 E.Alz, the Merthiornite aristocratic family known as the Regal Stags overthrew the existing government of Karte Island turning the country from a democratic republic to a monarchy.   In an effort to exert their power on all fronts, the Stags destroyed, hid and prohibited many symbols and items from the republican era, including the symbol of the power to govern granted by the people that the presidiary of the country would wear: The Sash of the People.  

The Sash

In Kartian culture, ribbons and sashes are gifted to represent love, friendship, trust and closeness among people. As the republic of Karte grew centuries ago, candidates for the government would be gifted ribbons by their sympathizers as a demonstration of support, which they would wear in public to show their popularity.
Eventually, this turned into a tradition and then an official symbol: A sash was created weaving together many ribbons requested to the people as a celebration of their system being elected by the public and was used as the uniform of the country's president.  

Fate and Rediscovery

The Father stag by Naelin
The Night of the Unlit Candles saw waves of enraged Kartians storming the palace of the king, and ripping to pieces any symbology of the Regal Stags they found on their way.   One of the destroyed items was a gigantic tapestry of the Father Stag, a mythological Night Dweller said to have sired the first generations of the Regal Stags back on their native island.
The tapestry portrayed him turning into his societarian-like shape, ready to unite with a deer woman.
The revolutionaries tore out the genitals of the night dweller from the tapestry and found behind the hole that the castle wall was different and definitely newer.
This would have gone barely noticed if it weren't because of the information gathered by Ararak on their years of hiding:
The revolutionaries had received a tip from several sources that the Sash of the People, among other minor relics from the Kartian Republic, were salvaged by palace workers loyal to the republic, and hidden in a sealed vault of the building.   The day after the fateful night, revolutionaries got to work on bringing down the wall behind the tapestry and howled in excitement and pride once they found a small chamber full of the treasured items. Wrapped in fabric there was the discoloured but otherwise intact sash.
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Clothing / Accessory
Current Location
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Owning Organization
Civil War on Karte
Military Conflict | Nov 15, 2021

After centuries of being treated as an inferior race, the scalies of Karte are finally fighting back.

Night of the Unlit Candles
Military Conflict | Jul 29, 2023

The first step for the resurgence of the Kartian Resistance

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Author's Notes

Boy was it difficult to write about "republicans" on this one. In case it was not clear, I use the original meaning of the term: Something related to a republic. A "republican" here is someone that wants the monarchy gone. I am not endorsing bigotry.  

This article got additional information as part of Spooktober 2022's prompts 19: Relic and 30: Tear  

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