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Night of the Unlit Candles

Reaccounting of the facts by the journalist Zafiaira
22nd of Harvesting, Year 9, E.Ru

Karte Flag
Flag of Karte by Naelin
Logo of the Raised Bakers Resistance by Naelin
12 years have passed since the first hit of the Kartian resistance against the deer oligarchy.
The tensions rose until the year 6 E.Ru and then... deflated. Protests became a mockery of what they had been, almost no violent actions were taken, and the soul of the rebellion, the indefatigable Ararak, went into hiding and was not heard of for two years.
  No one was under the delusion that the civil war had fizzled out, but no one in the military or government was certain of when, where or how was the next hit planned to happen. This made them anxious and aggressive, and harsh surveillance became commonplace.   Two days ago, the night of 20th of Harvesting, year 9, saw torrential rains on most of the inhabited areas of the Karte Island. That's what they had been waiting for.
That night, almost no lights were seen in any civilian building on the entire island and, as if by some magic spell, street lights went out one by one in waves. A mantle of absolute darkness covered the islands. Some of the guards were nervous. Some others were really, really nervous.   The following is a recounting of the events gathered by eyewitnesses and anonymous participants on both sides. Timestamps are approximate.  

Previous months

In a secret organized effort across all of the island, an agreement was made for people (Especially guards, the military and other positions related to the state) to identify themselves as pro-revolution by standing their post with all lighting artefacts unlit or otherwise exile themselves.
Many made arrangements to leave the island up until the previous day.
The still-lit flames on the street were in the minority.  


Commotions start being heard around the places where street lamps and torches were still lit and after each one the light would go off:
By the agreed time, armed insurgent groups commence a culling of loyalists by ambushing in groups every guard standing by a lit torch.  


Lights go out at several points in the palace in a synchronized manner. Any guard near a still-lit torch is assassinated by organized palace workers.
Some Regal Stag aristocrats report family members as missing. Some of those are found to have fled to other islands by safe routes afterwards. Others are found dead.  


The general population swarms the streets and raids government buildings and military posts, arresting hundreds of loyalists and killing several for resisting.
This process continues until the storm stops. The palace is thoroughly searched for the king.  


As the insurgents search the palace, any decoration or item with Royal Stag symbology is destroyed.   An iconic, gigantic tapestry of the Father Stag about to unite with a woman gets destroyed as the genitals of the Night Dweller are torn off of it.
A suspicious wall is found behind it and thanks to information gathered on the previous months by the Raised Bakers Resistance's leader Ararak, this is recognized as the sealed entrance of a secret chamber containing the Sash of the People.   The wall is destroyed the next day to recover the hidden items.

21st of Harvesting, 00:35am

King Rastapuj is found trying to make an escape from the palace and is arrested by the insurgents alongside five members of his guard and several of his family members.
The insurgents officially claim the palace.
A chant is echoed through the City of Dia claiming "The deer is ours, down with the deers!"  


The rain stops and the torches and lamps start being lit again.
First reports reach the city of another part of the plan taking place on the coast: The revolutionaries had tipped off the Irates criminal organization that the rich aristocrats would be trying to flee down the river, and were intercepting the fleeing ships to plunder them and take the aristocrats as prisoners.
One of the attacked ships turns out to be The KHS Great Vertixico, which is unfortunately sunk.  


The action wears down. Revolutionary militia, alongside insurgent military personnel, patrol the city to search for monarchy loyalists, report and move casualties and aid any injured people.  
Here ends the main reported events for the night of 20th of Harvesting, 9E.Ru in the island of Karte.

Ararak delivers a speech by Naelin

Included under Conflict
Conflict Type
Character | Dec 18, 2021

Spokesperson of the Karte's Raised Bakers Resistance and people's leader of the civil war on Karte.

The Great Vertixico
Vehicle | Oct 20, 2023

Years ago, a great captain drowned serving the king. The ship they named after him would follow his steps.

Cover image: Banner Raised Bakers Resistance by Naelin


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Oct 22, 2022 12:16 by TJ Trewin

Aaaaa this is an amazing unfolding of events!   Who tore out that handful of tapestry? I wonder where it will end up.

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What an inquisitive man you are. The intrigue is driven by the historical importance of such a piece of tapestry, surely. Isn't it? :p

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I can only return your level of enthusiasm for a certain missing relic in my own world ;P

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Oct 22, 2022 18:34 by Simo

That's a clever organizational feat for a revolutionary effort.

Oct 25, 2022 10:52 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

'Some of the guards were nervous. Some others were really, really nervous.' Hahaha.   I really love the symbolism of the unlit and still-lit torches and that being a signal as to who was loyal to the crown.

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