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The Great Vertixico

A true Captain

Captain Vertixico was a Kartian dice snake man that served the navy of his kingdom from 2968 E.Alz until his death in 2999 at 47 years old.
He joined the Kartian navy at 16, and his charisma, teamwork and diligence gained him a successful career, eventually leading to him getting a position as an immensely popular navy captain with a fiercely loyal crew.
His ship, the Maned, was used to protect the merchants leaving the Tantalej river into the ocean as the pirate threat worsened on the west coasts of Karte Island.  

Down with the ship

The Maned quickly grew a fame as an absolute menace to pirates, and it is rumoured that Heliom, the Irates' leader herself, survived her ship being sunk by The Maned twice, though this was never confirmed.
By the year 2999, Captain Vertixico was renowned and respected above many higher-ranked navy folks, but he would meet his fate on the 17th of Preparing as the famous pirate ship Wild Goes Faster intercepted The Maned at sea and fired several rounds at her, before fleeing.
Damaged and with injured and dead crew members, The Maned made haste to the nearest port and managed to enter the river, but met on her way the Many Eyes, a bigger, better-armed pirate ship that saw the opportunity and attacked.
Captain Vertixico spent his last minutes saving his fellow crewmates before being trapped under the deck of The Maned and going down with her to the bottom of the river.   Many crew members survived to be saved by reinforcements thanks to the help of their captain and went on to tell of his valour and request adequate honouring.  

KHS Great Vertixico

The year 3003 saw King Rastapuj's official declaration of the War on Pirates and the commissioning of many Kartian Hunter ships, especially designed to trick pirate ships and take them down at close range.  
Red Gnaw by Naelín
One of these was named The KHS Great Vertixico, an honour granted by her new captain, a survivor of The Maned's crew. The KHS Great Vertixico was fitted with a reproduction of The Maned's figurehead, portraying a rampant Red Gnaw, Karte's main symbol, and with an oils portrait of Captain Vertixico in the cabin, commissioned by the survivors of The Maned.   The Great Vertixico's crew fought bravely during the war on pirates and survived intact, with the ship being later deployed to patrol the Tantalej river and the opening to the sea.  

Escape and Sinking

Reaccounting of the facts by the journalist Zafiaira
21st of Harvesting, Year 9, E.Ru
  The 20th of Harvesting 9 E.Ru changed the course of the civil war for with the event that is coming to be known as the Night of the Unlit Candles.
As the revolutionaries poured on the streets taking down anyone with a lit torch and invading the royal palace, many monarchy loyalists managed to make their way into the rivers and attempt their escape to other islands.   The famed hunter ship KHS Great Vertixico was boarded by at least a dozen surviving military and navy personnel and approximately 40 civilians, which sources indicate were members of the Regal Stag family line and government figures.
The ship sailed downstream taking advantage of its great speed but was intercepted by at least three Irate vessels, as it is speculated that the illicit organization had been tipped off by revolutionary groups that anticipated the escape route would be used by the loyalist to flee.   While the Great Vertixico was designed to hunt down pirate ships, a lack of trained crewmembers familiar with her put the ship at a disadvantage.
Several rounds of cannon shots were exchanged between ships, with the Irate ships reportedly suffering only minor damages. The Kartian ship suffered such an intense fire that it started sinking rapidly, preventing the Irate crews from plundering it, but dooming the more than 50 passengers to drown in the river.   The river has not been searched for survivors, and the last crew of the KHS Great Vertixico is presumed to have drowned in its entirety.
Portrait of Captain Vertixico by TJ Trewin
Kartian Hunter Ship (KHS)
Owning Organization
Current location
"Not again!"
Some survivours of The Maned claim to have distinctively heard those words to be Captain Vertixico's last ones, but couldn't figure out what was the reason for it.
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