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Captain Heliom

Thaur Island
Born in the Island of Thaur (Then ruled by the Kingdom of Merthiorn), Heliom, a woman of furry race and rat phenotype left her childhood behind at an early age as her mother went back to the seas and to her pirate crew, taking the girl with her.   She grew ruthless and fierce, and by the year 3004 E.Alz, she had already spent two decades as a successful pirate and was the captain of a small ship called the Wild Goes Faster.   On this year, acts of piracy in the east of the Haan Archipelago had put such a huge dent in the Kartian economy that the Kartian king, Rastapuj launched a plan called the war on pirates, hunting them down with full force.  
Irate Hideout by Naelin through Inkarnate
Two years into this war, she had lost many members of her crew and saw that they were on the losing side.
She managed to call a meeting between captains and crews of all the pirate ships she could get in contact with, in a small island north of Ruh to plan a counterattack.
She made the other crews see that it would be impossible for them to win on numbers and force alone and they had to deliver a message instead.
She knew how to deliver it.  


On the hot night of the 18th of Burning, 3006 E.Alz, the pirates made their move to the city of Dia, capital of Karte.
A group of them infiltrated the Kartian palace as the rest kept the army busy on the streets. A pirate known as Hylmer managed to kidnap Kuja, the only son of the king, and get him back to a big Kartian ship they captured.
By orders of Heliom, they tortured the prince for several days and when finally the Kartian army located him and surrounded the ship, a woman pushed the mangled prince against the ships' railing and beheaded him, throwing the prince's body out of the ship and preserving the head.  

The Irates

Irate flag
Flag of the Irates by Naelin
"Yeah, like pirate, but full of ire"
This vengance had more than the expected effect: The war on pirates ended immediatily, and Rastapuj became sick and mad with grief.
Heliom's leadership was recognized by the other crews, and they formed a guild known as the Irates, building then a hideout on the island they used for the first meeting.   The captured ship was renamed Beheaded and Heliom was made captain of it.
Kuja's skull was preserved as the symbol of power of this new group, and it has been tied to the main mast of the Beheaded for all to see.   Hardened by the years, with ears burnt by the days under the sun, she terrorizes the merchants traveling through the east coasts of the archipelago to this day.
Lawful Evil
Currently Boarded Vehicle
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Leader of the Irates
Captain of the Beheaded
Aligned Organization
Irate assault of Karte
Military Conflict | Sep 3, 2023

The vengeance of the east coast pirates that ended the Kartian war on pirates

Organization | Oct 24, 2023

The pirate guild created after the invasion of Dia

Cover image: Irates Banner by Naelin
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