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Prince of Karte Kuja

Kuja was the son of Rastapuj, the last king of the Kingdom of Karte.

Physical appearance

Kuja was a furry societarian of whitetail deer phenotype.
He had big pointy ears, brown eyes and black hooves, his fur was an ashy brown.
He was said to have a tender smile and energetic demeanour and used to go around wearing brightly coloured clothes and flashy jewellery.  


He was described as a delicate, kind and shy boy, in stark difference with his father. Nevertheless, Kuja was the light in his father's eyes, who was proud of him and always talked about his achievements and intelligence.
He loved the arts, especially music and painting, and would marvel at the many portraits and tapestries of the palace he grew in.  


Kuja was born in the 16th of Planting, 2992 E.Alz in the City of Dia as the only child of King Rastapuj after many fruitful attempts from his father to concieve.
He was adored by his father and provided with the best education and treatment available to the kingdom.
He showed a preference for music and was tutored in several instruments throughout his childhood.  

Capture and death

The following section includes descriptions and pictures of violence against a minor.
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In 3004 E.Alz, his father launched a military plan known as the War on Pirates aimed at stopping the pirate attacks in the western coast and main rivers of the island.   Two years later, when Kuja was 14 years old, the pirates organised and launched a revenge in which they tool the City of Dia by assault with the aim to capture the young prince.
This task was achieved by the pirate Hylmer, who took the prince back to a captured ship called the Sand Bird.
During the time he spent on the ship, Kuja is said to have been tortured in many ways, though investigations or descriptions of the details were swiftly outlawed by the Kartian monarchy.   When the Kartian military found the pirate's hiding place and surrounded the coast, a pirate woman of fossa phenotype held him over the railing and cut his head off, throwing the body overboard.  


Irate flag
Flag of the Irates by Naelin
Kuja's death marked the end of the War on Pirates and the start of his father's descent into madness.
The pirate tryumph united them under the name of Irates, and the skull of the beheaded prince was kept as their symbol of power.
The ship where Kuja was last held, the Sand Bird, was taken as the Irate's flagship and renamed as The Beheaded, and the boy's skull is since then displayed on her main mast.   Though Kuja's death left no heirs to the throne, none ended up being needed, as the kingdom soon fell into a civil war that culminated with Rastapuj captured and excecuted, ending the reign of the Regal Stag Family and the Kartian monarchy.
Whitetail deer
Lawful Good
Date of Birth
16th of Planting, 2992 E.Alz
Date of Death
1st of Swimming, 3006 E.Alz (Aged 14)
Circumstances of Death
Tortured and beheaded during the Irate invasion of Karte
Aligned Organization

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