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Veld the Imaginative

Author & Researcher Veld (a.k.a. The Imaginative)

The internationally famous Veld is a Stunveldti-Ruhk waterland silky societarian known for writing and compiling The Book of the Habits and Beasts, the biggest and most popular encyclopaedia in the Haan Archipelago.  

Physical aspect & Personality


A portrait of Veld the Imaginative holding a copy of their encyclopedia
Veld the Imaginative
Veld is a waterland silky of octopus phenotype. Their skin is pink-orange with orange spots. They have big orange eyes with curvy horizontal pupils, a black beak, and syphons on both sides of their head.   Their arms and legs are very flexible, and they lack fingers or bones in their prehensile, tentacled hands, which are instead covered in two rows of suckers.
They have a fifth, thinner tentacle at the bottom of their back without any bones on it that functions as a tail, helping with balance and swimming, as well as being an additional, prehensile appendage to aid with daily tasks.   As with all waterland societarians, Veld is an excellent swimmer, and is able to breathe underwater.  


Veld the imaginative is a cheerful person, talkative and enthusiastic. They can strike a conversation about virtually any topic, but their nerdy enthusiasm may run way longer than the energy of the people around them.  

Dual Culture

Flag of Stunveldt
Veld was born in Stunveldt, child of Stunveldti parents, but their family emigrated to the west coast of Ruh very early in their life due to their dad's job in the business of international trade with the Ruhks.   Despite living most of their life in Ruh, the strong sense of national pride of their parents (and of Stunveldti in general) and living on a port settlement with a big community of people from their homeland made Veld have a mostly Stunveldti upbringing, following closely its traditions and customs, all the way into getting an honourific gender after they became famous.  

A love for all knowledge

Since they were a boy, Veld showed an insatiable curiosity and passion for learning about virtually any single topic coming their way.   They worked their early years helping their dad as a mercantile diplomat, and at the age of 21 they had the opportunity to start travelling to different islands, where they've learned about the cultural and natural diversity of each country, and decided to start recording it.   Through the years, Veld amassed a collection of manuscripts on the most diverse topics, that they showed to friends and family, but otherwise just stored without a major plan.
Their mother slowly convinced them to put the articles to good use, and by the time they was 29, Veld started organising their documents and getting in contact with the many scholars they've met with during their travels.  
Heroforge Welkinal
Welkinal by Naelin
Veld formed a close professional relationship with Welkinal, a Kartian biologist that had spent many years documenting information about the archipelago's creatures, and making astounding illustrations of the ones he found in his travels.   Together (and with the collaboration of many others), they released The Book of the Habits and Beasts on the 31st of Birthing, 3005 E.Alz, an instant success across all scholarly circles of the archipelago.   About three years later, and as the book became more and more famous, the Stunveldti community granted Veld recognition as neutral gender, and so the author proudly changed their pronouns to fit their new honour.  
Portrait of Danae, a holding his peace bird pen and a book containing a map
Danae by Naelin
In 3013 E.Alz, Veld travelled to the City of Birdland, capital of the Kingdom of Thaur, where they met Danae, a young cartographer and scribe that quickly became part of Veld's growing team and a close friend.
Danae introduced Veld to the Horror Circle, a semi-secret group of artists and bohemians that instantly welcomed them, and became like their second family in Thaur since.   Veld, Welkinal and Danae released the second edition of The Book of the Habits and Beasts on the third of Birthing, 3 E.Ru, and the three now work full time publishing and releasing articles, illustrations and maps for the scholars and libraries all around the Haan Archipelago.  

The Book of the Habits and Beasts

Veld's book is a massive encyclopaedia made of short articles encompassing all kinds of topics, from biology to geography, sociology, politics, biography, and history.   It aims to open people's curiosity to the world around them, and is a great starting point for anyone to learn about their favourite topics.   The encyclopaedia is also an amazing reference book for seasoned scholars, especially as the credits on each article helps them find experts on their fields that they may otherwise be unable to contact.
  The book has since been the source of several smaller compilations focused on single topics, new articles are distributed in the shape of small magazines through the islands, and a third edition has been recently released.
Other Ethnicities/Cultures
Date of Birth
21st of Sowing, 2970 E.Alz
Neutral (Honorary)
Orange and big
Other Affiliations

A gender of honour

Stunveldti people recognise four genders, with tightly defined social roles: Shifting, women, men and neutral.
The last, Neutral, is assigned to a person by their communty when they are deemed to be highly empathetic, fierce people with great strength of mind and of ideals that have done or are in the way to doing great things.   To be recognised as a neutral and called they/them is a honour in the Stunveldti society, and one that has been granted to Veld after their massive research efforts led to their encyclopedia being the most internationally famous work done by a Stunveldti.
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Horror Circle
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Cover image: The Book of Habits and Beasts by TJ & Naelin
Character Portrait image: Veld by TJ


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