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The true challenge is narrowing it to 10 - Reading Challenge for WE2021!

Whoops, more than 10!
— Stormbril

  Well, right off the bat, I've failed this challenge. I can't limit myself to just 10. It's simply not possible.   So instead, I've done 20! I wanted to split this into two groups -- 10 articles from worlds I haven't had the chance to interact with and have essentially no or limited knowledge of, and 10 articles from my notifications of followed worlds. Highlight some interesting and great work I haven't seen before, and also highlight the amazingness that I know a bit more!   To get us started, let's dive into some new things! :)

My Own Words

If you're interested, here's my pledge from just before the event, updated to include a bit of a writeup on how the month went, and all 4 articles I wrote!
WorldEmber 2021
Generic article | Jan 17, 2022

My plans and personal hub/tracking article for WorldEmber 2021.

The First 10



What can I say but wow, what a wildly unique, weird, and wonderful world this is! This article takes us through the "Spheres" of 'Oblogga', huge living spheres in a vast ocean with life living on, maintaining, and even connecting mentally with it? It's incredible, you just have to read it yourself.
Settlement | Sep 7, 2022

The second biggest Sphere of the Expanse. The most influential spheria, at the centre of many fascinating stories.

Inspiration to take forward
  • Living things living on living things -- get weird with stuff, it's so unique and captivating!
  • Tease info throughout a long article that you can then answer later on in it
  • Stiydear Estate

    Kummer Wolfe
    I love the historical walk through the purpose and function of this building, as it changes hands multiple times throughout the years in often bloody ways. It gives us an idea of what events the building has seen, and what stains might be hidden under all those refurbishments and alterations it's seen.
    Stiydear Estate
    Building / Landmark | Dec 27, 2021

    An old B'omarr monastery with a violent history where dark, vile medical practices were performed. But one that has perhaps turned the corner on its dark past.

    Inspiration to take forward
  • using prose in the article to create life and points of interest that can be referenced
  • related to that, I really like how the article is ended with a large block of prose

    Chalk: The Inverted Emperor

    I love a good "lone wanderer pursuing all knowledge", something Chalk does for the noble cause of freeing his people. I love the detail on what Chalk looks like as an automaton, including fancy engraving and articulation. It gives us a great introduction into who Chalk is, before going on to explain his history!
    Chalk: The Inverted Emperor
    Character | Jan 19, 2022
    Inspiration to take forward
  • Use quotes from the character to breathe personality into an article and provide context
  • Introduce notable relationships and reference them in different points
  • The Saints

    I love a good article on gods, pantheons, saints, all of the above. This article by Winger showcases "The Saints", and the part that really stands out to me is the bit on the "Great Saints". I love the details going over what each saint stands for, what domains they have power over -- things like "the patron of gravediggers" is so good.
    The Saints
    Character | Jan 1, 2022
    Inspiration to take forward
  • For gods and saints, think of unique domains they stand for, and how that interacts with the world
  • Lesser saints -- can I make something similar for under the God-husks?

    Molten Platform

    Ancient dwarven tech that allows for travel in the upper mantle via magma channels omg :O This is a really fascinating article, diving into the process of constructing these incredibly hard to build devices. Mixing magic and tech is always a delight, as well! I love the variations on speed that comes with different sizes, too.
    Molten Platform
    Technology / Science | Jun 20, 2022
    Inspiration to take forward
  • Magic and technology don't have to stay separate! It's so interesting to mix them
  • Break things down into further classifications -- in this case, size and speed
  • Kya Seleþrin

    This article is short and concise, and introduces us to a lovely character, Kya. I enjoy the length of the article, as it allows us to quickly learn what kind of person Kya is, before delving into the tragic story of what happens to her. Formatting wise, I really like the icons on each header! They add some nice flair.
    Kya Seleþrin
    Character | Mar 4, 2022

    A sister taken too soon.

    Inspiration to take forward
  • Play around with icons in text for a bit of visual flair and concept recognition
  • Short articles work nicely with a quick intro and heavy conclusion

    Ground Dragon Bones

    George Sanders
    The introduction to this article is full of short punchy sentences that you can really feel. The bit of prose caught my interest right away. The rest of the article is similarly told through prose that also mixes in more standard article/wiki style writing, and I really like the mix! It's a great way to learn about this interesting material.
    Ground Dragon Bones
    Material | Mar 8, 2023

    Lavani found the ground dragon bones magnified magical properties in the Chrysanthemums and increased the magical carrying capacity of the flowers.

    Inspiration to take forward
  • Try mixing things up the style of writing an article with prose and information
  • Tell the discovery of an item/material through the actual incident
  • Thyoran

    It took reading this article to realize I'm not used to reading about "extinct" species at all, and it's interesting how that changes the way you frame things when writing about them! The species themselves are so interesting and alien, and I enjoy reading about how they used to live and interact with one another.
    Sophont | Dec 30, 2021

    The lone race of telepaths to ever inhabit the cosmos, now lost to the sands of time.

    Inspiration to take forward
  • Think about not only what lives now, but used to live
  • What sort of impacts might past species have on the way present ones live?

    Kelvark "The Seeker" Raventooth

    Kelvark Raventooth has the ability to hyper-focus on one thing, blocking out all else for as long as he needs. I need this ability. I really love how this article takes someone who appears to be nondescript, boring, and regular, and makes them to be fascinating instead. Almost into myth, with the name "the seeker"!
    Kelvark "The Seeker" Raventooth
    Character | Dec 30, 2021
    Inspiration to take forward
  • Subvert expectations of physical appearance and personality
  • A character that chronicles the tales of your world provides boundless intrigue
  • Mycoceph

    If you know me, you know I love some good ol body horror, and these mushrooms are full of it. I really love the way in which they reproduce, with spores infecting a certain species that allow for these horrifying mutations and host-consumption to occur. The entire article contains some really great mental imagery!
    Species | Dec 30, 2021
    Inspiration to take forward
  • Build interactions between existing species in new scary ways!
  • Mushrooms as predators fits body horror in general perfectly
    There's a LOT of inspiration to be gained from reading all of these. I'm really absorbing ways to make interesting characters feel alive, with provoking backstories and relatable motives. A big hope of mine is to make Cathedris feel more alive and lived in, and thus the species and landmark articles here are more examples of how to do just that, populate a world with life and with stories. The way prose has been used in these articles really excites me as well. I've got to learn how to write better prose!
        Phew! Time to take a quick break -- a small "aaannnd breathe!".   Okay, onwards we go to the next 10! Here are 10 articles from my notifications of followed worlds. They might be familiar to you, they might not be, but they're excellent and serve as incredible sources of inspiration!  

    The Next 10


    Matazel the Lonely

    TC is a master of myths and gods, and this article is no exception! I'm fascinating by creation myths, and this article details the god responsible for said creation. It starts out with a perfect poem/quote, and then dives into intriguing details as to who this god is. I also particularly liked the part on worship!
    Matazel the Lonely
    Character | Dec 22, 2021

    Matazel the Lonely is the first god of the Danatelians, creator of the world.

    Inspiration to take forward
  • CREATION! Think of what sort myths might exist of the beginning of time
  • Unique and compelling worshipping methods for specific gods
  • Veld the Imaginative

    I always love the way Naelin mixes in art with compelling writing in his articles. Veld comes across as such an amazing likeable character right away, thanks to their portrait and to the introduction Naelin gives them! Giving a character a love for all knowledge is great character motivation, too.
    Veld the Imaginative
    Character | Dec 5, 2022

    The famous author of The Book of Habits and Beasts, the biggest encyclopaedia

    Inspiration to take forward
  • Character vibes! A great quick introduction to personality/type
  • Great meaning and thought behind gender choice of "Neutral"

    Teor & Tarr

    This article starts off with such a beautiful quote that really sets the mood <3 This myth that Maybe weaves is tragic and beautiful, and touching in so many ways. It feels so full and complete. After having your heart broken by the myth, there's a bit of relief when reading of the very sweet worship and rituals section!
    Teor & Tarr
    Myth | Jan 1, 2022

    The gods of the great twin rivers.

    Inspiration to take forward
  • Stories of love and heartbreak to fill articles with emotion
  • How might the myth itself build worship rituals? How do they fit together?
  • Lady Oriane Merisse

    This article is a master class in linking to other articles you've already written, as well as weaving a story throughout many articles on WA! I like the quick overview of her history interspersed with block links, and then afterwards getting into some extra points of what makes Oriane unique. It's so well done!
    Lady Oriane Merisse
    Character | Jan 2, 2022

    Lady Oriane Merisse is an ex-commoner who claimed an Estate for herself and acceded to the imperial high nobility. A lukewarm member of the Light political faction, she is well known for her power and ruthlessness.

    Inspiration to take forward
  • Consistent characters, quotes, and stories through articles
  • Work in links and references to make a connected reading experience


    Poor Tarvan does not have an easy life D: But despite that, the way Kros writes them paints this picture of a really likeable, nice person, despite it all. I really enjoyed the quotes from Tarvan throughout the article especially. They're short, but they have a consistent character voice throughout them that works perfectly!
    Character | Dec 1, 2022
    Inspiration to take forward
  • Work hard to nail a consistent character voice to use throughout an article
  • Put characters through tough situations to reinforce their personality
  • Selkirk Nero

    I LOVED Solar's Five Hundred Fun Ways To Die article, and so being introduced to the host of that show is an absolute treat. Seeing this poor host absolutely hating his job, but being trapped via his success, is hilarious in a very special kind of way in this show where death is constant, but temporary at the same time.
    Selkirk Nero
    Character | Mar 18, 2023

    Rather than becoming a fearsome weapon of war like his TAG ancestors, Lieutenant Selkirk Nero was forced to salvage a tepid PR game show, Five Hundred Fun Ways to Die.

    Inspiration to take forward
  • What are a characters likes and dislikes in context of their occupation?
  • There's always place for hiding humour in plain sight


    Barron starts this article off with a killer bit of prose that tells a micro story and showcases the danger of these Snapvines expertly. It immediately hooked my attention. I really love this take on a carnivorous plant, as it digests victims into the surrounding soil rather than in a maw/pitcher like you might expect!
    Species | Nov 21, 2023

    Snapvine is a type of plant that grows in many different regions and conditions. It is a carnivorous family of plants, with a snapping mechanism and venom for the capture of prey.

    Inspiration to take forward
  • Take existing conventions and twist them enough to be new but recognizable
  • Think of how flora fit into a larger ecosystem, or how people might use it
  • The Common Calendar

    TJ consistently blows my mind with his articles -- there's so much detail and thought worked into them, and this one's no exception, it's so polished! A circular calendar is so cool, and featuring it with a large spinning image in the article works so well for this. I absolutely love every part of this article.
    The Common Calendar
    Technology / Science | Nov 30, 2022

    An inclusive calendar used as a tool to spread propaganda through education.

    Inspiration to take forward
  • CSS and formatting -- large feature pieces to tie the writing together!
  • What would my cultures base their calendar off of, and how would it look?

    Private Aye

    I really love Time's comedic work with APRA, and the characters they fill that world with. A pirate detective is just too good of a character to miss. The quotes throughout the article of Private Aye talking to his clients are hilarious, and really work perfectly to set the tone in this article. His physical description is particularly great!
    Private Aye
    Character | Dec 16, 2021

    An incredibly gifted pirate-detective.

    Inspiration to take forward
  • Interactions between characters can masterfully set article tone
  • Mixing in different styles of dialogue with different containers is effective
  • Gilded Hoard

    This WE Nnie showed off her amazing work on Dragons, Gold coins, and the banking systems, and I was amazed. They're such a fascinating take on dragons and coins! I really love this article going more in depth into this large bank with this most prolific currency. It's got history, rumours, reveals, and it's a joy to read :D
    Gilded Hoard
    Organization | Dec 27, 2021

    The Gilded Hoard is the oldest and most well-known bank, with branches all across the Morning Realm. The Bank is based in the hoard of an ancient dragon.

    Inspiration to take forward
  • Work in rumours early and lead up to a reveal at the end of an article
  • Come up with great core ideas that tie together series of articles
    Okay, that is a LOT of inspiration xD I absolutely love going through these articles, there's so many incredible worlds and worldbuilders out there that I look up to and get inspiration from. Multiple great examples of taking existing ideas and twisting them into something surprising, or inventing new things from scratch and creating something wonderful. As mentioned before, I was particularly interested in reading about characters this time around, and there's great examples here of how to create compelling characters (as well as how to put them in intriguing situations and stories!).

    2022 Resolutions

      Goals are hard. Sometimes by simply speaking them out loud (or writing them down), I feel like I put so much pressure on myself that I just kinda drop everything and nothing gets done D:   But I've got hopes and wishes, things that I'm interested in doing! Like, this feels like it could be the year I finish the final 6 God-husk articles. I've got the art for them, I just need the words now! I'd also like a new world map for Cathedris, to learn how to write compelling characters, and to fill the world with story hooks and life. I have so much fun building this world, but I'd like to weave in some purpose to it as well -- perhaps a short story this year as well?   It's highly likely I only get some or even none of these done. But I'm going to try, and I think that there is my main goal this year. Simply to try!   Here's to a better 2022. Take care of yourselves, and I wish you success and joy with all of your goals! <3

    Cover image: by Liam Briese


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    17 Jan, 2022 10:00

    Thank you, Stormbril. It's such a lovely feeling to know someone, especially a content creator like yourself, took the time to point at something I made and go, "Aw yeah; ya done did good, Chimera."

    18 Jan, 2022 18:30

    Absolutely! Ya definitely have done great, Chimera :D I was happy to feature Chalk here, he was a joy to read about :)

    Sage eccbooks
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    17 Jan, 2022 16:12

    I love the way that you broke it down into one section of new discoveries and one section of stuff from people you already follow. And now I've got three more things to add to my To-Read list.

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    18 Jan, 2022 18:31

    Thank you Chris! I only wish I had infinite time and energy so I could read and feature everything, even doing it like this feels like I haven't been able to include everyone I want to D:

    18 Jan, 2022 00:59

    I shied away from setting concrete goals in favor of saying "let's just try!" as well! Let's hope we both accomplish that <3

    18 Jan, 2022 18:32

    I think it's a fantastic plan! I know we'll both be able to :D

    18 Jan, 2022 03:45

    ... Oh. As a content creator yourself, I think you understand the feeling of being small (as unbelievable as that may sound) and have a bigger person compliment something you make. Thanks loads, anyways. I'll definitely be adding these to my list.

    18 Jan, 2022 18:33

    Oh no, I'm sorry if I caused offense by including your article here D: (though I think I just misread the tone of the comment!) I truly enjoyed reading the Saints, and I was very happy to include it here. Lots of really great writing in the different kinds of Saints, plenty of inspiration to be had :D

    18 Jan, 2022 18:57

    No no no no, what I meant was, THANK YOU SO MUCH :D It really does mean a LOT. I was really, really surprised to see this is the thing :P

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    PHEW! xD Well, I'm definitely happy to have included it, keep up the great work :D

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    Thanks so much for the feature! :D

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    18 Jan, 2022 18:34

    Thanks so much for being inspiring! :D

    18 Jan, 2022 15:38

    Really nice selection of works, and I'm really :'0 to be featured among them! I'm really excited to read about the 6 remaining god husks, and if you do ever write a creation myth I'm sure it will be absolutely amazing :D !!

    Creator of Arda Almayed
    18 Jan, 2022 18:35

    Thank you TC, and it was a joy to include you! <3   I'm so excited to hear that, too :D I'm hoping to get to all of those this year!

    22 Jan, 2022 21:09

    I love that you've sectioned this out into new discoveries and then also people who you already read. That's a fun way to do it! :D   Looking forward to Cathedris 2022! <3

    Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
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    Thank you Emy! I just wish I had energy to include moooooooore D: So so much to read!   Here's to an excellent 2022 for us all :D

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    That's a lotta reading! Thank you for the inclusion! (Also glad you got Oblogga in there!)

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