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The Calendar

Flag of Dhalmain by Naelin
The standard calendar of the Haan Archipelago was created in Dhalmain around 3000 years ago.   The first year of this calendar marks the time where the Dhalmanite made a complex pact with the alzufhar Behemil that started their (still ongoing) status as the breeders and carers of the best alzufhars in the whole archipelago.
They called the first era of their calendar the "Era of Alzufhar" (E.Alz), which spanned 3014 years until the coming of the High Rust.  

The Week

Symbol of Autonomism by Naelin
The calendar week spans 5 days.   The names represent the four most important of the divine laws of the universe in Autonomism, the Dhalmanite religion, with the 5th day reserved for the world, governed by these laws.   People usually rest during Vhasix days, and some work a shorter time during Gleamix days.
Week day Meaning of the day
Alocix Day of Alocardenas, the Curiosity
Rheshix Day of Rheshnaghty, the Intention
Primarix Day of Primarite, the Space
Gleamix Day of Gleamauros, the Time
Vhasix Day of Vhas, the World

The Months

The year in Vhas spans 366 days divided into 12 months of 30 and 31 days days each, with each month named after the main characteristic or tradition held during that month.   The seasons start with the first day of their corresponding month, with the summer solstice ocurring during the 1st of Burning, and the winter solstice ocurring during the 1st of Singing.  
Days Name Season Significance
1st 31 Sowing Spring Month where most of the cereal crops are planted.
2nd 30 Harvesting Spring Month where most of leaf and fruit vegetables are harvested.
3rd 31 Birthing Spring Month where most creatures, specially livestock, are giving birth.
4th 30 Burning Summer Hottest month of the year, and most work intense for cattle farmers.
5th 31 Swimming Summer Children are usually taught to swim during this month, where the heat makes people swarm to beaches
6th 30 Resting Summer Traditional vacational month.
7th 31 Planting Autumn Month where most of leaf and fruit vegetables are planted.
8th 30 Reaping Autumn Month where most of the cereal crops are harvested.
9th 31 Sheltering Autumn Month where people prepare to stay indoors during the winter.
10th 30 Singing Winter Start of the winter, where singing around the fireplace becomes one of the main family activities.
11th 31 Preparing Winter Month where preparations for the year end are started.
12th 30 Celebrating Winter Month for celebrating a successful year and the coming of spring.

The Calendar

And its important dates

Month of Burning, Year 10, Era of Rust
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