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Dhalmain Island by Naelin
For many centuries, the people of the island of Dhalmain have maintained a polytheistic pantheon of gods that represent the Laws of the Universe, under the religion they call Autonomism in reference to its origin myth where these basic forces of nature were autonomous and able to wonder and create.   Autonomists would usually follow the teachings and works of the "temples" dedicated to one or a few gods: These temples are branches that, while still all following the same religion and concepts, choose to focus on one specific law of the Universe which they will associate with specific professions and ways of life and as such will work and act for the interests of those groups, and try to bring people under their scope by advertising the professions they cover.  

Origin Myth

In the Autonomist genesis, the first thing to exist when nothing existed was Curiosity. From the curiosity of how the first thought was before the next appeared Time, and from the question of where was that time happening appeared Space.   Both Curiosity and her children kept wondering and Laws of the Universe kept appearing as the answers to those questions, until the Law of Physics wondered whether anything would ever defy them, and enabled Life, which didn't yet have the components to actually exist.   This realization formed Matter and The World, and eventually Chemistry who, wondering the same question again, made life appear in The World.
When Life appeared, it had inside a new terrible Law of the Universe: Intention, who devoured Curiosity and kept her all for themselves, making the rest of the Laws lie devoid of autonomy, unable to create new concepts again, while living beings evolved ways to conquer all other laws forever.  

The Laws of the Universe


The Curiosity

The first and original Law of the Universe. She created Time, Space, Directions and Dimensions.
She represents wonder, creation and the search for answers.
Her followers pursue a balance between questioning all matters taken for granted while staying cautious of the consequences of one's actions.
200908 - Alocardenas.jpg
Alocárdenas by Naelín

Presides over:



The Intention

The child of Chemistry and the final Law, which is imbued in all living things.
They ate Curiosity, ending the cycle of creation of new laws.
They were considered a destructive, egoist force, until Lush Enis drastically changed the temple's direction into using the "The Gift of Intention" as a force for the good of the community.
Rheshnaghty by Naelin

Presides over:

Therapists, Warriors, Healers, Fertility Matchmakers, Contact Weavers


The Time

The first child of Curiosity.
He represents patience and opportunity.

Presides over:

Farmers, Weavers, Lighthouse keepers


The Space

The second child of Curiosity.
She represents infinity and expansion.

Presides over:

City Planners


The Directions

The third child of Curiosity.

Presides over:

Traveling Merchants


The Dimensions

The fourth child of Curiosity.

Presides over:



The Physics

The child of the previous four Laws.
He enabled the existence of life for the first time by wondering if anything would defy them.

Presides over:



The Matter

The child of Physics.

Presides over:



The World

The child of Matter.
It is the nurturing world we all live in.

Presides over:

Service Jobs


The Chemistry

The child of The World. She created life, and therefore Intention.
She represents change, and the cycle of life and death.
Her followers believe life is sacred above everything, and embrace scientific pursuits and the art of cooking.
Regicielo, the Chemistry

Presides over:

Chemists, Cooks, Bakers, Brewers, Painters, Glass Blowers, Funerary Workers, Midwives
Religious, Other
Subsidiary Organizations
Related Ethnicities
Related Myths

The High Rust

A lot of Autonomists, especially many followers of Regicielo, the Chemistry, think that The High Rust was her way of showing that she regained Curiosity, and the ability to wonder.   There is much debate about the reasons, and whether it was revenge against life or merely a new law being born, and many followers believe and fear that other new laws might start being created again.

Labour Unions in Dhalmain

In the Republic of Dhalmain, the organizations of followers of each of the Laws (the law's "Temple") took the role of labour unions and guilds.   Besides their religious teachings, works and proselytizing, each temple works to protect the interests of the professions their Law is a patron of.
This created some unlikely alliances on the island, such as mental health therapists, warriors and fertility houses lobbying for each other in ways that would appear as truly bizarre to foreigners.

Character flag image: Symbol of Autonomism by Naelin


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