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"Just legal weavers, the bunch of them. It's just us that are not allowed to hire them"
— A disgruntled commoner
  Sometimes also called "Right Hand" or the "Eyes" of their client, an advisor is the person closest to a head of state or to a leader of a powerful organization. The delicate profession entails helping their powerful client make decisions, getting crucial information for them, gathering people required to get things done, and sometimes doing the things themselves.
On occasion, an advisor will be delegated the power to make the decisions themselves, or take the bulk of the less important requests the leader may receive, so that they can take care of the more delicate ones.  

Perks and Dangers

Heroforge Road
Road by Naelin
Due to the importance of their position, advisors enjoy a great deal of power and preferential treatment under their state or organization. The delicate information and public relations image their manage, however, also puts them under a great deal of scrutiny.
They are the face of their group to the public almost as much as the monarch, parliamentary or boss is, and much of the public opinion falls on them as well as on their client.   Nowhere was this as evident as in the Birdland Dungeons scandal, where the first advisor of King Naelin, a man by the name of Tazyl whom at the moment doubled as the captain of Birdland's guard was found to be abusing the prisoners in monstrous ways and fled the country to never be found.   While he was swiftly switched by Road, a folk of spotless record to date, the public opinion on the king's prudence or intelligence at appointment people to power was severely tainted.  


Weavers' Wool by Naelín
It is an open secret that being an efficient advisor includes a fair share of involvement with the Weavers Network, an illegal organization of people that use social networking to achieve goals on a less than formal manner. With the capacity of weaving to greatly speed up all sorts of urgent matters, their use by advisors may be one of the reasons for the weavers to have had such a low count of serious prosecution by the state.
Some advisors were accused of contact weaving themselves, though no evidence was ever found on those cases. The arguments are usually not pressed, as direct contact weaving would require the advisors to work for third parties as well, greatly endangering their positions.
Ethel by Naelin
Alternative Names
Right Hand
Intelligence Gathering
Famous in the Field
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At the right side of King Naelin stands a tall goat of confident stature and intimidating presence

Cover image: The Weavers network by Naelín


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