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Right Hand, Road Of Thaur

In most formal and official occasions, to the right of King Naelin and looming above his shoulder one can find a towering societarian of shifting gender and goat phenotype.   This intimidating person, called Road, turned into Naelin's advisor early into his mandate, by offering the most important currency that the king lacked at that time: Information.  

Aspect and personality

Road is a tall, broad furry with uniformly dark brown hair that grows longer around the neck and feet, black smooth horns that curve backwards, and a goatee.   Ze has additional canines and red eyes with circular pupils, traits that make people comment that hir phenotype may be exotic.   Road usually dresses with either long robes or tight trousers and shirts, and is usually seen smoking different varieties of herbs.
Ze is snarky, confident and usually able to intimidate people just by looking at them.   Towards friends and loved ones, Road usually responds with sarcasm and friendly jabs, but will protect them by any means whenever they need.   Furthermore, Road is great at providing analytical advice and guidance when a situation turns serious.

The Underground Roads

Just months after the Kingdom of Thaur was founded, it was discovered that the captain of the kingdom's guard had commited heinous crimes against prisioners, causing a public scandal. The man fled the city seemingly leaving no trace.   As the search went without leads, a pair of strangers that introduced themselves as Road and The Servant arrived in the capital offering information about the fugitive's whereabouts.   The pair urgently requested an audience with king Naelin, which was reluctantly granted to them.
Asking for nothing in return, they shared with him strategic information about the existence of secret underground roads connecting many of the city's largest structures and important buildings. Alarmingly, this included a connection to the dungeons beneath the king's own feet - the last place where the fugitive had been sighted.   The lead was followed and proven true: The roads were there, alongside the remains of the criminal's escape efforts. Unfortunately, the clues led to a coast where the fugitive had left the island for good, but now, the king had found himself in lack of his prior counselor, with two strong candidates at hand.  

The Right Hand of Thaur

"Road has always set us on the right path"
— King Naelin of Thaur
Heroforge Servant.PNG
The Servant by Naelin
Thaurians saw no hesitation nor prudency in Naelin's desicion to appoint Road and The Servant as his advisors and seconds in command, granting them the titles of "Right and Left Hands of Thaur".
Despite the public's understandable suspicions, they grew accustomed to the pair, as they were never once found to act against the kingdom's interests.   In their new positions, Road acts as as an advisor to Naelin on sociopolitical decisions, and can be seen discussing all sorts of matters with him, even arguing heatedly, something uncommon for the king. Servant's position is less clear, acting as a mix between assistant and partner.  

Goats of many mysteries

"Well Breguines already had secret roads didn't they?"
Defiant Road by Naelin
The pair have been a source of gossip and curiosity since their arrival in Thaur.
People still don't know their origin, with many assuring that they are Breguines that escaped the ruin of their city-state after its fall to the High Rust. While this would be supported by their goat phenotype and the fact that nobody knew them before, there is not much more to this theory.   Road has a traditional "noun" Thaurian name, but the name of The Servant is yet another matter of discussion, as people think this can't be his actual name, and some have heard Naelin and Road call him "Road Servant" when talking to each other. While otherwise no one would raise an eyebrow about Road's name, this has made some people think that Road may be a fake name, imposed to hirself based on the revealing of the Underground Roads upon their arrival.   Both Road and The Servant share the exotic trait of the red eyes and the canines, a thing that keeps puzzling the most observant in the public and leaves many wondering how two individuals that are not twins share a trait that would define them as exotic.
Futhermore, most people assume that they must be related in some way, possibly as parent and son, though they have never confirmed or denied this.   Having to fill a critical position left by an infamous criminal, the aura of mystery of the goats and their quick appointment in a newly set government didn't bring comfort to many people. However, in the years since, Thaurians had to leave their discomfort behind, as the towering advisor and hir companion have helped the kingdom rise strong and prosper.

Mental characteristics

Gender Identity

Neutral Good
Current Location
Deep red
2m with horns
Aligned Organization

Peculiar Pronouns

Road is of shifting gender, an uncommon (but well known) identity where the person shifts through other recognized genders in their daily life.
Most shiftings alter their pronouns as well and are referred to with "they" in general ocassions, but a minority use unusual pronouns, as is the case with Road, who refers to hirself with the pronouns "ze" and "hir".
The Servant
Character | Nov 22, 2022

At the left side of King Naelin stands a young goat, of which much is asked, and little is answered

Character | Feb 28, 2023

Founder and king of Thaur, known for his relationship with Dinner the tetsu

Character Portrait image: Road by Naelin


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