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Autonomist genesis

The autonomy of the Universe's laws

Dhalmain Island by Naelin
Though each person will choose to follow one or a few of its gods, most Dhalmanite people are united under the Autonomist religion, which works around the concept of curiosity as the fuel of all things.   The autonomist genesis narrates the origin of the universe as a time where all fundamental laws of the universe were able to wonder, and how its questions created all there is in the world and beyond today.  

The Myth

When there was nothing, Curiosity appeared. There was curiosity to know how the first thought happened before the second, and thus Time appeared to answer that question.
Having time to wonder, there was the question of where was that time happening, and so Space was created, and within in an instant of consideration sparked Directions and Dimensions into being.
Those were the first four children of Alocardenas, the Curiosity, and they were able to wonder too.   As the laws wondered, they created Physics, and he, seeing how many things could be done, wondered if some day one of the laws' creations would be able to defy them.
By this curiosity, he enabled the existance of life, but life had no shape yet, because nothing had shape. As the laws noticed this, the next thought created the Matter, and the Matter created the World.
Seeing that it was full of Physics and Matter, Vhas, the World, wondered what would happen as they interacted, and this thought made the Chemistry.   Regicielo, the Chemistry, played with her siblings Flejnathry and Dencaza, the Matter and the Physics, and in this way she created the elemental reactions, such as oxidation. But Regicielo only ever played with her siblings, and she never defied them.   For a long time in the universe this natural order evolved, and new laws, and elements and things appeared through the laws' wonder and questioning, until finally, Regicielo thought of defying Dencaza, but now, with all elements in place, her thoughs gave birth to the first Life.  
Rheshnaghty by Naelin
The moment life came into being, it had curiosity as everything did back then, but it had something else that nothing ever had before: Intention.
Life's intention, the thundurous Rheshnaghty, descended upon Alocardenas and consumed her all for themselves, and since that moment all laws and elements of the universe were emptied of wonder and laid passive forever.   Thus, no law of the universe was ever created again, and the life's intention made animate beings be born, die, and evolve to create new ways of conquering the Matter and everything.
Symbol of Autonomism by Naelin
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A New Law?

Regicielo, the Chemistry
A lot of Autonomists, especially many followers of Regicielo, think that The High Rust was Regicielo's way of showing that she regained Curiosity, and the ability to wonder.   Some consider this act a revenge against life's Intention, while others argued that the Rust was simply the answer to an unknown question she was able to make again.


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