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Temple of Regicielo

Regicielo, the Chemistry
Autonomism, the religion of the people of Dhalmain, has the polytheist belief that the laws of the universe used to be autonomous individuals that were both born from and containing the first law, the Curiosity, as she started wondering about things.   The Chemistry was the ninth Curious Law, born after Time, Space, Directions, Dimensions, The World, Physics and Matter.
Chemistry was the one that gave birth to Life, after she wondered whether something would be able to defy her.
As life emerged, it was imbued with Intention, who devoured Curiosity, taking it all for her, and so all the laws laid void of wonder and autonomy from that day on.   The followers of Chemistry, who the Dhalmanite call Regicielo, think that may not be true for her anymore. They reunite on the main Temple of Regicielo in the town of Delprado near the Springs of Regicielo.
The hot springs, considered one of the natural wonders of the Haan Archipelago, are maintained by the temple, which receives profits from tourism in the area by providing services to the visitors.  

The teachings of Regicielo

Followers of Regicielo believe she represents change, and therefore the cycle of life and death. They believe that life is sacred above any pursuit of either material gain or acquisition of knowledge, and thus it must not be sacrificed needlessly for those pursuits.   Despite those limitations, followers of Regicielo embrace scientific pursuits, with the realm of chemistry being unsurprisingly at the top.
Cooking is considered the noblest of crafts, as it is the most practical application of precise knowledge of chemical reactions.   Regicielo is therefore considered the patron of chemists, cooks, bakers, brewers, painters, glass blowers, funerary workers and midwives, among others. Workers of those crafts pay visit and tribute to the temple of Regicielo  

Beliefs around the High Rust

In the year 3014 E.Alz, a sudden onset of orange-coloured air covered the Haan Archipelago several meters above ground, infesting those that lived within its reach with a condition similar to the rusting of metals that killed thousands, just to disappear after a couple of months.  
The followers of Regicielo believe the High Rust to be a demonstration that she regained Curiosity, and the ability to wonder.
Some think of it to have been a sort of vengeance from her upon life's Intention, while others think Chemistry does not have interest in such things, and the Rust represented merely the answer to a question she was able to make again.

Unpopular Law

The followers of Chemistry have been frowned upon by many other Dhalmanites since the High Rust. They see them as people that celebrate the tragedy and, understandably, think it is sadist to keep adoring the one they consider to have caused so much suffering and death for the people of the Archipelago.
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The religion followed by the people of Dhalmain, revolving around the laws of the universe and the curiosity that they used to have

Regicielo, the Chemistry
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The personification of Chemistry in the Autonomist pantheon

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