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Regicielo, the Chemistry

Symbol of Autonomism by Naelin
In the religious belief of Autonomism practised in the island of Dhalmain, the universe and its inner workings are believed to have been created by the primogenial existence of Curiosity, who gave birth to the first Laws of the Universe as she started wondering about things.   The Chemistry was the ninth Curious Law, born after Time, Space, Directions, Dimensions, Physics, Matter and The World and right before the last law, Intention.   The Law of Chemistry is referred to in the Autonomist mythos as Regicielo.


Feminine terms are used to refer to Regicielo in all religious writings. She is depicted as a quadrupedal beast with thin legs and toes. Her head has a long snout and two holes at the top in place of ears, sometimes drawn spewing fumes.
She is drawn with a very elaborate series of adornments on her back, from spikes to swirls to feather-like formations that become more open and expansive on the rear. Both these adornments and her colour pattern are reminiscent of flames, with the head and legs drawn in blue, the middle section in white and the rear progressively more yellow and orange, representing an explosive chemical reaction. Regicielo is commonly drawn in a field of embers and ash.  

Chemistry in the Autonomist Mythos


In the Autonomist genesis, when Physics was born, he asked himself whether one day something would defy them. This enabled the existence of Life but without a place to be or a thing to be made of, Life could not be born at the time. So then Matter was created and The World was born from her.   Chemistry is said to have been born when Flejnathry, the Matter, wondered what would happen when all her substances interacted with each other. She is a sister to Vhas, The World.
After her creation and enjoying her power over Matter, Chemistry was the one that wondered for the second time in the universe whether something would ever be able to defy her, and now with all ingredients in place, this curiosity finally created Life.   When Life emerged it was imbued with her own new law, Rheshnaghty, the Intention, who devoured Alocardenas, the Curiosity, taking it all for themselves, and so all the laws laid void of wonder and autonomy from that day on.  

Chemistry and The High Rust

The fateful conclusion to the Autonomist creation myth has been reviewed after the cataclysm of 3014 E.Alz known as The High Rust, where a layer of orange-tinted air of unknown origin settled above the Haan Archipelago and affected all kinds of objects and life forms with a new condition called "rust" for its similarity with the rusting of metals.   A lot of Autonomists, especially many followers of Regicielo, think that the High Rust is Regicielo's way of showing that she regained Curiosity, and the ability to wonder.   Some think the High Rust was Chemistry's revenge against life's Intention, while others think Chemistry does not work with such egoistic feelings, and the Rust represented merely the answer to a question she was able to make again.  


Those who were closer to the Law of Chemistry in life an in death will become part of her after they die.
Becoming Chemistry means one will power this cycle itself, and become the fuel of life.   Those who want to become Chemistry will try to get close to her by working on one of the careers she is a patron of, and for their deaths they will request to get their bodies burned, to become Regicielo's body of flames and the field of ashes she walks on.  

The followers of Regicielo

As the Law of the Universe that enabled actual life to exist, Regicielo is one of the most popular gods of Autonomism and has a large following, though the numbers dwindled down after the Rust.   Her main temple is located in the small town of Delprado, near the Springs of Regicielo, in the west coast area of Dhalmain. The hot springs are maintained by the temple, which receives profits from tourism in the area by providing services to its visitors.

Unpopular Law

The followers of Chemistry are frowned upon by many other Dhalmanites since the High Rust.
As the belief that it was caused by a resurgence of Chemistry's curiosity popularized, they started being seen as people that celebrate the tragedy and, understandably, think it is sadist to keep adoring the one who caused so much suffering and death for the people of the Archipelago.

Regicielo's Teachings

Followers of Regicielo believe she represents change, and therefore the cycle of life and death. They believe that life is sacred above any pursuit of either material gain or acquisition of knowledge, and thus it must not be sacrificed needlessly for those pursuits.
  Despite those limitations, followers of Regicielo embrace scientific pursuits, with the realm of chemistry being unsurprisingly at the top.
Cooking is considered the most noble of crafts, as it is the most practical application of precise knowledge of chemical reactions.   Regicielo is therefore considered the patron of chemists, cooks, bakers, brewers, painters, glass blowers, funerary workers and midwives, among others.
Divine Classification
Law of the Universe
Circumstances of Birth
Born when Fleshnathry, the Matter, wondered what would happen if her substances interacted with each other

Divine Symbols

Regicielo is represented in religious symbols with a flame, generally in the tones of blue, white and orange. Sometimes, the flame is adorned with forward-looking eyes, or with plumes of smoke encircling it.   It is common for sigils of Regicielo to be made in glass or ceramics, two materials whose crafts are closely associated with her.
Organization | Dec 9, 2023

The religion followed by the people of Dhalmain, revolving around the laws of the universe and the curiosity that they used to have

Temple of Regicielo
Organization | Dec 2, 2023

The cult to the Dhalmanite god of Chemistry

Springs of Regicielo
Geographic Location | Dec 11, 2022

An astounding park full of colourful natural springs

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