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Flejnathry, the Matter

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Symbol of Autonomism by Naelin
In the religious belief of Autonomism, practised in the Dhalmain Island, the universe and its inner workings are believed to have been created by the primogenial existence of Curiosity, who gave birth to the first Laws of the Universe as she started wondering about things.   The Matter was the seventh Law of the Universe to be appear, after Time, Space, Directions, Dimensions and Physics, and is known in the Authonomist mythos as Flejnathry.  


Neutral pronouns are used to refer to Flejnathry.   They are represented in illustrations and sculptures as a long-armed creature that holds the left arm above their grinning head and the right one curved downwards. Their arms are covered or made of different elements and substances, such as water, rocks, moss, metals or wind.
Their belly is drawn full and round, and their smiling face has tusks coming from their mouth.  

Flejnathry in the Autonomist Mythos


In the Autonomist genesis, after Curiosity had created Time and Space, and after Directions, Dimensions and Physics were in place, the Law of Physics wondered if some day one of the laws' creations would be able to defy them.
This thought enabled the existance of life, but soon the Laws of the Universe realised that life had no shape, because nothing had shape.   With this thought, the Curiosity of things created Flejnathry, the Matter, and Flejnathry created The World, to be inhabited by Chemistry and by all living things, and with them, the all-eating Intention, who devoured Curiosity, and kept her all for themselves.  


According to the Autonomist religion, those whose life and death showed a deep connection to the material world will become part of Flejnathry in death, and turn into the building blocks of the universe.
Becoming one with Matter allows a person to nurture the earth and the seas, helping the plants and the creatures grow healthy and strong, and providing joy and pleasure to the living beings.   Those who want to become Matter search for a career that will get them close to the flesh of the world and the living things on it, becoming miners, artisans, shepherds, lumberjacks or park rangers.
Upon death, they get their naked bodies buried, usually covered in only a shroud.  

The followers of Flejnathry

Green Thumbs and Creature Handling

Followers of Flejnathry reunite in their main Temple in the Town of Einar, in the south east of Dhalmain Island, named after the most influential Priest of Matter.   They are generally nature-oriented people and lovers of plants and creatures.
In cities like Endure they advocate for parks and lakes to be included in good number, and in developing settlements they try to ensure that natural resources and areas of natural interests are preserved.
Due to this, devoutees and priests of Flejnathry are often at odd with those of Primarite, the Law of Space, as the latter are interested in all-engulfing expansion and development, and are also the group that include the country's citty planners.   Priests of Matter often visit the islands of Larea to learn the nature-preserving practices and ways of living of the Larean people.  

Einar Reserve

The town of Einar, strategically located right next to the island's biggest forest, has been transformed in a hotspot for nature lovers since the Priests of Flejnathry teamed up to secure a big area of the forest to turn it into a nature reserve where developing, logging and hunting is forbidden, and established in the town an impressive zoologic park with species from all over the Haan Archipelago.
This was in reaction to the advance of the operations from the logging business of the town of Apharens (south of Einar) in the forest, which they saw as a threat to the forest's beauty.  

Flejnathry's Teachings

Flejnathry represents the love for the material world, the environment, and the pleasures of the flesh.
Priests of Flejnathry teach that the physical world is the only one that can be proven without doubt, and that it is its existance that enabled the existance of us.
Thus, the material world needs to be appreciated, preserved and used.  


Flejnathry is considered the patron of miners, general artisans, park rangers, herders, lumberjacks, massagists, arborists, prospectors and sculptors, among others.
Divine Classification
Law of the Universe
Circumstances of Birth
Came to be when the Laws of the Universe enabled the existance of life and noticed life could not have any form, because nothing had it
Related Myths
Patron of
General artisans
Park rangers

Divine Symbols

A double spiral shape is used to represent Flejnathry in simplified depictions such as jewellery or seals.   Jewellery, statuettes or sygils of Flejnathry are made combining materials of as many types as could be fit in the item.

Character Portrait image: Symbol of Autonomism by Naelin


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